10 Best Vermouths for Negroni

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 Negroni is one of the most popular drinks, and it is very easy to prepare as long as you have the right ingredients.

All you need is to mix one part gin with one part vermouth and one part Campari and decorate the glass with an orange wheel to make it even more inviting.

The vermouth you use in your drink will impact the final taste significantly, so ensure you only use high-quality ingredients to obtain a fabulous Negroni. 

If you are looking for the best vermouth for your Negroni, you can try the La Pivón Vermouth Rojo, Vermouth Volume Primo, 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso, or Carpano Antica Formula. And you will find other options below that will help you end up with the best Negroni! 

Best vermouth for Negroni 

1. La Pivón Vermouth Rojo

La Pivón Vermouth Rojo is a Spanish vermouth, and it is notorious for its rose flavor and herbal aroma. It is one of the best vermouths to mix with other drinks if you want to create a cocktail with a rich flavor.

The finish of this vermouth is just a bit bitter, enough to seal the taste of every sip satisfyingly.

La Pivón Vermouth Rojo has an ABV of 16%, which you can find at about $25 to $30 per bottle. It is just as tasty neat, or on the rocks, but it will take your Negroni to the next level too! 

2. Vya Vermouth Aperitif Sweet

Another vermouth that will be an excellent choice for your Negroni is Vya Vermouth Aperitif Sweet. As its name suggests, this is a sweet type of vermouth that many people enjoy by itself.

The wine used to make this vermouth is dry muscat, and its flavor is enriched with 17 different herbs that define its flavor profile and its inviting aroma.

This vermouth is rich in spice and fruity notes, and you will love it as a main ingredient in your Negroni drink. You can find a bottle of Vya Vermouth Aperitif Sweet for about $22, with an ABV of 16%. 

3. Vermouth Volume Primo

The Vermouth Volume Primo is an excellent choice for your Negroni and other cocktails that ask for such an ingredient too.

This Volume Primo vermouth is made by the Antica Distilleria Quaglia in Italy and uses the national Moscato d’Asti wine as a base.

The herbs added to this vermouth are also grown in the Italian Asti hills, enriching the drink’s aroma with mild bitter notes. If you use this vermouth, you will obtain a refreshing Negroni that is perfect as an aperitif.

Vermouth Volume Primo has an ABV of 18%, and you can find it at around $30 per bottle. 

4. Vermouth Routin Original Rouge

If you want vermouth with an exquisite taste, the Vermouth Routin Original Rouge is one of the best options. Made by France’s Distillerie des Alpes, this vermouth is iconic for the Alpine region and will compliment your Negroni flavor perfectly.

This vermouth is enriched with two dozen herbs from local production, giving it a distinct taste of spices and vanilla. The wine used as a base for this vermouth also comes from local production.

The vanilla notes will stand out as you mix this vermouth with the rest of your Negroni ingredients, giving you an intense taste and a mild aftertaste. A bottle of Routin Original Rouge will cost about &21, and it has an ABV of 16.9%. 

5. 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso

The Cinzano brand made the 1775 vermouth, which was released in 2014. it is called 1775 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso because it pays heritage to the year the Cinzano brand was created.

Its taste is very similar to the taste of a traditional Negroni, and it can very well be enjoyed plain too or on the rocks. However, when you mix it with the other drinks to get the perfect Negroni, it will taste as if it belongs in such a mix.

Its bold and rich herbal flavor will also be a great addition to other cocktails that call for vermouth as an ingredient. The 1757 Di Torino Rosso is a vermouth with an ABV of 16%, and you can find it at around $24 per bottle. 

6. Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino

The Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino is easy to recognize thanks to its intense vanilla scent that will also be dominant in your Negroni drink.

This vermouth blends perfectly with the Campari notes, making it a good choice for Negroni drinks. The Cocchi vermouth also leaves space for the juniper in the gin to be noticed, and it does that better than many other types of vermouth.

Besides vanilla notes, this vermouth also has mild fruit notes that make it an enjoyable drink neat as well. The ABV of the Cocchi Storico Vermouth is 16%, and you can find it at a price of $20 per bottle.

7. Carpano Antica Formula

If you are looking for a vermouth with a well-defined flavor and aroma profile, the Carpano Antica Formula might be precisely what you need for your Negroni mixed drink.

It has a taste of cocoa beans, nuts, and vanilla and a herbal-flower scent that will seduce you immediately. When you mix it with gin and Campari, you obtain a fruity, delicate Negroni with sweet vanilla notes.

This vermouth complements gin and Campari best as it balances the flavors and aromas. You can purchase a bottle of Carpano Antica Formula for $33, and it comes with an ABV of 16.5%. 

8. Lustau Vermut Rojo

Lustau Vermut Rojo by Lustau is a vermouth with an original smoky taste, along with a herbal flavor profile and mild fruity notes.

This Spanish vermouth comes from the producer of the popular drink Sherry, and it will not disappoint you if you choose to use it in your Negroni drinks.

This vermouth is made of Amontillado wine which is rich in nutty notes, and Pedro Ximénez, which gives the sweetness of the vermouth. This vermouth has an ABV of 15%, and it comes at a price of $20.  

9. Dolin Rouge

The Dolin Rouge by Dolin & Cie brings a fruity and citrus flavor to your Negroni and a mild herbal aroma.

The complete name of this vermouth is Dolin Rouge Vermouth the Chambery, and it is one of the best ingredients in cocktails if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

It is sweet vermouth with a beautiful dark amber color, and it goes perfectly with gin and Campari. The ABV of this vermouth is 16%, and you can find it for the incredible price of $18 per bottle. 

10. Punt e Mes

Last but not least, vermouth that could be an excellent choice for making a Negroni cocktail is the Punt e Mes. This vermouth is made by the Fratelli Branca Distillerie and has a fruity, mild honey sweet flavor.

You will like this Italian vermouth in various cocktails, but it is especially perfect for Negroni drinks. It is more bitter than other sweet types of vermouth, which can benefit you if you like your Negroni less sweet and with a better-defined taste of alcohol.

This vermouth’s herbal and spicy aroma compliments the Campari drink the best, and it leaves a mild orange peel aftertaste. The Punt e Mes comes with an ABV of 16%, and you can purchase it for $23 per bottle. 

What vermouth is best for Negroni?

If you don’t want risks when preparing your Negroni, choosing the 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso is most likely the best thing to do.

This vermouth tastes like a Negroni, even without added gin and Campari drinks. But when you mix it as part of a Negroni drink, you will obtain one of the tastiest and most refined cocktails without any effort. 

Negroni, by definition, is made with fine Italian vermouth. While you can use other types of vermouth, the Italian ones will give your final drink the taste you are looking for, and all your guests will love it.

And considering that the 1756 Cinzano is one of the best Italian vermouths, you can’t fail if you choose to use it in your cocktail. 

Is Martini Rosso good for Negroni?

Martini Rosso is not one of the best options when you want to prepare an exquisite Negroni, but it can still save the day. While Martini Rosso is great vermouth by itself, it might not complement the gin and Campari flavors as well as the other options.

Martini Rosso competes with 1757 Cinzano, which can be considered a compromise option. But if you use Martini Rosso in your Negroni, you will have a more pungent bitter-sweet taste that many consumers don’t appreciate in combination with gin and Campari. 

Luigi Rossi makes Martini Rosso, and it has been on the market since 1863. It has a popular scarlet shade and leaves a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

A bottle of Martini Rosso has an ABV of 15%, and you can get it at a price of $12, which is way cheaper than other types of vermouth.

This sweet vermouth will work in Negronis if you can’t find any other options available. However, Martini Rosso can be a great ingredient for the Manhattan cocktail. 

Which sweet vermouth to use for Negroni?

If you want to put together the best Negroni drinks at home, either one of the sweet vermouths in the list above will work successfully as an ingredient.

But Cinzano Rosso is the best option as its taste is similar to the traditional Negroni! You also want to try different options and decide which one works best according to your personal preferences. 

Is Negroni rosso or bianco?

Negroni, based on its traditional recipe, is a Rosso drink. It uses one part red vermouth, one part gin, and one part Campari.

The vermouth tends to be the responsible ingredient for the final shade of the Negroni drink.

Campari also comes in a carmine shade that influences how the final drink looks. The gin ingredient is the only ingredient in Negronni that has a clear color, and it will just dilute the last shade of the drink a bit but not eliminate its Rosso hue. 

The best homemade Negroni recipe

Once you see how easy it is to make your own Negroni, you will not hesitate when you are craving one of these drinks. You will need one-ounce gin, one-ounce vermouth, and one ounce of Campari, along with an orange wheel for decorating your drink. 

Make sure you choose sweet vermouth to obtain a fabulous Negroni. Adding ice to this drink is optional. 

Add all the ingredients to a glass. If you want to add ice to your Negroni, make sure to add the ice cubes before you pour the rest of the ingredients into the glass. Stir everything firmly for five to ten seconds. 

Strain your drink into a different glass to which you added a large ice cube. Garnish your cocktail with the orange wheel or orange peel. You can get as creative as you want with the decoration of the glass to make it more inviting for your guests. 

If you want to make a bigger quantity of Negroni at once make sure you increase all the ingredient quantities equally. Your Negroni has to be made of one part gin, one part vermouth and one part Campari to give you the balanced flavor you are looking for. 

Final thoughts 

If you want to prepare a tasty Negroni at home, using the best ingredients is essential for the final taste of your cocktail.

And the type of vermouth you add will determine the level of sweetness and impact the amount of alcohol you have in your drink.

Regardless of the type of vermouth you choose from the list above, you will surely obtain a fabulous Negroni and a very tasty one.

But you might find other options to use if you can’t get your hands on any of those top ten vermouths.

Martini Rosso can help you get fabulous Negroni and there are other sweet vermouths you can use to enrich your drink. 

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