The 10 Best Crown Royal Flavors: Sipping Like Royalty

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When we think of premium whiskey, Crown Royal is one of the top brands that comes to mind. This Canadian whiskey led the market with attractive flavors, making it notorious worldwide.

Crown Royal was created as an exquisite gift for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and it maintained its royal taste until today. 

Maple, Vanilla, Regal Apple, and Salted caramel are among its most famous flavors. Even the pickiest consumers will find a Crown Royal flavor they will love! 

You will find the most interesting and satisfying versions of whisky in the selection of Crown Royal. All of them are made of ingredients that are carefully selected and through a detailed production process. 

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Top 10 Crown Royal Flavors

The following list includes the most popular and the most appreciated flavors of whiskey that Crown Royal has to offer. But according to your personal preferences, you might also find others that you enjoy in their vast selection. 

Crown Royal promises to keep adding new whisky flavors and cover even more of their customers’ preferences, which is definitely something to look forward to in the next years. 

1. Crown Royal Maple 

Crown Royal Maple is an exciting and unique flavor, as you will not find another brand of whisky like this. Even if the maple flavor can be found in other types of whisky, Crown Royal takes it to another level.

This whisky has a delicate maple finish and a smooth texture. Since maple syrup and Crown Royal are specific to Canada, you will taste a piece of Canadian culture in this drink. 

The Crown Royal Maple has an ABV of 40%, which you can find at about $28 per bottle. It tastes great as a neat drink or on the rocks, paired with fruit juices such as orange juice. 

2. Crown Royal Vanilla

The vanilla-flavored whiskey by Crown Royal is a delicate and smooth whiskey that will satisfy even the highest expectations.

This whiskey is flavored with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, which is smoky and creamy, leaving a lasting and satisfying finish. The Crown Royal Vanilla is also matured until it achieves a silky texture that makes it even more loved. 

The Crown Royal vanilla has an ABV of 35%, less than other types of whisky from this brand, and you can find it at an average price of $30 per bottle. It tastes great neat or on the rocks and paired with Coca-Cola. Its vanilla taste will compliment a bubbly soda perfectly! 

3. Crown Royal Regal Apple 

A more fruity whisky that you will be charmed by is the Crown Royal Regal Apple. This whisky has a crisp, sweet flavor profile, and you can taste the sweetness of the apple with every sip.

It offers the crispy taste of the apples as well as an exciting kick-tart flavor. Plus, the apples used to flavor this whisky are also from local Canadian production. 

Crown Royal Regal Apple has an ABV of 35%. You can find this whisky at around $30 per bottle, which is perfect for fruity cocktails. But the regal apple whisky will taste pretty good, plain or on the rocks, thanks to its rich flavor and aroma. 

4. Crown Royal Salted Caramel

Salted caramel is a flavor that has grown in popularity worldwide, not only when it comes to drinks but also in desserts and different toppings.

The Crown Royal salted caramel whisky is a limited edition, and you can purchase it during the winter months. But the brand found the perfect blend of sweetness and salt, delivering it to their customers’ expectations in this unique type of whisky.

The drink is infused with salted caramel and has a smooth taste that compliments almost any sweet cocktail. 

A bottle of Crown Royal Salted Caramel is, on average, $30, and it comes at an ABV of 35%. You will enjoy this drink as it can be somewhat of an alcoholic dessert that relaxes you after dinner. 

5. Crown Royal Peach 

Another fruity flavor from Crown Royal is peach-flavored whisky. For this whisky, Crown Royal used Georgia peaches and the best production techniques to smoothen the taste to perfection.

It is refreshing and sweet, which makes the Crown Royal Peach perfect for hot summer days. Also, you can find this whisky in seasonal, limited editions, so if you see it in stores, grab it because you will not regret it. 

A bottle of Crown Royal Peach is, on average, $34, with an alcoholic content of 35%. It tastes excellent and neat but also as an ingredient in fruity cocktails. 

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6. Crown Royal Black 

The Crown Royal Black is one of the signature types of whisky of the brand. It is rich in both taste and texture and almost has its personality.

Despite its high ABV of 45%, this black whisky still delivers a smooth flavor that leaves a delicate finish. You will find maple, vanilla, local spices, and dried fruits among the notes in the Crown Royal Black. 

You will find this whisky at around $34 per bottle, and it is available all year round. The Crown Royal Black is one of the whiskeys in your home bar. 

Its name also comes from its darker hue, compared to the rest of the whiskeys in the Crown Royal selection. This whisky will look extremely inviting in a glass, with a large ice cube and a lemon wheel as garnish!

7. Crown Royal Texas Mesquite Whisky 

To create the Crown Royal Mesquite Whisky, the brand mixed the Deluxe whisky version with local Texas mesquite wood to create an incredible whisky everyone loves.

This whisky is characterized by unique woody and smoky notes that give it its intense taste and aroma. The sweetness from molasses and the smoky notes offer a rustic and original flavor profile to this whisky edition. 

Crown Royal Texas Mesquite Whisky comes with an alcohol content of 40$ and a price of around $27 per bottle. This whisky tastes the best neat, as it delivers a great taste. 

8. Crown Royal Honey 

What could be better than a premium whisky mixed with a sweet, honey flavor? Crown Royal offers the best Honey Whisky you will ever try at a very affordable price.

The Crown Royal whisky is infused with honey to achieve the sweet, velvety taste that compliments any cocktail and tastes just as good neat or on the rocks. 

This version of whisky is the sweetest in the Crown Royal selection and keeps its excellent taste. It has an alcoholic content of 35% and a price tag of $28 per bottle. You can make the most out of this whisky if you pair it with citrus juices. 

9. Crown Royal Reserve 

The Crown Royal Reserve is one of the top-premium editions of this whisky. The Reserve whisky has delicate notes of vanilla, oak, and baking spices which offer it a velvety taste and an intense aroma.

This type of whisky will be very satisfying, but it can also be an excellent choice for an Old Fashioned cocktail. 

The Reserve edition of Crown Royal whisky has an alcoholic content of 40%, and it comes at a price tag of $50 per bottle, which is pricier than other types of whisky by this brand. 

10. Crown Royal Deluxe 

Crown Royal Deluxe is another top-premium edition of whisky that fans of the brand know very well. The smooth taste of this whisky comes from the sweet vanilla notes, making it a signature type of whisky for Crown Royal.

Besides the vanilla notes, this whisky also brings delicate fruity notes that make its final taste much more enjoyable. The Crown Royal Deluxe can be savored plain, with ice, fruit juices, or Old Fashioned cocktails. 

A bottle of Crown Royal Deluxe costs, on average, $41, and it has an alcoholic content of 40%. This is the type of whisky to store in your home bar for special occasions or those moments when you just need to relax. 

What are the different flavors of Crown Royal?

Besides the top ten whisky flavors above, Crown Royal has other editions of whisky that are pretty popular among connoisseurs. 

There are not less than 19 different types of whisky made by Crown Royal.

To the ones listed above, we add the Wine Barrel Finished Whisky, Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend, Northern Harvest Rye Whisky, Crown Royal XR – 29YR, Crown Royal XO, Crown Royal XR, Crown Royal Blender’s Mash, Crown Royal XR – 18YR and XR Red Whisky. 

Besides the flavored whisky editions, Crown Royal also launched ready-to-drink cocktails such as Whisky and Cola, Washington Apple, Peach Tea Whisky, and Whisky Lemonade. While these are not flavored whisky versions, they are still exciting tastes that won several awards over the past years. 

All these whisky flavors bring unique aromas and tastes that satisfy different customers. But one thing is for sure: regardless of the type of Crown Royal Whisky you enjoy, you will not be disappointed! 

What is the new Crown Royal Flavour?

In 2022, Crown Royal Whisky will let the market again with its Whisky Lemonade ready-to-drink cocktail.

According to the Crown Royal press release, the new flavor was released on the 16th of February, 2022. The cocktail was a success in the spring and summer of 2022 and will most likely continue to be that in the years to come. 

Whisky Lemonade combines the fruity sweetness of the whisky with the freshness of the lemonade in a drink that can make any summer day better.

Bringing this Whisky Lemonade to a party or a gathering would instantly elevate the event. It is one of those perfect cocktails you can serve straight from the can or pour into a fancy glass. 

Each can of Whisky and Lemonade has an ABV of 7%, and it was released as a limited edition for the 2022 spring and summer seasons. However, the brand plans to make this flavor worldwide all year round. 

What is the best bottle of Crown Royal?

Identifying the best type of Crown Roal whisky is a challenging task. All their flavors are impeccable and extremely interesting. However, the brand’s fans mostly agree that the Crown Royal XR is the top type of whisky that Crown Royal offers. 

XR stands for Extra Rare, which can be purchased for about $145 per bottle with a 40% ABV. The toffee and honey sweetness of the XR Crown Royal whisky make it easy to identify among other flavors of the brand.

The aftertaste is smooth yet spicy, and this whisky is best enjoyed neat or with a dash of water. The water opens the flavor profile and aroma of the Crown Royal XR whisky, making it even more satisfying. 

If you can find Crown Royal XR whisky, you will find it one of the best whiskeys to enjoy after a long day at work or in the company of your loved ones.

This whisky is meant to be sipped slowly and savored thoroughly. You have better chances of finding this whisky online rather than at your local liquor store as it is not easy to purchase worldwide. 

Final thoughts 

Crown Royal Whisky is impressive in all its flavors. This whisky brand keeps developing new flavors almost every year and spoils its customers with unique whisky cocktails that enrich the spirit of every party.

Even if you might not be able to find all these flavors locally, it is still worth getting them online and giving them a try. They will change your idea about whisky, and you will find it challenging to look back once you are charmed by their unique tastes. 

Crown Royal also offers whisky editions with different levels of ABV, and their ready-to-drink cocktails are as light as 7% alcoholic content.

Get creative and combine their whiskeys with your favorite cocktails for exciting drinks. But also, make sure to give these whiskeys a taste neat or on the rocks to get familiar with their flavor and aroma before mixing them with other ingredients.

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