15 Best Gins for Negroni in 2024

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Negronis are some of the easiest cocktails, as you only need Gin, vermouth, and Campari. They are popular and perfect for friends gathering or even a relaxing evening at home.

The type of Gin you add to your Negroni will be as important as the other ingredients, and it will significantly impact the final taste of your cocktail. 

Luckily for Negroni fans, plenty of gin brands will enrich the taste of such a cocktail. You can choose Sipsmith V.J.O.P., Roku Japanese Gin, Revivalist Solstice Expression Gin, and many other brands to create a delicious cocktail! 

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Best Gin for Negroni 

The following types of Gin are ideal for Negronis and other cocktails that call for Gin as one of their ingredients. 

1. Sipsmith V.J.O.P.

The Sipsmith V.J.O.P. is one of the best types of Gin to add to your Negroni cocktail. This Gin has a strong juniper flavor, perfect in combination with vermouth and Campari.

Besides its juniper flavor, this Gin also has a strong A.B.V. of 57.7%. The second note you will taste will be of dark chocolate, which milds the overall flavor of the Gin too. It is the ideal type of Gin for a Negroni you want to enjoy on a relaxing evening. 

This Gin seems made precisely for those who want to taste the enticing flavor of juniper in their drinks, with a long-lasting finish that will bring great satisfaction after every sip.

V.J.O.P. stands for Very Juniper Over Proof, as juniper is the dominant note in this drink. The producer adds the juniper extract in three steps to ensure that the final Gin will have the strong juniper flavor that sets it aside from other kinds of Gin.

Since 2013 when it was launched on the market, this Gin has competed with Plymouth’s Navy Strength, and it is the only Gin on the market with a similar juniper flavor. 

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2. Roku Japanese Gin

Roku Japanese Gin brings you some Asian flavor in your Negroni or any other cocktail you want to prepare. This Gin includes sakura leaf and flower notes, gyokuro tea, sencha tea, yuzu peel, and Sansho pepper.

Its delicate aroma and flavor profile will enrich any cocktail, and you can enjoy it by itself too. In Negroni cocktails, the Roku gin will uniquely highlight the vermouth and Campari taste, and you will obtain a final taste that no other gin can bring to the table. 

This Gin is famous for being suitable for all seasons, as it can be warm and refreshing at the same time. The botanical ingredients used to give it the original aroma are specific to Japan, and so is the Roku gin.

You can taste the best of Japanese nature in a glass! This Gin was released in 2017 in Osaka, Japan, and comes with an A.B.V. of 43%.

Its complex yet subtle flavor is ideal for light consumers who are not looking to have a strong Negroni cocktail. Also, the relatively low A.B.V. keeps this Gin on the light side compared to other types of Gin. 

3. Revivalist Solstice Expression Gin

The Revivalist Solstice Expression Gin would be an ideal ingredient for Negroni and other cocktails, and you can enjoy it neat or on the rocks as well.

You will taste notes such as juniper, ginger, anise, dry cherry, and orange. The Revivalist Solstice gin is aged in barrels for red wine, and it has a deeper flavor and a more exquisite taste than other types of Gin.

Also, due to the red wine barrels, this Gin comes in an inviting amber hue and is perfect for winter drinks. 

This Gin was voted one of the best 100 spirits in 2017 according to Wine Enthusiasts, and it has been at the top of consumers’ preferences ever since.

You can enjoy this Gin regardless of the season, as it is very comforting and refreshing, even for the pickiest consumers. In terms of heaviness, this Gin can be similar to a refined scotch and thanks to its unique color it could also appear like that.

But as soon as you take a sip, you will recognize the gin notes. It can be used as a gin in different cocktails but also as a tonic as it has a soda-like taste to it too. 

4. Hendrick’s

Hendrick’s offers a classic gin that will work great in any cocktail, including Negroni. But besides the traditional herbs used to spice up gin drinks, this one also contains chamomile, caraway, and elderflower.

Once the distillation process is over, the producer adds rose and cucumber infusions to the Gin, which enriches its fresh taste and floral aroma. 

This Gin will offer you a delicate and smooth Negroni cocktail, allowing you to taste the vermouth and Campari still as it doesn’t take over their flavors.

Hendrick’s Gin has an A.B.V. of 44%, and it is most commonly consumed in the United Kingdom and Europe. The juniper flavor is noticeable but not as strong and well-defined as in other types of Gin.

However, the floral notes take over and are the main ones, followed by the citrus notes that you will taste in this Gin. Launched by William Grant & Sons, this Gin strives to bring innovative flavors to all cocktails, and it is one of the top gins on the market today. 

5. Plymouth Navy Strength

If you are looking for a gin that will go great in your Negroni, the Plymouth Navy Strength is the drink you need.

This Gin is strong with exciting notes of coriander seed, green cardamom, angelica root, lemon and orange peels, orris root, and an intense flavor of juniper berries that defines its entire profile.

If you prefer your Negroni a bit more bitter, the Plymouth Navy Strength is the Gin you are looking for! It allows you to taste the Navy Strength with each sip and enriches all the drinks you add it to. 

Plymouth Navy Strength received several awards, such as the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2011 and several other international awards that certify its premium quality.

It has an A.B.V. of 57%, so it will increase the alcoholic content of your cocktail significantly. This Gin was the main one for the Royal Nacy for two centuries now, which says a lot about its quality and strength.

Also, you will find it as one of the ingredients in Negroni cocktails served at the best bars and restaurants in the world. 

6. Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin

As its name suggests, the Four Pillar Spiced Negroni gin is perfect for your cocktail. This Gin was created precisely for the Negroni cocktails, and it is enriched with Indonesian Cubeb spices and grains of paradise that give it a smoother taste, which makes it perfect for cocktails.

This Gin will take off some of the bitter taste of vermouth, giving you an ideal Negroni. 

The Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin received numerous awards, starting with the Gold award at the H.K. I.W.S.C. and Stuttgart I.W.S.C. in 2018 and continuing with the Master award at the Global Gin Masters in the same year.

Also, in 2022, the brand received the Master award at the Global Gin Masters. If you want to avoid taking risks, this Gin is perfect for your next Negroni drink, and your guests will be just as impressed! 

7. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin is a classic Irish gin that is distilled slowly and has a very soft flavor compared to stronger types of Gin.

While you will find botanical ingredients common to many kinds of Gin, such as juniper berries, anise, cardamom, and lemon peel, this Gin also has notes of meadowsweet, caraway seed, grapefruit, gunpowder tea, and Kaffir lime.

The balanced bitterness and citrus taste of this Gin is ideal for Negroni cocktails, and it offers a great flavor if you drink it on the rocks too. 

This Gin brings the Irish traditions and the best local botanical ingredients into one glass of exquisite Gin that might also become your favorite spirit.

It has the Irish taste that you would expect to find in such a gin, and the gunpowder tea gives it a unique signature note that many consumers find very charming and inviting.

If you like citrus notes in your Gin, this would be a great option for you. And it tastes just as good plain, with a slice of lemon to garnish the glass. 

8. Tanqueray No. 10

For those who prefer a more defined citrus taste to their Gin, the Tanqueray No. 10 offers just that. This Gin has a fruity, refreshing flavor as it is distilled with whole fruit, which makes it perfect for summer drinks.

Its sweet taste makes it an ideal combination with Campari and vermouth, giving you the best Negroni cocktail. 

This Gin has a honey-like sweetness, a bit on the tart side as it comes from fruits, so don’t expect a sugary sweetness. Also, its citrus flavor will break through the Negroni’s overall taste, giving you a refreshing experience every time.

It also brings an intense juniper flavor, even if it is slightly tempered by the citrus notes in the drink. The Tanqueray No. 10 reached the market in 2000, and it remains one of the top types of Gin to enjoy today, too, more than two decades later. 

9. Beefeater London Dry Gin

Beefeater London Dry Gin is another type that will compliment your Negroni cocktail perfectly. You will notice the juniper and pine notes as the main ones in this Gin, but other spices will leave you with a pleasant aftertaste.

Additional notes you will notice in this London Dry gin are almond, coriander seed, angelica seed and root, orris root, and licorice root.

Besides these notes, the Beefeater London gin has a nice flavor of orange peel and lemon peel, making it even more refreshing and exciting for your cocktails. 

The brand has been on the market since 1820, and its selection of drinks is impressive. However, the Beefeater London Dry gin remains their top Gin and the most notorious worldwide.

This Gin is made at the Desmond Payne distillery, and it is the only dry Gin with a historical heritage that is still distilled in London. 

10. Fords Gin

Fords Gin is made for cocktails of all kinds, and it will not disappoint you in a Negroni, either. This Gin is enriched with nine different botanical ingredients such as coriander seeds, juniper berries, angelica root, jasmine, orris root, lemon, and orange peel.

You will enjoy this Gin in Negroni but also plain, on the rocks, or with grapefruit juice and ice. A London Gin with an A.B.V. of 45% will be a great addition to your home bar. 

You can use the Fords Gin in cocktails such as Dry Martini, Tom Collins, Gimlet, or Southside, on top of using it in your classic Negroni.

The juniper, floral and citrus flavors are all very well-balanced in this Gin, and you will notice an interesting spiciness and herbal note to it as well.

To people who enjoy drinking Gin in various combinations, the Fords Gin might seem rather generic and common in terms of taste, but sat a second taste, it is not, as it brings its own identity to the table in all types of mixed drinks. 

11. Bombay Sapphire

The first thing you will notice about the Bombay Sapphire is its inviting blue bottle that makes you want to try this Gin.

This refreshing Gin contains cassia bark, grains of paradise, orris, coriander seeds, and licorice. Its flavor could be stronger, but it is perfect for Negroni cocktails as it perfectly balances the vermouth’s bitterness. 

Among its notes, you will also identify almond notes and cubeb berries. If this is the first time having a Negroni, the Bombay Sapphire gin is the best choice as it will give your cocktail the classic taste that you want to experience. 

12. Barr Hill Gin

Barr Hill Gin also has a strong juniper flavor from Vermont. You will find this Gin different from others thanks to its raw honey ingredient, which offers its distinct sweetness.

The floral sweetness brought by the raw honey will balance the juniper’s taste beautifully and offer you an incredible experience every time you taste this Gin. 

The bees are part of the team that makes this Gin thanks to their delicious honey that gives it a distinctive note. Barr Hill is one of the top brands of Gin and is iconic for Irish spirits.

You might struggle to find this Gin in local grocery stores, but if you do, it is definitely worth a try, as you might fall in love with it!

13. Monkey 47

Last but not least, Gin in our list is the Monkey 47. This Gin is unique as it comes in a different flavor each year. The taste depends on the herbs they pick by hand to add to the Gin’s recipe.

In 2021, the Monkey 47 had dominant notes of lemon and bergamot, but it tasted more like cinnamon and vanilla the following year. 

Therefore, the Monkey 47 gin will surprise you each year with a different and exciting flavor, but it will taste perfectly in your Negroni every time.

If you are looking for a gin that will surprise you, this might be exactly what you need. It is also a collectible gin since its flavor notes are different from one year to another. 

14. Martin Miller’s Original

Martin Miller’s Original Gin is made with the purest water of Iceland and the freshest botanical ingredients. This Gin is distilled in two pots to refine its citrus taste and extract the best botanical flavors in each bottle.

The Martin Miller’s Gin contains juniper, coriander, cinnamon, and orange peel. The citrus taste and juniper flavor are easily noticeable in this Gin, leaving a satisfying aftertaste. 

You can use this Gin for Negroni cocktails, but the truth is that it will enrich any mixed drink thanks to the pure water and aromatic ingredients. And for those who enjoy neat Gin, Martin Miller’s is one of the best choices too! 

15. Rock Rose

Rock Rose is a Scottish gin that has grown in popularity significantly in the last few years. It comes from the Dunnet village and is made at the Dunnet Bay distillery.

The distillery is open for tourists who want to give it a tour and understand better how this Gin is made. Among the 18 botanical ingredients that enrich the flavor profile of this Gin, there are sea buckthorn, rose root, and cardamom.

The Gin also has citrus notes that make it very refreshing and notes of berries and flowers along with the traditional juniper. 

You can use the Rock Rose to obtain a refreshing Negroni with floral notes and a smooth juniper finish. 

What kind of Gin is best for Negroni?

All the kinds of Gin presented above are great for Negroni cocktails. However, the most popular choice is the London Dry, followed closely by the Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin. 

The London Dry gin has a distinct juniper flavor that will give identity to your Negroni cocktail and will not take over the flavors of the other two ingredients. In other words, you will be able to taste the Gin, vermouth, and Campari equally in your drink.

Lonon Dry is perfect as it matches Campari’s strong taste and the vermouth’s bitterness without adding too much intense flavor to your drink. The almond and citrus notes in this Gin are subtle yet still noticeable, and they only enrich the overall taste of the glass. 

As for the Four Pillar Spiced Negroni gin, you will not be disappointed by it either. Since this is a gin made precisely for Negroni cocktails, it has the perfect flavor and aroma to blend with the vermouth and Campari naturally.

The Indonesian spices give this Gin a smooth taste and almost reduce the bitter flavor of the vermouth. So, if you prefer your Negroni milder and with a smoother taste, the Four Pillars Spiced gin might be the perfect choice for you. 

Does gin matter, Negroni?

When you want to make a tasty Negroni cocktail, all the ingredients play a significant role in the recipe. And the Gin you choose, in particular, will significantly influence your drink’s overall flavor and aroma.

The taste of the Gin will affect the taste of the sweet vermouth and Campari, which gives your Negroni a particular note. 

You want to choose a type of Gin with a rich aroma, the dry and pregnant taste of juniper. Note that the Gin in your final Negroni will stand out among the other ingredients if you choose it correctly and respect the quantities. 

The alcoholic content of your Gin is also essential, as it will change the entire alcoholic profile of your cocktail. You can find A.B.V. of 41.6%, 45%, and 47%, but also higher alcoholic content, such as 51.6%.

If you want a more potent drink, you can choose a gin that is higher in alcohol, as it will not change the taste of your cocktail but will increase its strength. 

Final thoughts 

When you choose the Gin you want to use in your Negroni cocktail, make sure you take into account your personal preferences as well. Some people prefer a gin with a more floral taste, while others love the strong juniper flavor.

The alcohol content is also important as it will affect the overall ABV of your cocktail. But ultimately, if you choose one of the Gins in this list, you will not fail.

All of them are premium quality spirits, and they can be valuable ingredients in a variety of cocktails beside the classic Negroni.

As long as you respect the quantity of the Gin you add to your drink, you should obtain just the flavor you are looking for. But note that for the perfect Negroni, the sweet vermouth and Campari also have an important role! 

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