20 Best Low Calorie Tequila Drinks To Try

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Tequila has made a name as a fiery and strong drink with a great kick. It is known as an excellent cocktail mixer, but also quite nice to drink by itself with a chaser, as there are several tequila types offering different drinking possibilities. 

However, tequila has another secret weapon, which is its low-calorie content, making it a very favorable choice if you are on a certain low-cal diet or are just minding your caloric intake in general. 

However, pure tequila isn’t everyone’s poison, so you are likely to mix it with another ingredient in order to milden and tone the aggressiveness down. This is where the problem arises. 

Many tequila cocktails contain syrups, liqueurs, or other cocktail ingredients that could up the caloric value of your drink. So, even though the tequila isn’t high in calories, you may end up with a very heavy drink that will mess with your diet. 

Therefore, to have a tequila drink that is tasty has a kick, and is low in calories, you should be mindful of several things. First, you need a drink that doesn’t contain much sugar, so no syrups.

The second thing is to opt for a drink that is higher in alcohol, as those are usually lower in calorie. Third, you need a drink that contains natural juice instead of concentrate. 

To find a drink that meets the abovementioned criteria isn’t hard at all, but you need to know precisely what you are after, as even the best mixologist may get your drink wrong if you aren’t precise enough. 

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Top 20 Low-Calorie Tequila Drinks 

In this article, I will list some low-calorie tequila drinks you can enjoy if you want to have a delicious drink but you don’t want those nasty extra calories you worked so hard to get rid of. 

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Note that most tequila cocktails are made with tequila Blanco, which is the tequila type that ages the least, if at all. The tequilas reposado and anejo are considered of much higher quality, as they age significantly longer than the Blanco, and therefore it is considered shameful to mix them. 

Nevertheless, if you can pick your tequila for cocktails, pick reposado or anejo as they mix unbelievably well, though they will likely be pricier than the Blanco variety.

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It’s not that the Blanco isn’t a good tequila, because it is, and it’s favorite to many, but it is the most aggressive tequila type. Moreover, you may feel the need to add something sweeter to cover for the sharpness, thus increasing the calories and carbs in your drink. 

1. Ranch Water 


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Counting fewer calories than your average margarita drink but still keeping the delightful refreshing dimension and the cheerful and happy spirit, if you are minding your caloric intake and you like a margarita, don’t think twice before ordering ranch water. 

Combining tequila, sparkling water, fresh lime juice, and Topo Chico, this delicious beverage will satisfy your desire for a refreshing drink and, at the same time, won’t stick with you for long. 

2. Tequila Sunrise 

Tequila sunrise cocktailMade with tequila, grenadine syrup, and orange juice, the traditional tequila sunrise can be a little over the top in the calorie department. However, this version of the tequila sunrise cocktail doesn’t contain the grenadine syrup, as the main culprit for the high caloric value. 

Therefore, make yourself a tequila sunrise using tequila and orange juice and have a refreshing and guilt-free beverage you will enjoy without worrying about spoiling your diet. 

3. Tequila Limeade 


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Not only will this drink be perfectly fitting for your low-calorie lifestyle, but believe it or not, it is also good for you, in moderate amounts, of course. This drink has lots of vitamin C due to the limeade and the fresh lemon slices it contains. 

The tequila amount used for this mixer is lower in comparison with the limeade amount, so you can rest assured that it won’t get you too drunk too soon.  

4. Skinny Margarita 


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Containing silver tequila, fresh lime and orange juice, agave nectar, salt, and a lime slice as decoration, you will definitely fall in love with the skinnier version of your traditional margarita.

Retaining the charm of the classic margarita drink but with a reduced number of calories, this is an excellent solution for your pursuit of refreshment during your fit kick. 

5. Keto Mexican Martini


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Mixing together tequila Blanco, reposado, lime juice, green olive juice, orange extract, Topo Chico, and liquid stevia, this low-calorie cocktail is complex, and it is less likely that you will have these ingredients at home. Nevertheless, it is an excellent reason to get into a bar and have a few glasses with your friends, as it is definitely worth getting out of your pajamas. 

A little sharper than most of the cocktails described on this list, you will like its playfulness and the typical fiery Mexican character of the drink.

6. Coconut Margarita 


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Tequila, sparkling coconut water, and lime are all you need for this tasty refreshment. Not only is it low in calories and very refreshing and delicious, but it is also exceptionally light and easy to drink, with a few exotic notes from the coconut-flavored sparkling water. 

Moreover, this mixer is very similar to the Pina Colada, minus the calories. Therefore, if you are a fan of Pina Colada, you will most certainly enjoy this drink.

7. Tequila Watermelon Refresco


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Combining triple sec, watermelon, tequila, club soda, lime, and salt, this astoundingly refreshing drink will make you reach for the next glass before even drinking the first one. Feel free to treat yourself to a few glasses of this mixer without having the nagging feeling that you are getting too many calories. 

It is a very tasty drink, mild, since there isn’t too much alcohol inside, and you may even get some vitamins from the watermelon. In any case, you will most certainly enjoy it. 

8. Rhubarb Lime Tequila 

In addition to making great pies, rhubarb is also an excellent cocktail ingredient. Tequila, rhubarb juice, blood orange juice, and love are the ingredients needed for this mixer. Mixing sweet, sour, and refreshing, you will definitely add this drink to your permanent list. 

Low in calories with lots of flavors and highly aromatic, this cocktail is the right one for you if you a craving some fruity refreshment on a hot summer afternoon. 

9. Skinny Spicy Margarita 


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Not only will this delicious cocktail help you maintain your low caloric intake, but it may also speed up your metabolism as it contains the famous jalapeno peppers. Spicy, zesty, and edgy, this cocktail sure has a lot of character, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

Therefore if you are not a fan of spices, this may not be the right choice for you. Mixing together tequila, lime, orange, jalapeño, and tajin seasoning, it does have a particular flavor, but nothing you can’t handle if you are into those tasting notes. 

10. Champagne and Tequila 


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A little more on the strong side in terms of alcoholic potency; since it combines champagne and tequila and no other ingredient, you may start getting woozy during the first half of your glass. Also, even though this is a low-calorie drink, it isn’t low in sugar, so have that in mind and see if it fits into your meal planning. 

Otherwise, it is a delicious, fizzy, and refined drink and a favorite to many. Flavor-wise, you won’t regret having it. 

11. Tequila Mojito


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This tequila drink contains a very low number of calories, and it mixes the best of both worlds, the tequila drink, and the mojito cocktail. Made with nothing more than mint leaves, granulated sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and white (Blanco) tequila, this tequila mojito will not only refresh you but will also delight you with its sweetness and minty notes. 

Ideal for an afternoon on your porch swing accompanied with some smooth tunes, alone or in your favorite company. 

12. Anejo Old Fashioned


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If there ever was a single word describing this cocktail, it is definitely velvet. The anejo tequila is one of the smoothest types of spirits, not just in the tequila category but in general. The anejo tequila ages for three years and sometimes longer, so imagine how smooth it is. 

All you need for this low-calorie cocktail is agave juice, margarita bitters, and of course, the velvety anejo tequila. This is one of those cocktails that somehow appeals to everyone, so chances are you will fall in love with it at the first sip. 

13. Tequila Soda 


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Even though sodas are known as high in sugar and calories, there are low-sugar and low-calorie soda varieties that fit into this combination perfectly. Moreover, there are flavored low-sugar and low-calorie sodas for those who aren’t so crazy about the typical tequila sting. 

The tequila soda mixer is the perfect way to relax after work or have a blast at the club without even thinking about your caloric intake. 

14. Mango Oro

Combining nothing more than tequila and mango juice, this exotic-flavored cocktail will keep you in a calorie deficit while teasing your taste buds. Sweet, fruity, and very light, you will definitely want another one even while you are halfway through your first glass. 

15. Skinny Paloma


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Combining grapefruit soda, tequila, and lime juice, this skinny Paloma cocktail contains fewer calories than the traditional Paloma drink. If you want to maintain your slender figure or are in the process of making one, this is the drink for you. 

You won’t have to give up the enjoyment and refreshing sweetness of the Paloma while keeping your caloric intake at bay. 

16. Tequila and Tonic

Gin TonicIf you don’t feel particularly creative or peckish, it is always a good idea to work the basics well than to go complicated badly. A tequila and tonic combination is where you absolutely can’t do wrong. 

Low in calories and very refreshing, the tequila and tonic mixer is not that flavorful but has a certain charm and quality you just cannot get in another way. 

17. Pineapple Margarita 


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The pineapple margarita contains pineapple juice, tequila, and triple sec is a very simple and light beverage, but it does have a certain tangy taste note that not everybody likes. Since there is no syrup, there is nothing to neutralize the mild tang this mixer gets from the pineapple, so you will either tolerate it or you will enjoy it, as it isn’t that big of a deal to make it insufferable. 

In any case, the pineapple margarita is an excellent choice for a calorie deficit. 

18. Cucumber Lime Tequila


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The cucumber lime tequila reminds me of serenity, calmness, and wellness just by looking at it. It will take the edge off so quickly that you won’t even remember what you were nervous about. It is a delicious and refreshing drink, with the added bonus that you can nibble on the lime and the cucumber after you drink your beverage. 

All you need are some cucumber and lime slices combined with ice and low-sugar club soda. You will find this mixer amazingly refreshing and surprisingly delicious. The best thing is it is very open to improvisation, so you can adjust the quantities of the ingredients as you like them best. 

19. Cherry Lime Tequila


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Mixing lime slices, cherry juice, and tequila, this fruity cocktail is low in calories but high in style. You will fall in love with its crimson color and its fruity and floral taste almost immediately. Decorate it with a few cherries inside your glass and eat some from time to time while drinking your cocktail. 

To milden it up, add some crushed ice and enjoy the flavors and colors of this delicious dessert in a glass. Also, this cocktail works best with the anejo tequila type, so if you can, you should see this kind of tequila to make it. 

20. Cranberry Tequila 


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Just like vodka cranberry, tequila cranberry mixes tequila and cranberry juice. Sweet, sour, and sharp at the same time, this mixer is for you if you want to feel some edge and bite in your drink but don’t want it to overwhelm you.  

The cranberry tequila is low in calories and very delicious. It is also very simple to make, not at all demanding, and an excellent idea when you lack creativity. 

What Is the Lowest Calorie Tequila?

Even though there is no scientific evidence that tequila is good for the health, it isn’t damaging if you don’t go overboard with it, which is applicable or everything excessive generally in life.

However, there are studies showing that drinking tequila neat or on the rocks is far less damaging to the body than mixing it with cocktails, especially those containing syrups. 

Still, again, if you don’t take it too far, you don’t have to worry. 

The tequila cocktails containing syrups also contain sugars and calories, so it isn’t the alcohol that is damaging, but the excess sugars and calories. 

Nevertheless, it cannot harm selecting a low-calorie tequila to mix in your cocktails, as that way you reduce the number of calories from the get-go and can afford to add some sweet pleasure to your drink.

The tequila that is lowest in calories is pure agave tequila (100% agave). It is very low in sugars, it contains no carbohydrates, and it has only 69 calories per ounce. 

There are two main types of tequila, pure agave, and mixto. The tequila mixto is made of up to 50% of agave, with the rest being grains such as corn, barley, wheat, rye, and similar. 

Therefore the mixto tequilas are high in calories, sugar, and carbs and are considered to be of lower quality compared to the pure agave tequilas. Therefore, if you are watching your caloric intake, make sure your low-calorie tequila drink is made with pure, 100% agave tequila instead of the mixto type. 


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