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Although the name says it all, “Hpnotiq,” I will tell you something about it anyway. Hpnotiq is a liqueur known for its deliciousness, kick, and texture.

It works great when drunk alone but is also an excellent mixing ingredient. It is turquoise in color, though there is another edition that is amethyst colored, called Hpnotiq Harmonie. 

The original Hpnotiq is native to New York and made with juices, vodka, and Cognac. It is bottled in France by Heaven Hill, and it is a truly hypnotic drink.

Even though it is very delicious, tasting tropical and fruity, and drinks nicely alone, it is more famous as a mixer than as a sipper. 


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The Low alcohol content, 17%, it is very mild, and it doesn’t kick you as much as you would like. Though it mixes vodka and Cognac, it is still very mild and is mostly used for cocktails.

Hpnotiq is known as an excellent mixing ingredient making even the harsher cocktails taste sweet, giving them a certain lightness and fruitiness. 

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So what are the best Hpnotiq drinks? 

Although mixology and cocktail-making are forms of art in themselves and it, therefore, cannot be held under tight constraints, meaning that Hpnotiq can be mixed according to your preferences and skills, it fits best mixed with fruity drinks and clear alcohols, such as vodka for instance. 

Hpnotiq liqueurs are mango and passionfruit flavored, meaning that they are great for mixing into a tropical and fruity cocktail. They create vibrant and cheerful cocktails. 

Hpnotiq makes excellent refreshing drinks, fruity delights, and more complex and simple drinks, but most importantly, all of them don’t require much time and equipment other than a mixer and measuring vessels. 

In this article, I will give you a list of 20 drinks you can make with Hpnotiq so you can enjoy them to the fullest. 

1. Hpnotiq Cosmo

Cosmo is short for Cosmopolitan, and a Hpnotiq Cosmo is a variation of the Cosmopolitan cocktail. Known and loved worldwide, Cosmo is a classic for a reason and made with Hpnotiq; it doesn’t get more New York than that. 

You will need Hpnotiq, vodka, and cranberry juice for this cocktail. Although regular vodka will do nicely, you can also go for citrus-flavored vodka for that recognizable Cosmo zing and edge. Mix the ingredients together and enjoy the Cosmo Hpnotiq experience. 

2. The Halloween Hypnotist

A simple cocktail with a powerful effect. You will need Hpnotiq, lemon juice, and vodka to make this drink. The resulting flavor is a little sting, a little bite, a little sweetness, and a little citrusy freshness. Overall, this is a delicious cocktail, though a bit more on the stronger side flavor-wise. 

Nevertheless, it is excellently balanced, well-rounded, and heavenly delicious. If you like edgier flavors, this should definitely be your drink.

3. Hpnotiq Purple Haze Martini

As seductive as it sounds, this cocktail is mild because the Hpnotiq is the only alcohol in it. Fruity, sweet, and colorful, it will delight you with its sweet fruity freshness and the playful sourness of the fruits at play here. 

In addition to the Hpnotiq liqueur, for this cocktail, you will also need pineapple juice and pomegranate juice. The colors are simply irresistible, as well as the flavor. It is something like a fruit salad in a glass. Decorate it any way you like and enjoy.  

4. The Bimini Escape

Considering that the Hpnotiq liqueur is turquoise or sky blue, the name of this cocktail is nothing but suitable for the drink. Made with soda, blue curacao, peach schnapps, rum, and Hpnotiq, it is delicious, creamy, and seductive.

The peach schnapps intensifies the tropical side of the cocktail, while the rum and blue curacao add a certain creaminess to the story.

The combination of the ingredients, along with the Hpnotiq flavor, is simply heavenly. This cocktail might not get you drunk, but it will most certainly tickle your peckish bone. 

5. Hpno – Blue Dreamsicle

Chili, refreshing, and full of flavor and texture, the dreamsicle part couldn’t have been more fitting for this cocktail name. Like an icicle from a dream!

It is blue, grainy, fresh, and delicious. While regular icicles could poke you, the Hpno-Blue Dreamsicle will slide down your throat, creating a goose-bumpy sensation and a craving for the next sip. 

Consisting of Hpnotiq, vanilla-flavored rum, and a splash of orange juice, this is a sweet, refreshing, creamy, and citrusy cocktail with an icy grainy texture and an irresistible kick. It adapts easily to the season, so it can be both a winter and a summer cocktail. 

6. Hpno-Rita

This cocktail is a little more on the stronger side since it includes tequila. However, you won’t mind the tequila bite; in fact, you may not even notice the tequila until the kick. In addition to Hpnotiq and silver tequila, this cocktail also contains lime juice and a lime wedge as garnish. 

The lime juice and lime wedge mixed with the tropical fruit-flavored Hpnotiq liqueur create a delicious mixture of flavors and aromas, amplifying the tropical dimension as well as adding a zest of their own. 

7. Hpno-Bite Raspberry


Made with lime juice, vodka, Hpnotiq, and raspberry liqueur, this cocktail is sweet, sour, tangy, zesty, and absolutely delicious.

The tang from the lime juice mixes so well with the vodka, both creating a unit of their own, delightfully coated with the tropical notes of the Hpnotiq, enhanced and upgraded by the fresh sour notes of the raspberry liqueur. 

An absolute delight for any time of day and season. 

8. Hpnotiq Blue Wave

Made with white wine, orange juice, ginger ale, and, of course, Hpnotiq, this is a complex cocktail with a complex and even explorative taste.

There are many tasting notes, such as tang from the orange juice combined with the white wine, ginger flavor and nuttiness from the wine and ginger ale, and tropical fruit notes from the Hpnotique. 

Don’t try this cocktail at home if you don’t have any mixing experience, as it can easily turn into a disaster.

You need to get quantities just right and do the mixing perfectly if you want to have a slightly frothy and well-balanced cocktail. Otherwise, this is one of the most delicious cocktails on this list. 

9. Hpnotiq Blue Oasis

Blue oasis, indeed! This cocktail is even more tropical than Hpnotiq itself. It has a whiff of tropical fruits, a touch of tang, and a whole lot of sourness. Mixing Hendrick’s gin, sour mix, blue curacao, and, of course, Hpnotiq, this cocktail is sour, bitter, sweet, and very delicious. 

Simple yet very tasty, this cocktail will take just a few minutes to make and an eternity to forget. 

10. The Incredible Hulk

A catchy name for a catchy cocktail and definitely an unforgettable one. The added Cognac as a cocktail ingredient brings out the cognac part in the Hpnotiq liqueur, making this cocktail taste expressively sweet and fruity, with strong but well-balanced cognac notes. 

The other ingredients for this cocktail, i.e. Hpnotiq, and the optional orange bitters, and the lime slice, further enhance the flavor creating a very delicious combination, and a potent drink. The name is perfectly suited for the drink and even more so for its potency. 

11. Ice Blue

Made with Hpnotiq, coconut rum, and triple sec, this is one of the best-balanced cocktails on this list. The triple sec accentuates the already present tropical note in the Hpnotiq liqueur, while the coconut rum complements them perfectly since the coconut’s tropical flavor is already contained in the Hpnotiq part of the story. 

The slightly tangy feeling from the triple sec combined with the vodka creates a slight tingly feeling in the mouth, which is where the name of this cocktail came from, as it feels like licking ice. 

12. Hpno-Meister

A very simple but very effective cocktail. Containing only two ingredients, Jagermeister and Hpnotiq liqueur, this drink is high in viscosity, a little harsh, yet very refreshing, with a kick, you can’t even imagine. 

A piece of advice, though, even though this is an easily drinkable cocktail, don’t go overboard with it and go slowly and gently, as it may knock you down quickly if you aren’t being careful. 

13. Hpnotiq Breeze

Elegant, tender, sweet, and very delicious, this cocktail will amaze and delight you with its simplicity and subtle kick.

Made with Hpnotique liqueur, cherry juice, simple syrup, white rum, and lime juice, this fair lady of a cocktail bursts with sweetness, viscosity, and flavor. 

It is very fragrant, too, as the cherry floral notes dominate the aroma. You can also feel the aromas of tropical fruit from the Hpnotiq, as well as citrus notes from the lime juice. 

14. Hpnotiq Margarita

Hpnotiq, triple sec, tequila, sour mix, and pineapple juice (optionally) are the ingredients you need to make this delicious cocktail.

The pineapple juice adds a slight tang to the cocktail, while the tequila and triple sec up the ante by making the cocktail funner and stronger. 

The Hpnotiq flavors mix perfectly with the sour mix, creating a tropical and fresh combination of flavors. The overall result is a vibrant and refreshing mixture of flavors coated with the creamy consistency of this cocktail. 

15. Hpnotiq Sprinkletini

Requiring nothing more than vodka, Hpnotiq, sprinkles, and Champagne, this fluffy cocktail really tastes like cotton candy. A sparkle with a kick, nonetheless.

For a color effect, you can try making it with the amethyst-colored Hpnotiq Harmony for a more visible sprinkle color effect. 

Nevertheless, it works perfectly with the blue one too. 

16. Deep Ocean Shot

The Deep Ocean Shot is a classic drink and an evergreen experience. A Hpnotiq Deep Ocean Shot is an even more memorable experience. Sweet, creamy, silky, soft, and very vibrant, this cocktail is made with Hpnotiq, coconut rum, and blue curacao. 

It will delight you with its texture before it penetrates your taste buds with its creamy deliciousness and playful sweetness. Great for any time of the day or occasion, a great spirit-lifter, and a conversation starter. 

17. Caribbean Sunset 

A tropical name for a tropical cocktail, this one will blow your mind with its creaminess and refinement. Explicitly tasting like coconuts, this cocktail mixes Hpnotiq, orange juice concentrate, cream of coconut, and coconut rum. 

Creamy and soft, you will most certainly enjoy the play between the flavors and colors in this drink.

18. Electric Beach Water

Best described as a sparkle in a glass, this cocktail is made with quite a few ingredients. You will need Hpnotiq liqueur, lemon soda, lemon juice, vodka, and coconut rum.

Mixing together three alcoholic beverages, you can consider this cocktail a stronger one, so you might want to pace yourself with it, no matter how hard that might seem. 

The fruity flavors mash together heavenly, creating a genuine flavor bomb. The coconut rum and the vodka create a slight sting, only to remind you that it is alcohol you are drinking, and the Hpnotiq is there to round everything up into a single flavor unit. 

19. Hpnotiq Blue Fish

Refreshing, zesty, flavorful, and just a tad edgy, this cocktail contains nothing more than Hpnotic, white rum, and lime juice.

The sweetness of the rum combines perfectly with the sourness of the lime juice, while the tropical dimension of the Hpnotic liqueur wraps the cocktail in different colors. 

20. Hpnotiq Jell-O Shots

Fun, cheerful, and colorful, Jell-O shots are always an excellent idea and a great way to use Hpnotiq liqueur. Made with blueberry or lime jello, water, and Hpnotiq, the wobbly Jell-O shots shaking while melting in your mouth will fill your palate with fruity and sweet flavors of blueberry or lime, depending on the Jell-O you used. 

What Juice Is Good With Hypnotic?

Due to its tropical nature, Hpnotic is both easy and not so easy to mix. Although there are many ingredients you can mix with Hpnotiq, not all of them mix equally well. For example, Hpnotiq mixes excellently with tropical fruit juices, tropical fruit-flavored sodas, as well as spirit. 

Rum, Cognac, and vodka mix with Hpnotiq particularly well. Flavored vodkas also go excellent with Hpnotiq, as well as coconut cream and vanilla and coconut-flavored rums.

What Is Best To Mix With Hypnotic?

Hpnotiq mixes great with distilled alcohol, but softer spirits work best. It mixes very well with coconut rum and vanilla rum, as well as regular rum, vodka, Cognac, and gin.

Tequila works too, but make sure you mix Hpnotiq with a good tequila; otherwise, it will taste lousy, primarily if you use mixed tequila. 

Sodas such as Sprite and Seven Up also fit well with Hpnotiq, giving it a fresh sweet, and sour flavor. Fruit juices also mix great with Hpnotiq, whereby your best options are pineapple, mango, passion fruit, grape, and orange, due to the natural tropical taste of the Hpnotiq liqueur.

It also goes with energy drinks, mainly because it has vodka in it, though I don’t recommend mixing Hpnotiq with an energy drink since there are many other better options. Still, if you want to try this combination, feel free to go ahead and give it a whirl; you will like it. 

Whatever you intend to mix Hpnotiq with, it is worth at least a chance, as it is more likely that you will like it. Even though the tropical nature of Hpnotiq is somewhat restrictive in terms of mixing, don’t forget that Hpnotiq is a cocktail mixer and, therefore, very versatile. 

Do You Drink Hypnotic By Itself?

You can drink Hpnotiq straight, no doubt. It is sweet, tropical, fruity, very fragrant, and expressively flavorful. However, if the kick is what you are after, you are shooting to miss, as the alcohol content is very low, and it probably won’t get you there. Nevertheless, it is a pretty enjoyable drink to have. 

You can also mix it and have it with ice, as a slow sipping refreshment, or straight as a shot.

What Kind Of Liquor Is Hypnotic?

Hpnotiq is a blue tropical fruit-flavored liqueur that was invented in 2001 in New York. It is made with tropical fruit juices, vodka, and Cognac.

It is a popular cocktail mixer and a great drink to have straight. It goes in many cocktails, and it mixes excellently with simple ingredients such as fruit juices, sodas, as well as spirit. 

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