20 Best Sweet Vodka Drinks You Must Try!

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Originating from the cold and merciless places on Earth, we all know vodka as being an aggressive and bity drink with a sting and burn incomparable to other spirits.

Not that there aren’t any other drinks that sting as hard as vodka, but there is a certain quality to it that you cannot find in any other drink. 

Made to warm you up and make your blood boil, the time has made vodka a little tamer than it originally was. We no longer drink it to keep us warm but to have fun on a night out or an after-work afternoon. No one could have guessed that vodka could be white and puffy or brown and chocolaty, but here we are. 

Today, there are many vodka drinks that make vodka seem like poodles compared to the pit bull it really is.

From time to time, it will bark through the pink and beige shades of berry juice and heavy cream, desperately trying to remind you that it is still the hardcore drink made to burn your throat. 

Sweet vodka drinks have been a blast ever since people realized they could mix vodka with sweet drinks to make them more delicious.

There are countless sweet vodka drinks you can make yourself or order at a bar, and they are all charming and very satisfying. 

However, there is such a thing as too many choices, and instead of enjoying your sweet vodka drink, you may end up confused as to what you should choose, and often you spend the evening with a drink you would rather not have. 

Even though all sweet vodka drinks are delicious, they do have their body of fans, as everyone likes different flavors.

Sweet vodka drinks tend to look very attractive as they mostly have bright colors and creamy textures, so it is easy to fool the eye into getting a drink the palate may not like. 

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If push comes to shove, you can always add sweet juice to your glass of vodka; however, the point of sweet vodka drinks is to indulge yourself, if not overindulge and enjoy and capricious drink, spoiling yourself to the fullest.

Top 20 Sweet Vodka Cocktail Drinks

In this article, I will give you a list of 20 sweet vodka drinks to help you narrow down your options and choose what best fits your taste. 

1. Vodka Gimlet 

Made with only three ingredients, the beauty of this cocktail is consisted of its simplicity. To make this sweet vodka drink, all you need is vodka, simple syrup, and, of course, vodka. This is an explicitly sweet cocktail, high viscosity, and delicious. 

The vodka bite is still present, but it is significantly toned down, making this cocktail very easy to drink and exceptionally gentle. You can garnish it with a lemon wedge and enjoy it even on a regular Tuesday evening. 

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2. Moscow Mule 

Made with ginger beer, vodka, and freshly squeezed lime juice, this is a fizzy vodka cocktail mixing several flavors. Finding the perfect balance between sweet, fizzy, and tangy, this cocktail may be just what you want after a stressful day, as it is very gentle and relaxing. 

The ginger flavor acts like a buffer between the lime flavor and the vodka bite, so you will get a well-balanced composition of tasting notes, gently taking the edge off. 

3. Vodka Cranberry Spritzer 

Vodka cranberry is among the classic sweet vodka mixers and default drinks to many. Whenever you don’t know what you want to drink, but you know you need something edgy yet sweet, go for the vodka cranberry spritzer. 

Made with fresh cranberries, cranberry juice, lime juice, honey, sparkling water, water, and vodka, this cocktail falls within the complex cocktail category as it has more than three ingredients. Still, the flavor is pretty straightforward. It is a mix between sweet and sour, whereby the sweet is more dominant. 

4. Screwdriver 

An old classic and a favorite of many, the screwdriver drink is probably one of the simplest and sweetest vodka drinks you can think of.

Containing only vodka, orange juice, and an orange wheel as a garnish, this is a very refreshing, sweet, and even sticky vodka drink. 

High in viscosity, flavorful, aromatic, and slightly bity, you will absolutely love this mixer, making it your all-time first option. 

5. White Russian 

The white Russian cocktail is so satiating it is practically food. It is high in sugar and calories, but who cares about those things when it comes to enjoyment. Feel free to indulge yourself with a glass of this sweet vodka drink and enjoy it as much as possible. 

It contains vodka, Kahlua, and heavy cream. Gentle on the outside and delicious on the inside, you won’t know what hit you when you feel that creamy, rich taste combining chocolate and coffee notes. 

6. Sex on the Beach 

Probably one of the most famous ones on this list, the sex on the beach cocktail has entered the classics category for a reason.

It is refreshing, sweet, and aromatic, with the unique power of transferring you to a beach even if you are drinking it in the middle of the city in the harshest winter. 

Made with vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice, and peach schnapps, it often contains small fruits such as raspberries and cranberries, which you can snack on while drinking your cocktail.

The vodka bite in this drink is virtually non-existent, but if you gulp instead of sip, you will most certainly feel the sting. 

7. Vodka Spritzer

Similar to the cranberry vodka spritzer cocktail, the vodka spritzer drink is a slightly more complex version but just as delicious. Sweet and fruity, it will leave you with the effects of vodka, allowing you to skip the difficult part. 

Colorful and cheerful, containing strawberries, vodka, soda water, simple syrup cranberry juice, and ice, it will bedazzle your eyes before it charms your taste buds. Cool and fresh, sweet and fruity, with a charming little bite, you absolutely must give this cocktail a chance. 

8. Berry Vodka Smash

Lime, mint, raspberries/ blackberries (or both, YOLO time), maple syrup, soda water, and vodka, all piled up in a glass over crushed eyes.

Yes, it tastes better than it sounds. The sheer sight of this cocktail will pull you so close you won’t be able to escape; in fact, the only way to stop thinking about it is to go ahead and try it. 

Fruity, fresh, sweet, and somewhat creamy, this cocktail is absolutely worthy of each second of your time, so make yourself happy with a glass of this little piece of heaven.

9. Sea Breeze 

This sweet vodka drink is best enjoyed with closed eyes letting your imagination take you wherever you need to go. Funnily enough, everyone ends up at the same place, a beach at sunset. 

Combining cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, vodka, and a charming lime wedge as garnish, this sweet delight will charm you with its freshness, cuteness, and fruitiness. No one is so hardcore as to pass by this delicious treat and not look twice. 

10. Vodka Sunrise 

The vodka sunrise cocktail is a version of the tequila sunrise drink. Made with nothing more than vodka, orange juice, and grenadine, garnished with an orange slice on the rim of the glass, this cocktail is sweet, sticky, and very satisfying. 

There is something about the flavors of vodka and orange, making them one of the best love stories ever. They bring out the best in each other and cover their flaws.

The orange draws out the gentle side of vodka, accentuating only its bitterness, while vodka brings out the orange sweetness out of its shell. 

Joining forces with the grenadine syrup, the three create an unforgettable experience you will definitely want to relive. 

11. Espresso Martini 

The espresso martini drink sounds like spiked coffee, but it is much more than that. Not that spiked coffee isn’t good, far from it, but the espresso martini is an exceptionally rich, even satiating sweet vodka drink. 

Mixing espresso, coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish cream, and vodka, this drink is the perfect way to finish your day, or if you don’t have any errands, begin it.

Known as a very friendly drink and an excellent conversation starter, you will be amazed at how delicious it is. Sweet, bitter, assertive, and just a tad aggressive, it may well become your favorite. 

12. Frozen Mudslide 

This cocktail is so delicious, sweet, rich, and creamy you won’t know whether to grab a straw or a spoon. Ideal for the winter holidays, you can also have it as a summer treat.

This sweet vodka drink is made with whipped cream, Bailey’s Irish cream, ice, Kahlua, coffee liqueur, and vanilla-flavored vodka (regular vodka works too). 

Full of flavor and rich in texture, this drink will charm you and stimulate your senses. It is so gentle even the vodka softens up, so you may not even feel it in your mouth. 

13. Birthday Cake Martini 

Very popular at birthday parties, as well as other festive occasions, the birthday cake martini has managed to create a huge fan body. Colorful, cheerful, sweet, and cute, this drink is really a birthday cake in a glass. 

Made with coffee-flavored vodka, sprinkles, half and half, white chocolate liqueur, and food coloring, you can find this cocktail in as many colors as you want. The pink variant is, however, the most popular one. 

It is creamy, sweet, slightly bitter, and a whole lot of fun. 

14. Vodka Watermelon 

Nothing screams summer like this drink; you can easily turn it into food too. All you need to enjoy this sweet delight is a watermelon and a bottle of vodka.

Make a hole in the watermelon and place the bottle inside, allowing for the vodka to soak up the watermelon. 

This usually takes a few hours, so plan ahead and be patient. You can cut the drunk watermelon into slices and eat it, or pop it up in a blender, blend and pour it in a glass over crushed ice. 

The vodka sting is a little more noticeable here compared to the other drinks on this list, but the watermelon is sweet enough to make the sting more bearable. 

15. White Chocolate Martini 

Made with half and half crème de cacao, vanilla vodka, and white chocolate liqueur, topped with chocolate shavings, this snowflake of a drink is the perfect addition to your holiday table. Smooth and creamy, rich and sweet, this is the ballerina on this list. 

The flavors mix with each other perfectly well and create a soft and gentle result; you will thoroughly enjoy definitely more than once. 

16. Raspberry Vodka Mojito

The raspberry vodka mojito is a fancier sibling of the regular mojito, not that the regular one isn’t fancy, but the raspberry version seems a bit more seductive.

Fizzy, refreshing, sweet, and fruity this cocktail is made with vodka, water, seltzer water, mint leaves, raspberry juice, and sugar, garnished with lime slices. 

The raspberry and lime flavors mash together perfectly well, creating a sweet and sour note which, mixed with the mint and sugar, becomes even sweeter and even chocolaty, even though there is no chocolate involved.

If you are looking for a sweet refreshment, feeling the effects of vodka, and skipping the sting, this sweet vodka drink is for you. 

17. Pear Vodka Cosmopolitan 

Made with pear juice, vodka, Cointreau, and fresh pear slice, this sweet vodka drink is classy, elegant, seductive, and very delicious. The Cointreau brings its citrus freshness into the equation, creating a perfectly balanced combination of flavors. 

The pear juice creates a tender, almost creamy consistency, making this cocktail an ideal idea for a fancy night out or a formal gathering at home. 

18. Love Potion #9 

Similar to sex on the beach, the love potion # 9 is even sexier. Sweet, slightly sour, and very delicious, it is as seductive to look it at as it is to drink it. With shades of pink and red, you do fall in love while drinking it, if nothing else in the drink itself. 

Made with strawberry, grapefruit juice, peach schnapps, and vodka, it is gentle, enticing, bubbly, and incredibly fresh and tasty. 

19. Cosmopolitan 

The cosmopolitan cocktail is a classic and an old-timer, fitting into each era and every trend. Elegant and simple, yet very effective, it contains lemon juice, simple syrup, triple sec, and vodka. 

Sweet from the syrup, zesty from the lemon juice, and citrusy from the triple sec, this vodka drink is among the legends of mixology and a must for every cocktail fan. 

20. Lemon Drop Martini 

Last on this list, but definitely worthy of attention, the lemon drop martini is simple, clean, and clear, so you might even say that this is the small diamond stud on this list. 

Made with triple sec, vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice, this sweet vodka drink is slightly sour, very refreshing, elegant, and delicious. It is one of the fanciest cocktails and an absolute lesson in the cocktail department. 

What Can I Add To Vodka To Make It Sweet?

As harsh as vodka is, it is hard to imagine that it can be sweet, and though this may be a challenge, it is doable.

Tampering with the taste of vodka and getting it where you want it takes some knowledge and experience, so if you are a beginner, prepare yourself for a round of disappointments. 

Still, things aren’t so bad, as once you get the hang of it, it will be pretty amazing. You can sweeten up your vodka by adding sugar, honey, syrup, sweet–flavored liqueurs, orange-flavored liqueurs, or sweet fruit juices or carbonated beverages. 

Basically, you can sweeten up your vodka by adding any drink that has sugar in it. Also, you can mix it with coffee, cream, and chocolate, heavy cream and chocolate shavings or sprinkles, or any sweet drink you like. 

The only thing you have to have is the desire to learn and the openness to experiment. 

What Are the Alcoholic Drinks that Taste Sweet? 

From liqueurs to spiked coffees to cocktails, there are many sweet-flavored drinks you might love and enjoy. Flavored vodka, such as apple, vanilla, or coffee vodka, is also a very sweet beverage.

Malibu rum is a coconut-flavored sweet rum, and it is one in the sea of sweet alcoholic drinks. 

Is There an Alcohol That Tastes Sweet?

Rum is a drink that naturally tastes sweet. Coming from sugar cane, it is a naturally sweet drink, abundant will spicy notes, and sugary sweetness. However, it is a strong drink, so you may want to pace yourself, and don’t expect it to be very gentle, as it is a spirit. 

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