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In addition to being famous for tequila production, Mexico is a well-known beer producer too. They say that Mexican food doesn’t go with anything else, so they either had to change the food or make the drink. And luckily, they made it. 

All jokes aside, the Mexican beer history starts with the Spanish conquest of South America. They introduced the grain fermentation technique involved in making beer. Later on, with the short-termed Austrian invasion, they perfected the beer-making methods.

In the early beginnings of beer-making in Mexico, they made the beer by the European standards, but with time, they managed to insert that playfulness of their culture in the beer. 

Mexican beer is zesty and delicious. It is primarily fruity and refreshing. They have many microbreweries, experimenting with different kinds of methods resulting in delicious limited-edition beers. 

Mexico produces light and dark beers, lagers, pilsners, and Vienna-style light and dark beers, and Munich dark beers. 

They have a very wide variety of beers, both European and Mexican styles, so you will definitely find what you are looking for. Mexico produces over 30 kinds of beer, which are sold in other parts of the world. 

So what are the best Mexican beers? 

In this article, I will give you a list of the 30 best Mexican beers. I will shortly describe each beer type and give some info so you can better choose the right one for you. 

1. La Lupulosa 


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This is a semi-light beer and more complex than most of the beers on this list. It is considered one of Mexico’s top beers. It is fruity, mostly citrusy, with a certain bitterness wrapped around it and a frothy head that doesn’t go away easily. 

It is a little more pungent than many beers, and you probably can’t drink too much of it as it gets heavy on the stomach after a while. Nevertheless, it is a delicious beer, definitely worth the try. 

2. Carta Blanca 


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Although pretty basic, this beer is a very good if you need a refreshment or something to quench your thirst with. There is nothing special about it, but it does have many fans. They say that the beauty of this beer comes from its simplicity. 

With Carta Blanca, you are getting precisely what you are paying for. Modest, refreshing, bubbly, and unencumbered, this beer is widely available and very affordable. 

3. Corona Extra


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Corona beer is a Mexican classic and the most popular Mexican beer sold worldwide. A fun fact about Corona beer is that its sales decreased significantly during the Coronavirus crisis due to a negative mental imprint with the name of the virus. 

Nevertheless, a timeless beer such as this always finds a way to prevail, which is why today it sells great. 

If you are looking for an afternoon refreshment with no intense flavors but just a mild buzz, Corona beer is your guy. Lemony, gentle, and refreshing, you can sip it with a lemon wedge inside to further enrich its fruitiness. 

4. Tecate


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Very popular in Mexico, this beer still hasn’t made its way outside of the Mexican borders. Nevertheless, it has all the fans it needs. It is very similar to the Corona beer, with the same refreshing kick and a very similar color. 

Not knowing that it isn’t Corona beer, you might think it is; that’s how similar they are in taste and appearance. 

Just like the Corona beer, the Tecate goes excellent with a refreshing lemon wedge. 

5. Perro Del Mar


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The Perro del Mar, translated as the dog from the sea, is probably the fruitiest beer on this list. It combines flavors of mango and orange, as well as pine and yeast. 

The resulting flavor is very playful and teasing, so you will definitely be curious to explore it further. It has an orange and amber color, and the flavors are bonded together with the typical beer bitterness. 

6. Noche Buena


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Brown-colored, with slight shades of red and a frothy head that melts away quickly, this German-style beer is rich, pungent, and delicious. It is noticeably bitter, which is also the first flavor you feel. Later on, it gets sweeter and more refreshing. 

It is somewhat heavy, so you cannot drink a large amount as you will start wobbling instead of walking, but it is an excellent food chaser. The Noche Buena beer also pairs great with a lemon wedge making it lighter and easier to drink.

7. Negra Modelo

With expressive flavors of malt, caramel, bread, and toast, this dark beer has a certain style and refinement about it. It has a dark brown, almost black color, getting lighter as you drink it. 

It has a significant amount of yeast, so you might feel like you have overeaten after the second glass. Nevertheless, if you pace yourself, it will definitely be an excellent experience. 

8. Montejo

Bitter and sweet at the same time, this beer is definitely a refreshing option. It has a golden brown color and a frothy head that dissolves easily. It is very carbonated, which enhances the bitter and sweet flavor, and it also has a very noticeable malt aroma. 

This is a very light beer, it doesn’t weigh on the stomach, and you need to drink a lot to get drunk on it. Therefore it is the perfect drink for long and light nights. 

9. Nocturna 

Dark, spicy, and sweet, the name definitely matches this beer’s energy. It is intense-tasting, yet not overwhelmingly flavorful, combining chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, and coffee. 

It is like a candy box in glass and is definitely worth at least a try. This beer also has the recognizable beer bitterness, typical for the drink, creating many diverse and divided opinions among its fans. 

It is a very popular but particular beer and won’t appeal to everyone. However, you need to try it as it is a genuinely unique experience. 

10. Cerveza Pazifco Clara

This beer is best described as a stronger version of the Corona beer. Perfect for those who like Corona beer but wouldn’t mind going for something a bit stronger. The Cerveza Pacifico Clara is a highly aromatic beer, hinting at the flavors even on the nose. 

It is colorful but not overbearing, light, and goes down easy. Perfect as an afternoon refreshment or food chaser. 

11. Sol

With a bottle design and color inspired by the Sun, the Sol beer means precisely that. It has a light yellow color, and it is a milder version of Corona beer. Therefore, if you like the corona beer, you will probably like the Sol beer too. 

It is moderately carbonated and very refreshing. The flavor is moderately bitter combined with a slight sweetness. It isn’t very aromatic, but it does leave a pleasant aftertaste, especially if you combine it with a lemon wedge.

12. Tiniebla 

Made of wheat and yeast, you can consider this beer a liquid bread. Dark and pungent, it is a bit heavy on the stomach if you go a little overboard. 

However, it is absolutely delicious, with chocolate and caramel notes interspersed with the typical yeast flavor and wheat sweetness. It is, however, hard to find, so if you somehow manage to get ahold of it, don’t think twice before buying it. 

13. Dark Lycan 

Black and red, with a complex combination of malt, dark chocolate, and berries as base flavors, mixed with a hint of licorice and pine, the Dark Lycan is similar to the Nocturna. 

It is a rich and highly substantial beer with a thick, almost creamy consistency. It is delicious and of very high quality. However, it isn’t available all year round, and therefore if you see it, take it; it is definitely worth your while.

14. Psicosis Imperial IPA

This craft beer is very complex and multifold. It has a very rich texture and a pungent citrus aroma. It is fruity, but it isn’t light. The Psicosis Imperial IPA has a high alcohol content and a rich brown color. 

This beer doesn’t sit very easily, so you need to dose it carefully. It is slightly cloudy when poured in a glass and isn’t all that clear. The flavor is a combination of sweet, bitter, citrusy, and carbonated. 

15. Victoria

Gentle and delicate, the Victoria beer is excellent for you if you want to relax and have a few glasses. It isn’t strong, with only 4% of alcohol, so don’t worry, as you’ll need to drink a lot before getting woozy. 

It has a bright amber color, and it is so delightfully bubbly and refreshing. It has an expressive citrus flavor mixed with bitterness and spiciness. An excellent option to combine it with some delicious Mexican snacks.

16. Indio

This is a dark beer with a rich amber color. The head is frothy, but it dissolves easily. The Indio beer is highly carbonated, making it exceptionally refreshing. The alcohol content is low, making this beer very mild and easy to drink. 

It has an expressive bitterness but balances out with the equally expressive sweetness. Overall it is a delicious beer and is very easy to drink. It is also very available and affordable. 

17. Cucapa La Migra

Most beer drinkers describe the taste of this beer as decadent, and I most certainly agree. Jet black, setting an authoritative tone from the get-go, it is a beer that won’t leave you indifferent. 

The aromas and notes are intertwined, working together, enhancing the taste and aromatic dimension of the beer. The dominant flavor is malt, but there are also noticeable whiffs of chocolate, dark bread, oriental spices, and toast. 

18. Estrella Jalisco 

Golden-colored and very refreshing, the Estrella Jalisco doesn’t overpromise. Although there is absolutely nothing extravagant about this beer, it will perfectly satisfy your beer craving. You get exactly what you signed up for, a mouthful of refreshing beer. 

This is a typical beer drink that doesn’t go above and beyond, but it will leave you perfectly content. It isn’t very strong, so you won’t get drunk on it soon, allowing you to sip and enjoy. 

19. Costco Roja

Red and very appealing, the Costco Roja is also very fruity and almost syrup sweet. The fruity flavor is mostly cherry, but there are also citrus fruit notes, such are red grapefruit. 

It doesn’t make a lot of froth, which subsides easily anyway. The typical beer bitterness is virtually non-existent with the Costco Roja beer, therefore making it one of the easiest beers to drink. 

20. Senor Matanza 

Colored in dark red, this is a truly unique beer that once you’ve tasted it, you will definitely be able to recognize it from a bunch. It is pungent and rich, with a creamy and thick foam forming on top.

The rest of the beer is also thick and smooth and it glides down the throat very gently leaving an exquisite aftertaste. Dark fruit, coffee, and chocolate dominate the flavor. 

The bitterness enhances the flavor notes, making this beer a truly delightful experience. 

21. Astillero

The citrus and pine notes dominate the flavor, while the vanilla and chocolate notes are more of a follow-up. Easy to drink, leaving a delicious and refreshing aftertaste, the Astillero is one of Mexico’s sweethearts. 

Even though it isn’t too mild in terms of alcohol content, it still is very gentle to drink. Its consistency is more on the thicker side, layering your throat as you drink. 

22. Maiz Azul

Creamy, sweet, and corn-dominated, this beer is probably everyone’s cup of tea. The brewers knew what they were doing in creating a beer that everybody loves, and they hit the bullseye with this one. 

The sweet corn flavors, combined with the inevitable beer bitterness, result in the irresistible creation that is this beer.  

23. Brutal Imperial Stout

Delicious and strong, this beer is one of the strongest beers on the Mexican market. It is pungent, intense-flavored, and highly aromatic.

The notes of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate transpire from the nose all the way to the palate, leaving a strong and delicious aftertaste. 

Dark in color, it gets black and brown when poured with no excessive foam. If you like heavier tastes, you should definitely try this beer. 

24. Tempus Dorada

If it weren’t for the foam, you could mistake this beer for whiskey. The golden color is so enticing that you will definitely look forward to drinking this beer. 

Balanced with no overbearing or dominating flavors, this beer doesn’t have a particular quality about it, making it one of a kind. However, what makes it unique is the set of qualities that this beer gets recognized for. 

It is a classic flavor beer, sweet and bitter, very easy to drink, and highly refreshing. 

25. Bohemia

If there is one word to perfectly describe this beer, it is balanced. It rounds up the bitterness and the sweetness of the beer, creating a single flavor that is best categorized as bitter-sweetness. It is watery and easy to drink with no excessive texture. 

The color of the Bohemia beer is bright gold, announcing its gentility even before you taste it. 

26. Minerva Stout

Dominated by chocolate, coffee, and malt flavors, the Minerva Stout will definitely charm you with its elegance and clarity. Somewhere between orange and brown, its color is very inviting and seductive, making it impossible for you to refuse a glass. 

It is easy to drink and is pretty mild and gentle. The Minerva Stout beer is also very refreshing, and it works excellently with a piece of orange in the glass. 

27. Stout De Olla

Dark-colored, almost black, with notes of chocolate and perfectly balanced bitterness, this beer is definitely one of the most delicious on this list.

In addition to chocolate, it has notes of coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla, making this beer very deep and complex. The flavors are present in the aromas as well, so you can easily taste this beer just by smelling it. 

Nevertheless, it is a bit heavy on the stomach, so I don’t recommend you go overboard with it. 

28. Dos Equis Azul

Herby and spicy, this beer is certainly different than most and is, therefore, worth at least a try. While beer is typically bitter and a bit sweet, the Dos Equis Azul is natural-tasting with refreshing herbal and earthy notes. 

The spiciness of the beer is not as noticeable, but it does do a great job of enhancing the herbal dimension. Bright and light, it is easy to drink and one of the most refreshing beers, not only in Mexico but globally. 

29. Leon

Made primarily to drink as a meal, the Leon beer appeals to everyone who likes Corona beer, but wished it was edgier. Well, if you recognize yourself in this description, the Leon beer is for you as it is best described as an edgier corona beer. 

Due to the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, this beer is easy to drink and works just right with food, enhancing the flavors of your meal. 

30. Modelo Especial 

Last on this list, but certainly not the least, the Modelo Especial is a refreshing and carbonated light beer. Colored light yellow, you will feel the fresh chills through your body just by looking at it. 

Easy to drink and very well balanced, you will definitely enjoy a Modelo Especial on a warm summer day. 

What Beer Is Most Popular in Mexico?

Corona is the most popular beer in Mexico. It is also a very popular beer worldwide. Corona beer has a long-lasting history in Mexico, with the drink being launched in 1925. Only a decade later, in 1937, it became Mexico’s best-selling beer. 

Nowadays, Corona is the fourth top-selling beer in the world. In Spain, Corona beer is called Coronita. Corona means a crown, so Coronita means something like a little crown. 

Because the Corona bottle in Spain is smaller than regular, the beer is called Coronita, which is a diminutive form of Corona.

Corona beer is supposed to be served with a lime wedge. Unlike other beers you can serve with whatever, Corona has a special serving, which with a lime wedge inside the glass. 

Back in the 80, while Corona beer was going strong as a rising star in North America, a competitor started a rumor to ruin the Corona brand.

They said that the employees participating in the making process of Corona beer urinated in the beer to make a larger quantity using less of their raw material.

This made the American Corona sellers to stop selling Corona beer, thus causing the sales of Corona beer to plummet. Luckily, in a desperate pursuit to repair its reputation, the Corona beer brand proved that there was no urine in the beer and also managed to discover who started this vicious rumor. 

Corona is an excellent meal chaser, meaning it goes absolutely perfectly with Mexican food, which was one of the main reasons for its creation. 

What Is a Mexican Beer Called?

Cerveza means beer in Spanish, but that is not what they call it in Mexico. A Mexican beer is called Chela. 

Although all Latin American countries have different names for a beer with different origin stories, the Mexican chela story is particularly interesting. 

Superior brand beer was manufactured in the state of Yucatán, and the slogan of the bear made by the Cervecería Moctezuma group was “The blonde that everyone wants .”This was a lager-type beer, and it was indeed blond.

The mostly Mayan-origin factory workers started to call the beer “chel,” which means blond in Mayan; gradually, the “chel” became “chela .”Little by little, this word for beer started to spread through the country, becoming a universal word for beer. 

So “blond” or “chela” means beer in Mexico. 


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