15 Best Shots With Bourbon You Must Try!

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Bourbon is a drink known for its ruggedness and sharpness. It is a subcategory of whiskey, and it doesn’t age as long, which is why it is sharper than whiskey.

While you can sip it slowly, enjoying every ounce of flavor, many find bourbon better suited for shots or in cocktails. 

The best thing about bourbon shots is that they are highly versatile, and you will definitely find what you are looking for. 

Top 15 Shots With Bourbon

If you are a bourbon lover, you should go with a stronger bourbon shot, mixing other spirits such as whiskey, rum, or gin. If you like the effects of bourbon but would rather avoid the flavor, you should go with a shot combining bourbon and liqueur, fruit juice, and syrup. 

In this article, I will give you a list of 15 shots with bourbon, including the stronger ones and the gentler types. 

1. Three Wise Men 

It is only reasonable to open the list with this shot. The three wise men in this mixer are Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam. If you are a bourbon lover and a whiskey enthusiast, you will gather all the wisdom these folks have to share. 

On the other hand, if you like your drink more on the gentle side, I don’t recommend you mix your bourbon this way. Even though this is a classy drink and a very delicious one, it takes a well-trained palate to know to appreciate it. 

It is smoky from the Jonnie Walker, honey-like and fragrant from Jack Daniels, and sharp and edgy thanks to Jim Beam. This shot is smooth but biting, so expect an intense burn afterward.

2. Alabama Slammer 

If you like your drink more on the mellow side, then Alabama Slammer may be just what you want. Sweet, refreshing, and full of flavor, a shot of this drink will definitely take you to simpler and more cheerful times. 

Mixing Southern Comfort bourbon whiskey, gin, Amaretto, and orange juice, it is a very rich drink, high in viscosity, and so creamy that it is almost buttery. It is smooth and very pleasant to drink, with a rich aftertaste and a mild and flavorful burn.

3. California Gold Rush 

Made with honey, warm water, lemon juice, and bourbon, this shot is a borderline medicine. It is incredibly pleasant to drink, combining notes of citrus, honey, and bourbon. Whether you like stronger or milder drinks, this shot is the right decision for you. 

This shot seems to be a crowd-pleaser, mainly because of the excellently balanced tasting notes. It is bitter, sweet, sharp, sour, sour, and warm. Since you will be shooting it, it is unlikely that you will feel the flavors in-depth, but you will feel a playful zing and a pleasant burn.

4. New York Sour 

Romantic and elegant, the New York Sour is a famous cocktail with a deep red color and a delightful kick. A shot of this bourbon drink will instantly lift your spirits and set you on fire. 

This drink contains bourbon, lemon juice, red wine, and simple syrup. Sweet from the syrup and sour from the lemon juice, balanced perfectly with the red wine, and edgy from the bourbon, you will instantly fall in love with this mix. 

However, if you prefer simpler and less experimental flavors, you may find this drink to be a little too much for your palate. Nevertheless, give this shot a shot. 

5. Snake Bite 

No, it doesn’t contain venom, but it is still properly named. If you haven’t been bitten by a snake, this is a great way to satisfy your curiosity. Made with bourbon, lime juice, and hot sauce, it really does live up to its name. 

If you aren’t a fan of aggressive flavors, you may want to skip this shot. It combines hot, sour, and zesty notes intertwined with the bourbon’s sharpness and crispiness. It is a very vibrant and potent drink and definitely a good choice for adventure seekers. 

6. Affogato 

This shot is somewhere between a drink and a dessert. Creamy and rich, made with vanilla ice cream, espresso, and bourbon, a shot of this drink tastes like a piece of cake.

Bitter and edgy from the espresso, sharp from the bourbon, and gentle and sweet from the vanilla ice cream, this is an outstandingly well-balanced drink. 

If you are in the mood for something fun and interesting, yet you don’t feel like experimenting, this shot is definitely for you. 

7. Apple Cider Jello Shots

Fun, fruity, and jiggly, this bourbon shot that comes in the form of jello. There is no special philosophy in making this delight. If you have already made jello shots, this will be easy for you to do. 

This drink includes bourbon and apple cider mixed together into a delicious and edgy jello shot. The beauty of this shot lies in its simplicity.

It isn’t overly complex, nor does it overburden the making process. Moreover, the apple cider does an excellent job masking what you don’t like about the bourbon, and the bourbon seems to accentuate what you like about the apple cider. 

This is an overall well-balanced and well-tempered jello shot. It is refreshing, sour, sweet, and slightly sharp, with a kick you absolutely have to feel.

8. Duck Fart Shot 

Unlike many shot names that match perfectly the substance of the shot itself, this one has a very misleading name. However, it is a good attention grabber, so if you see it on the menu, you will definitely scratch your head for a second. 

Made with Kahlua, Baileys, and bourbon, this is a bitter-sweet drink bursting with flavor and a rich creaminess. You will feel a surge of sweetness followed by a string of bitterness, ending with a smooth, soft, and warm burn. Even as a shot, you can feel the richness of this drink. 

9. Big Fat Elvis

A very good name for a bacon-flavored drink. The ingredients include fat-washed whiskey, bourbon, Amaretto, maple syrup, and peanut butter.

It is fatty, greasy, flavorful, and rugged. This shot is definitely not for everyone, as it has a very particular flavor; however, if you like baby ribs and BBQ sauce, you will be able to enjoy and appreciate it. 

Some mixologists serve this shot with a slice of cred bacon on the glass. You eat half a piece, chug the shot, and chase with the other half. It is definitely an original experience, to say the least. 

10. Bourbon Manhattan 

A classic is a classic for a reason, and therefore this list wouldn’t be complete without a bourbon Manhattan. Made with sweet vermouth, bitters, and bourbon, a shot of this drink will certainly add some class to your evening. 

It is slightly sweet from the vermouth, bitter from the cocktail bitters, and balanced by the bourbon; this shot is an excellent way to start your evening. 

11. The Call Me Maybe

Rumor has it that the name comes from the popular song “Call me maybe,” as the moment you get to know this drink, you will definitely want to see it again. Made with bourbon, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, it is a refreshing and vibrant drink. 

It is especially popular among women as it is soft and gentle, yet it has a great kick, but fellas also like it. The Call me maybe shot is a fruity yet edgy drink, sweet and sour and a little sharp. 

12. Pickleback

A simple drink for the regular Joe. If you just want a bourbon shot without all the fuss, this is definitely the drink for you. Made with bourbon and pickle juice, this drink isn’t complex at all.

Slightly tangy from the pickle juice and plenty edgy from the bourbon, it is a potent drink with a unique beauty. 

13. Muscle Relaxer

Not only is it a muscle relaxer, but it is also a stress reliever. You cannot stay tense after a shot of this drink. Made with coffee liqueur, Jack Daniels, Irish cream, and Southern Comfort whiskey bourbon, this is a drink that will delight you with its flavor and gentility. 

It has something of everything, bitterness from the coffee liqueur, sweetness from the Irish cream, and edge from the bourbon, all excellently balanced, creating a delicious and soft drink. 

14. Bourbon and Ginger Ale 

If you don’t feel like experimenting and are fresh out of ideas, a simple bourbon and ginger ale shot will do the trick nicely. It is a combination of citrus flavor mixed with the recognizable bourbon zing and charm. 

Since you will be drinking it quickly, it won’t fully expand on the palate, but it will develop nicely, leaving you with a flavorful aftertaste. 

15. Bourbon Peach Smash 

Refreshing, vibrant, flavorful, fragrant, and very edgy, this shot combines flavors of mint, peach, ginger, and syrup. It is made with bourbon, peach schnapps, syrup, mint, ginger ale, and peach juice. 

The recipe is a little complicated, considering that it has quite a few ingredients, but it is definitely worth the effort. 


Can You Do Shots With Bourbon?

Yes, you can definitely do shots with bourbon. Bourbon shots are very versatile and highly receptive to other ingredients. Therefore, you can combine bourbon with almost anything to make a delicious bourbon shot that is to your liking and preference. 

What Is A Good Shot With Bourbon?

Depending on what you like, many bourbon shots can do a great job. From mixing bourbon and soda or juice to combining it with whiskey, rum, or gin, to adding liqueur to it, everything goes if that’s what you like. 

What Do You Mix With A Shot Of Bourbon?

You can mix peach, cranberry, orange, or lemon juice with a shot of bourbon and have it as a simple two-ingredient drink. You can also mix a shot of bourbon with another alcohol, such as rum, whiskey, or gin.

Red wine or sweet vermouth are also great companions to bourbon, as well as pickle juice or sodas. 

What Is A Shot Of Bourbon Called?

A shot of bourbon doesn’t have a special name, but a shot of whiskey is often called a jigger. The name remains an enigma, and it has several theories why a shot of whiskey is called a shot.

Some say that it is called a shot because it derives from the word “shoot” since you shoot the drink down your throat.

Others say that it is named after the German glass technologist Friedrich Otto Schott who invented the shot glass by accident. There is also a theory that the word refers to buckshot. 


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