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Vodka is a drink made by distilling potatoes or grains.

Different vodka varieties originated in Russia, Poland, and Sweden. As a drink from cold and merciless places on Earth, it truly depicts its places of origin, weather-wise.

Since fruit needs sun to grow, these cold places didn’t have many life-giving stars, so grains and potatoes were all there was to make alcohol from. Again, I am talking about way back in the past. 

Vodka is known as the purest alcohol from the spirit department as it’s distilled a minimum of four times. Some are distilled five, six, or even nine times. During these distillation cycles, all impurities are purged from the alcohol, leaving it clean as a whistle.

Granted, vodka has a bad-boy reputation in the spirit world and is known as the one you can’t mess with. Even the gentlest, smoothest, fruitiest vodkas, yes, exist, have the mandatory vodka bite and sting. 

Nevertheless, a good vodka is probably the best drink you can have in terms of purity and alcohol content.

It definitely isn’t for everyone, but it has made its way to people’s hearts by being an excellent mixing ingredient. Therefore, many cocktails include vodka where the vodka is almost invisible. 

Another thing that vodka is known for is that it doesn’t make you gain weight, as it’s low in calories, contains no carbs, and has no fats.

Now, alcohol naturally impedes the body’s ability to burn fat, meaning your metabolism might get slower. Still, vodka doesn’t cause weight gain, which is one more reason people love it. However, some vodka has sugar.

Below, I will explain sugar-free vodka in detail and list the best, so let’s dive right in.

Does Vodka Contain Sugar?

Vodka doesn’t contain any sugar, fat, protein, or carbs. The calories vary depending on the proof, i.e., the higher the proof, the higher the calorie amount.

However, some vodkas contain added sugar and loads of it.

Those are the flavored vodkas. It’s easy to distinguish a flavored vodka from a regular one if the flavored one is colored instead of clear, but there are clear-flavored vodkas that seem just like the regular ones.

Moreover, the flavors don’t necessarily have to be very expressive; vodka can be flavored even if it tastes like regular but more citrusy.

Furthermore, the bottle rarely shows the amount of sugar added to the flavored vodkas, so you may buy a bottle thinking is sugar-free, while it bursts with sugars. 

8 Best Sugar-Free Vodka Brands

In the following paragraphs, I will list ten sugar-free vodka brands so you know what you are paying for on your next vodka run. 

Brand  Sugar-free  Sugar-containing 
Absolut Yes  No sugar-containing varieties.
Smirnoff  Yes  No sugar-containing varieties.
Grey Goose  Yes  No sugar-containing varieties.
Skinnygirl Yes  Not enough info on other varieties, but they are advertised as zero-sugar. 
Belvedere  Yes  No sugar-containing varieties.
Mr. Tom’s Vodka Yes  Certified as sugar-free.
Tito’s Handmade Vodka  Yes No sugar-containing varieties.
Ketel One Botanical  Yes No sugar-containing varieties.

1. Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose vodka has become an institution in the vodka department and one of the ultra-premium vodkas on the market. It is fresh, pure, and very fragrant due to the premium-quality ingredients used to make it.

It takes pride in its viscosity and smoothness; many describe its consistency as creamy and silky. It is citrusy and zesty but still biting and sharp. This vodka contains no added sugars and is pure, as it is distilled five times.

The water to make this vodka comes from the own well of the brand, and the grainy part is the finest French winter. As a result, the spirit is as gentle as vodka can be.

2. Ketel One Botanical

Ketel One Botanical is a vodka brand revolutionizing the vodka—flavoring methods. It is infused with natural botanical and fruit essences, so it acquires the taste without being artificially flavored. It is certified as all-natural, meaning it has no added sugars or GMO ingredients.

It is also called “diet vodka,” meaning it is ok for people minding their weight to drink it as it doesn’t contain carbs or fats.

It is one of the most flavorful vodkas on this list, very fragrant and drinkable. Still, that doesn’t mean it will spoil you with gentility, but compared to other vodkas, it stands out in these aspects.

3. Belvedere Vodka

As one of the smoothest vodka on the market, this vodka is known as the one you can drink neat, which is how it is most frequently consumed.

It is a classic vodka that is smooth, creamy, citrusy, and pure, starting with a citrus and slight vanilla note, a hot body, and a peppery finish. 

It has undertones of lemon zest, making it even more playful and a very well-balanced aroma that is strong but inviting. Distilled four times, the Belvedere vodka is known as all-natural, with no additives, added sugars, or flavorings. 

4. Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc vodka is a revolution in the vodka-making process, as it is made of grapes instead potatoes or grains. As such, Ciroc vodka is very fruity and very flavorful. Oddly, this vodka doesn’t have any sugar since grapes are some of the richest fruits in terms of sugar. 

However, the charcoal filtration and the five-time distillation ensure that the sugar leaves the spirit on time. The classic unflavored Ciroc vodka is the most common variety of this spirit worldwide, and it is frequently sipped neat with some ice.

The grapes as the raw material make this vodka a little softer than most on this list, giving it a certain fruity dimension and gentleness. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t grape juice, so don’t expect it to be too kind, but you will definitely notice that it isn’t barking like most of its counterparts. 

5. Absolut Vodka

Absolut vodka is one of the best-known vodka brands in the world. It has made a name as one of the best vodkas and has a faithful consumer body composed of people who appreciate this premium spirit. 

This vodka has no added sugar, which is almost unbelievable because it is very flavorful. Well, the flavor is in the aging. Absolut vodka ages for a minimum of six months in various barrels, where it acquires its tasting notes. That is also the reason why Absolut vodka is so fragrant too.

Absolut vodka takes much pride in its making process, using the finest ingredients and the purest water. It also revolutionizes the distilling process, using a continuous distillation method, where the vodka is distilled continuously and can be distilled an infinite number of times. 

As such, it is very pure but strong, too, with a bite and a sting you won’t easily forget. It is aggressive and sharp yet sensitive and sophisticated. It has a certain freshness about it that somehow makes the bite gentler, which is probably due to the extreme purity of the alcohol itself.

6. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is praised for being sugar-free and gluten-free, appealing to many gluten-intolerant consumers. It is crispy, with a smooth finish and an incredibly citrusy and fresh fragrance.

Made of corn, it is gentler than wheat and potato vodkas. Distilled six times, it is a pure ultra-premium spirit with a high viscosity and a certain fruitiness. It is assertive and somewhat aggressive, with the recognizable vodka bite, but it has been made so you can take the punches it throws. Very famous as a cocktail mixer, this vodka is definitely a favorite to many and a rightful owner of its spot on this list.  

7. Skinnygirl Vodka

Skinnygirl vodka is still new on the market, with a modest decade-long experience, which is short considering the centuries-long traditions of other vodkas. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning on this list as it is advertised as sugar-free, all-natural, low-cal vodka. 

This vodka line has been created specifically for women watching their caloric intake. The alcohol percentage in this vodka is 30%, which is lower than the alcohol percentage in the other vodkas, which is 40%.

As such, many call it a scam, as the low proof naturally means low calories; therefore, the vodka has a normal amount of calories according to the alcohol percentage. Nevertheless, women love it, so here it is.

The classic Skinnygirl variety is known for having no added flavorings, colors, or sugars.

8. Mr. Tom’s Certified Sugar-Free Vodka

This sugar-free vodka is known as one of the purest drinks ever as it is distilled 48 times and filtered ten times, so you can only imagine the glass-like sharpness and the purity of this spirit. It is assertive, not to be messed with, and reveals itself initially. 

This vodka is not gradual; it goes all in from the get-go. There are those chosen few who can handle it neat, sipping it slowly, enjoying a thousand knives in their throats; however, this vodka is mostly used as a cocktail mixer. 

Is There Sugar-Free Vodka?

Yes, all vodkas a sugar-free. Vodka is grains/ potato and water; as such, it is a spirit that doesn’t contain carbs, sugars, fats, or protein. It does contain carbs which depend on the alcohol percentage, i.e., the higher the alcohol percentage, the higher the carb amount. 

Still, there is a reason why vodkas advertise as sugar-free, even though the natural state of the spirit contains no sugar. This happens because flavored vodkas seem and taste very similar to regular vodkas, and only a highly trained palate can notice the differences.

However, a highly trained palate would never go for a flavored vodka, which is where the flavored vodkas make their profit, as their consumers are mainly looking for taste in vodka, where they should be looking for purity. 

Moreover, not all flavored vodkas contain sugar, but some have lots of it, which isn’t traditionally shown on the bottle. 

Which Vodka Has the Least Amount of Sugar?

As a rule, all vodkas have zero sugar, but due to their flavored counterparts, you need to look for a certified brand with no sugar. There are many no-sugar vodkas; the most famous are Absolut, Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, etc.

Is Absolut Vodka Sugar-Free?

Yes, Absolut vodka is sugar-free. It also has flavored varieties, all flavored with natural ingredients, primarily fruits, and contains absolutely no sugar.

Is Tito’s Vodka Sugar-Free?

Yes, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is even certified as sugar-free. All of Tito’s vodka variations are also sugar-free with no artificial flavorings.


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