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As one of the most popular drinks worldwide, vodka has undoubtedly been the start of the evening for many of us; and though it is all fun and games during the fun night out, the next morning, it is a different story.

While you are at the top of the world during your night out, the next day, you seem to have broken the bottom of the world and fallen as low as you possibly can. 

Vodka is an uplifting drink; whether you drink it neat or in a cocktail, it has a significant effect on making you feel like you are the smartest and most attractive person in the room.

Therefore, it is hard to stop when you probably should. Even if you can hold your liqueur well, vodka can still outwit you, so going overboard, even for just a little bit, will cost you a lot the next day. 

Your hangover is not as dependent on how much you drink as on which vodka you drink. Luckily, not all vodkas are the same, and some may not be harsh the next day. Therefore, drinking quality vodka reduces your chances of a hangover. 

Still, your hangover and its intensity mainly depend on your personal shape, but drinking good vodka will significantly reduce the side effects. So what are the best vodkas for no hangover? 

To drink your vodka well means knowing what exactly causes your hangover. Even the best vodkas will leave you miserable the next day if you drink wrong. So, to make sure your wake up presentable, you need to drink good vodka combined with a few other things. 

Staying hydrated is the crucial thing. A glass of water after each vodka shot or a sip of water between vodka sips goes a really long way. It is also good to have something to nibble on.

Now, vodka may not be the perfect drink to pair with food, but you may want to order a bowl of peanuts just to be on the safe side. Lastly, move around from time to time.

Sitting while drinking is one of the worst things you can do, so take a few trips to the facilities or maybe go to the bar to order the next round. After a few hours of sitting and drinking, your drunkenness will hit you hard once you stand up. 

Top 10 Vodka Brands For No Hangover

So, knowing the things I mentioned above, the last thing to do is pick the right vodka. Therefore in this article, I will give you a list of the ten best vodkas for no hangover. 

1. Hangar 1

This high-quality vodka is actually a blend of two vodkas, wheat, and grape vodka. It is one of the rarely found fruity vodkas that are as suitable for newbies as it is for experienced vodka enthusiasts. It is soft, flavorful, and highly fragrant. 

This vodka is great for shots, slow sipping as well as for cocktails. On the nose, you can feel distinct notes of citrus and ethanol, while the palate expands into grapy tones, leading up to the smooth and peppery finish.

Though soft, Hangar I is still vodka, so expect biting and stinging as you drink. 

2. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Whether you are new to the vodka realm or you have some experience, you surely must have heard about Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

This is one of the world’s most renowned vodkas, and for a good reason too. It is very rich and expressively grainy, with a spicy aftertaste. 

On the nose, it exhibits classic vodka features, such as a strong and sweet ethanol aroma and slight citrus and herbal notes. Mid-palate, it is very rich with detailed notes of grains and a slight spiciness.

As you move toward the finish, you will feel the grainy notes fading away and the spiciness intensifying. 

The last portion of the sip will sting you and leave you with a fresh sensation and a lingering aftertaste. Tito’s vodka is known for making the best Moscow Mules, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do well on its own or in another cocktail. 

3. Absolut

Absolut vodka is another one of the vodka giants. It is a well-established drink and a must at any bar, and a frequent member of the home bar assortment.

This is a high-shelf classic vodka with all the textbook vodka markings. It starts first with a strong ethanol aroma which transpires through the entire sip. 

Mid-palate, it is sharp, assertive, and strong. It exhibits fresh undefined notes combining ethanol and citrus, with a slight grainy note.

The finish is peppery, smooth, but very assertive and strong. It is an excellent quality drink and it really deserves to be fully appreciated, which requires an experienced palate. This vodka is definitely for beginners unless you mix it in a cocktail. 

4. Grey Goose

Among the leaders in the vodka business, Grey Goose is the jewel of the French vodka manufacturing department. It is an ultra-premium spirit, offering texture, flavor, quality, and a kick you can’t even imagine. 

Made with the finest French winter wheat, it is a world-renowned vodka known for its quality and smoothness. Nevertheless, this isn’t a drink to be taken lightly, as it is a sharp and assertive spirit.

However, you will quickly notice that though strong, it isn’t aggressive, and the bite and sting are nicely balanced with the supple texture and high viscosity. 

5. Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka

This spirit is a member of the new generation of vodka, revolutionizing the drink and taking it to the next level.

Infused with natural cucumber flavor from cucumber peels added during the maturation process, this vodka is a very high-end drink and definitely an excellent choice if you want to prevent a hangover. 

Definitely one of the most original vodkas; it smells and tastes like cucumbers, ethanol, and rye. It is rich with a very smooth texture and buttery-like consistency.

A certain candied note starts on the nose and goes through the entire sip, so you will notice it is interacting with the other flavors creating a sweet and savory dimension. 

All in all, the flavors are excellently balanced and well-attuned to the palate. Moreover, each sip tastes slightly differently as the vodka’s viscosity layers the throat leaving a fresh aftertaste that mashes up with each subsequent sip. 

6. Belvedere Vodka

Rich in every sense of the word, the Belvedere Vodka is a luxury vodka known and loved for its elegance and smoothness. Its distinct notes of nuts, vanilla, citrus, spices, and cream make this vodka an ultra-premium product and a genuine treat. 

On the nose, it starts slowly but very assertively, with notes of vanilla, citrus, and the typical ethanol note.

It goes on to further develop with noticeable, but not overwhelming tones of citrus and a particular cream sensation that starts from the nose and goes on until the finish. 

Known as a superb cocktail mixer, this vodka is also a great drink to have neat. I don’t recommend doing shots with it, as you may miss out on some of its complexity. 

7. Humboldt Organic

This small-batch vodka is known for its sweetness and fresh and fruity notes. It starts on an expressive ethanol note, which starts expanding as it touches the palate. It comes from sugarcane and grains, and it is a very delicious drink. 

It then exhibits grassy and fresh notes and earthy tones, which balance each other out nicely, creating a single complex flavor.

The finish is smooth and spicy with a lingering aftertaste. Some would say that this drink tastes like rum but feels like vodka, and they would be entirely right. 

8. Crystal Head

Starting from the shape of the bottle and ending with the finish of the sip, nothing about this vodka is ordinary. It looks like a skull, and many opt to have this bottle on their bar on Halloween, as it complements the décor very nicely. 

However, the bottle is not all that makes this vodka special. It is a very smooth and flavorful spirit, and many say that the bottle is far more intimidating than the drink.

It is very pure, which is why it is on this list, and in its relatively short existence, it has managed to become a very popular drink. 

9. Finlandia

Made from barley, this Finnish vodka is definitely deserving of a spot on this list. Many compare to Beluga vodka and Belvedere, stating that it is very similar to these vodkas. It is of excellent quality and offers great value for the price. 

Crisp, classic, and by the book, this vodka is sharp, fresh, and edgy. On the nose, it starts with a sharp ethanol aroma only to continue with slight vanilla tones and citrus mid-palate, wrapped up in the pure essence that is the vodka spirit. 

The finish is smooth and peppery, and it will definitely sting you well. If you aren’t an experienced vodka aficionado, this isn’t a good place to start your journey. However, if you do start with Finlandia, have it in a cocktail to mellow it down. 

10. Air Vodka

Revolutionizing the craft of vodka-making and giving the process a new meaning, the Air vodka comes literally from air. The brand takes much pride in the fact that they have managed to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol. 

This vodka has made a name as the cleanest vodka, so imagen how pure this drink is, considering that vodka, in general, is the purest of the spirits.

Sharp, crisp, and assertive, it may not impress you at first, but the next day you will be good as new, which is why this vodka got a spot on this list. 

Which Brand of Vodka Gives You The Least Hangover?

Absolut, Air Vodka, Finlandia, Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Tito’s Handcrafted Vodka are some of the vodka brands that are known to give you lesser hangovers.

Whenever you decide on drinking vodka, make sure you are drinking the good stuff. Check to see how many times it has been distilled. The more the vodka is distilled, the purer it will be. 

What gives you a hangover is not the alcohol itself but the impurity of it. Of course, the alcohol plays a role in your hangover, but the filthier it is the worse it will be.

Your headache comes from the low quality, while the overall weakness and lightheadedness may come from the sheer alcohol consumption. 

Of course, no alcohol will save you if you don’t stay hydrated while drinking and if you force yourself to drink too much too quickly.

Which Alcohol Is Best For No Hangover?

Vodka is the purest alcohol and, therefore, it causes the least of hangovers. The minimum distillation for vodka is four times, so even if you have a low-quality vodka, it has been distilled for the required minimum of times, which means that it is already purer than other high-end spirits that don’t require a certain number of distillations. 

Of course, the better the vodka the lesser the hangover, so choose your spirit wisely and make sure you are drinking a good quality drink to make your life easier the next morning. 

Does Higher Quality Vodka Give You Less Of A Hangover?

Yes, high-quality vodka gives you an easier hangover. This statement is not true only for the vodka but for any alcohol.

The better the alcohol quality, the easier the next day. Low-quality alcohols tend to be impure, and therefore they give you wicked headaches the following morning. 

Vodka, however, is the purest alcohol, and even the cheapest kind is purer than other spirits, so if you want to play it safe and make your life easier the next day, vodka should be your poison on your fun night out. 


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