25 Simple & Classic Drinks To Order At a Bar

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Drinking at a bar is one of those universal things that everybody loves. If you have nothing else to do, or you don’t know what you feel like doing, the bar is always a great way to spend an evening or, at least, until you figure out what you want to do. 

However, as much as bar drinking can be fun, a single wrong drink can ruin your evening. So, what are the best drinks to order at a bar? 

To know what’s your poison for the evening, you need to consider a few things to be sure of what you want to drink. Even though drinking at a bar is not rocket science, it is methodical work. What worked one time might not work another, as you may not be in the same state both times. 

Furthermore, experimenting with drinks is not a good idea unless you are impervious to alcohol or you intend to get ridiculously drunk. So, it is best to decide on your drink before you start drinking and stick with it. 

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It is one thing to drink five of the same drink and five different drinks, so remember to keep consistency. 

25 Best Drinks To Order at a Bar

To ease your mind and make your decision-making simpler, in this article, I will list the 25 best drinks to order at a bar. Take your pick and enjoy your evening. 

1. Beer

beerIt is only appropriate to open this list with an evergreen. Among the alcoholic drinks, beer is what Coca-Cola is among the non-alcoholic drinks. Whenever you feel reluctant or indecisive, beer has your back to give you exactly what you bargained for. 

The best thing about beer is that there a countless kinds suited to any taste preferences. Moreover, it is generally easy on the wallet and is one of the rare drinks you can experiment with.

So, you can turn your evening into a fun and learning experience, tasting a different kinds of beers on your way to discover your favorite one.

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2. Tequila 

Pouring Mexican Tequila

Tequila is also known as a popular and very favored bar drink. However, it has been sadly overlooked for anything other than shots. Granted, tequila shots have a particular beauty, but you can also enjoy tequila even if you are not a shot-drinker. 

The shot tequila is mostly tequila-Blanco, but that isn’t the only tequila variety. There are also reposado and añejo tequila, which are darker and smoother.

So, if you like to enjoy your drink by sipping it slowly, order a glass of the reposado or añejo varieties, and most importantly, make sure you are having 100% agave tequila.

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3. Vodka

vodka bottle

Vodka is another bar classic. It is probably the most popular drink for shots, but also a very frequently used cocktail ingredient. However, all vodkas sting and bite, so if you decide on having vodka, be prepared to tough it out. 

It is also a great idea to order a chaser for vodka, regardless of whether you are having it as a shot or drinking it slowly. A vodka chaser can be any drink you have after each sip of vodka, but make sure it is sweet and pleasant. Even though wine and beer could be vodka chasers, I don’t recommend them. 

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4. Whiskey


Whiskey is an entire philosophy in itself. If you want to drink whiskey at a bar, do your homework first and educate yourself about the basics of whiskey at least.

It is indeed a superb drink, but it won’t do anything for you if you don’t know how to appreciate it. Whiskey is an exploratory drink meant to be discovered layer by layer. If you can’t afford a good whiskey, don’t have it at all. 

Be aware the cheaper whiskeys bars offer are either for cocktails or for shots, so if slow sipping is your game, make sure you get a whiskey worthy of your time. 

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5. Wine 

Red Wine

Known as the “Gods’ Elixir,” wine is one of the most popular and beloved drinks, not only at bars but everywhere. A glass of wine will relax you, two glasses will cheer you up, and three glasses will make you love everyone in the room. 

The best thing about wine is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. The popular opinion is that if you don’t know which wine is good, as which is expensive, which is true.

However, there is a huge middle ground between the best and worst wine; you can pay a decent price for a decent wine. 

6. Bourbon 


Although many consider whiskey and bourbon to be the same thing, bourbon and whiskey differ in some key aspects. Bourbon is a type of whiskey, yes, but it has enough traces that can define it as a separate drink. 

Moreover, many whiskey enthusiasts don’t find bourbon as delightful as whiskey and vice-versa. Bourbon is sharper than whiskey but is generally purer, while whiskey is more flavorful but is considered less pure than bourbon.

Price-wise, bourbon is cheaper than whiskey, so it may be a factor that could change your decision. In general, you can sip bourbon slowly or have it as a shot; if you don’t have much experience in this area, it is a great way to start your exploration. 

7. Tequila Sunrise 

Tequila sunrise cocktail

If you are looking to relax with a sweet-tasting and fruity drink, tequila sunrise is a great option for you. Most popular in the summer, it is known as a cheerful drink and a great conversation starter. However, nothing stops you from having it in the winter, especially if you want to break the depressing grayness and get a taste of the warmer days to come. 

Made with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, this is a very flavorful and gentle cocktail with a gradual and subtle kick. Still, don’t go overboard with it, and take your time. 

8. Sangria


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Sangria is a delicious wine-based cocktail, refreshing, sweet, and fruity, and even if you have never had it, it is worth the risk, as chances are you will like it. It isn’t very strong, which good news, as you can drink more than a few drinks and still land on your feet. 

Price-wise, it is pretty reasonable, so it won’t set you back a lot. All in all, sangria is a great way to spend an evening at a bar; whether it is spring or fall, it adapts to your surroundings, becoming the perfect drink for any season. 

9. Sex on the Beach 


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Sweet, fruity, and cheerful, sex on the beach is one of those cocktails best enjoyed in the summer. Some would say that sex on the beach and tequila sunrise are nearly the same, and although that may be true, sex on the beach has that warm summer vibe tequila sunrise lacks. 

Made with vodka, fresh orange juice, cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and the secret ingredient of each bartender (yes, they have it, and no two taste the same), it screams summer party. So, if you find yourself at the bar during summertime, don’t think twice before ordering this liquid delicacy. 

10. Cosmopolitan


Elegance in a glass would be the best description for this cocktail. Made with vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice, this cocktail is already the go-to drink of many. It is the perfect balance of sweet and sour, with just a tad of vodka bite. 

If you are in for an elegant night out in a fancy bar, this should be your drink for the evening. Made for slow sipping and refined enjoyment, you will definitely enter the “finer things club” with this cocktail. 

11. Brandy 

brandy bottle

Of your idea of an evening at a bar is nice talks, a few laughs, and relaxing with your favorite people, one of the best drinks for you would be brandy.

Tender, soothing, and flavorful, with just a whiff of burn, brandy is a great conversation starter and an excellent way to spend an evening at the bar. 

Price-wise, when it comes to brandy, you have a wide pallet to choose from, so you will definitely find something that will tickle your taste buds without emptying your pocket. 

12. Kamikaze 


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Best known as a shot drink, kamikaze is less popular than a regular slow-sipper, which is a shame as it slides great. It contains vodka, triple sec, and lime juice and is very refreshing, sweet, and sour, with just enough sting to keep you on your toes. 

Having a regular glass of this cocktail could be very pleasant, even more so than when had as a shot. Since it is very gentle and it doesn’t burn that much afterward, many opt to have kamikaze cocktails but try it as a slow sipper; you will definitely love it.

13. Daiquiris 


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Made with rum, citrus juice, and sugar, daiquiris are very sweet and fruity. Because the base alcohol is rum, which is naturally sweet, they don’t even bite, so you will most certainly enjoy them at a bar. 

One of the best things about daiquiris is that they are very gentle and that they won’t get you drunk soon. So, between completely sober drunk, you have a wide range of delightfully tipsy.

They are very appealing for the eye as well, as each mixologist decorates them differently, so you may stumble upon some containing tiny bits of fruit to make your daiquiri experience even sweeter. 

14. Screwdriver 


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Made with nothing more than vodka and orange juice, this simple two-ingredient cocktail tastes sweet and bity at the same time. It is a very popular drink mainly because of its simplicity but also because of its flavor and viscosity. 

However, this is a strong drink, so you want to go slowly and carefully with it so as to enjoy it longer. Another great way to spend a friendly, fun, and relaxing evening with your favorite people. 

15. Jägermeister 


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Jägermeister is yet another underestimated slow sipper, which is mostly taken in the form of a shot. However, this herbal-tasting, high-viscosity, sweet and bitter drink slides nicely when sipped slowly. 

It is a very refreshing and warming drink, and you will definitely love its gradual and gentle kick. The added bonus about this drink is that it’s a digestif, so if you have some stomach trouble, it will help you. 

16. White Wine and Sparkly Water

White wine and sparkly water are maybe one of the most refreshing drinks on this list. Ideal for an after-work afternoon at a bar, or a relaxing evening, you will love its flavor and tenderness.

As a rule, alcohol mixed with a carbonated drink become much more palatable, so this combination appeals even to those who don’t enjoy wine that much. 

It creates a great balance between the wine flavor, mildening it up and making it very soothing to drink. You don’t need to chase it with anything, as it is just perfect as it is. However, remember that this works only with white wine, not red or rose. 

17. Mojito 

MojitoSince so many love and order it, the mojito has become the “little black dress” among cocktails. It is very refreshing and versatile, suited for any season and time of day. The lemony and minty notes balance each other out, creating a refreshing and soft drink. 

Don’t worry about getting drunk on mojito, as it is gentle and very gradual. The kick is very soft and gentle, much like the drink itself. If you don’t know what you feel like drinking, give it a whirl. 

18. Pink Whitney 

pink whitney cocktailsPink Whitney is a type of vodka and is very sweet and gentle. It is a special vodka variety that is lower in alcohol than regular vodka; it is pink and sweet. It tastes like pink lemonade and is perfect for a relaxing evening or an after-work afternoon.

It isn’t meant to get you drunk but slightly tipsy. Therefore, if you decide on having Pink Whitney, respect the drink and don’t go too far. 

19. Cuba Libre 


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Cuba libre a.k.a rum and coke is a great bar drink, and you will most certainly enjoy it even if you are not a huge rum fan. It is sweet and with high viscosity drawing the best from the rum and the coke. 

Therefore, you will enjoy a drink tasting like tea and cookies with a simply delightful kick. This drink goes great at any time of the year or day. 

20. Whiskey-Coke

ColaSpirits, in general, go excellent with coke. Brown spirits, such as rum, whiskey, and bourbon, go exceptionally well with coke. The sugar in the coke increases the viscosity of the mix and sweetens it up nicely, so you will feel like you are drinking liquid candy. 

Moreover, the warm burn of the whiskey gets even warmer due to the coke bubbles, and every flavor note of the whiskey seems to get more noticeable, especially the vanilla notes. Another great thing about this drink is that you don’t have to spread thin for a nice whiskey, as the coke will serve as a great cover-up. 

21. Vodka-Cranberry 

cranberry cocktail with vodkaVodka cranberry is another classic bar drink that you will most definitely love. The fruity dimension of the cranberry juice complements the bitter sting of the vodka creating a beverage with diametrical contrast that fits it perfectly into your evening. The sweetness and sourness of the cranberry mixed with the vodka sting results in a biting yet pleasant drink. 

Great as an afternoon treat as well as an evening relaxation, any time of the year and for any occasion. 

22. Gin-Tonic

gin-tonicGin- tonic is a very refreshing drink balancing the gin’s bitterness with the tonic’s bubbles, creating a new and unique taste you cannot feel otherwise. Famous as a summer refreshment, it works as a winter kicker as well when you feel nostalgic for the warm summer days. 

You can ask for a few berries inside the drink to sweeten it up and add some color and flavor. 

23. Mudslide 


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A mudslide is simply a cake in a glass. Made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and whipped cream, you will enjoy the sweet coffee and cream flavors, delightfully spiked with the vodka bite and bitterness. 

This is a drink expressively for those snowy winter days, sitting near the window and watching as the world turns white. However, if you are one of those lucky folks living in eternally warm places, you can still enjoy it, looking at the stars on a beach for New Year, for example. 

24. Sea-breeze


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Made with vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice, this cocktail screams summer or, at least, summer nostalgia. Drinking it in the summer, it feels like a hit by Pit Bull, elevating your spirits and increasing your vibe. 

If you have it in the winter, it feels like a Lana Del Rey song, filled with tenderness and longing. Either way, you will love the flavor combination mixing sweet, sour, and bitter. 

25. Beer-Tequila 

This is a pretty strong drink and more of a young person’s game, but it deserves a spot on this list, nevertheless. If you are looking for a fun night out and you aren’t working the next day, you can afford to get a little carried away. 

This is, however, a palatable drink, as the beer saves the day, and the tequila amount is not that high, but it does kick pretty soon and pretty hard. On the other hand, it is easy on the pockets and won’t set you back a lot. 

What Is the Most Popular Drink To Order at a Bar?

Known as the people’s drink, beer is by far the most popular drink to order at a bar. Right next to it are vodka, rum, tequila, and wine. 

What Are the 10 Most Popular Drinks at a Bar?

The most popular drink at a bar is beer. Next comes vodka, then wine, and tequila is fourth, followed by rum in the sixth position. Then comes gin, as number eight; whiskey is number nine, and cocktails are at position ten. 

This ranking is made according to the prices, the cheaper drinks are more popular, and the more expensive ones are more restrictive.

The popularity of the drinks also depends on the culture and economy of the place you are drinking at. Therefore, the above ranking isn’t set in stone. 

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