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Don Julio tequila is a high-quality drink with a long-lasting tradition. The brand was named after the founder, Julio Gonzales Frausto Estrada, who was only 17 when he started distilling tequila in 1942.

He established his own distillery called Primavera and devoted the next 40 years of his life to perfecting his product- Don Julio tequila. What began as a personal passion evolved into a world-renowned brand. 

At first, he shared his product with his friends, but the word of the quality of his tequila started spreading like wildfire, so it wasn’t much longer before he became known among tequila enthusiasts. 

Don Julio experimented with the agave and eventually started growing his own so that he was absolutely certain that he had the best-quality tequila.

Over the years, as his brand grew, new types of the Don Julio tequila appeared. The Don Julio tequila types cover the basic types of tequila but also encompass varieties of the main tequila types. 

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Among the most popular Don Julio tequilas are Don Julio añejo claro, Don Julio 1942, and Don Julio Blanco, but there are other Brand varieties that are very popular and absolutely breathtaking. 

Best Don Julio Tequila

In the following article, I will be discussing the different Don Julio tequila varieties, their quality, taste, and audience to help you decide which Don Julio tequila type is for you. 

1. Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro 

This Don Julio tequila is the entire knowledge of Estrada mixed into a single bottle. The añejo tequilas are darker in color, and the more they age, the darker they become. That’s why the Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro is so unusual. 

This tequila is aged for 18 months, whereby it is clear and translucent, which isn’t the case for aged tequilas in general. This is achieved by adding charcoal filtration before bottling to remove the color, which is why this tequila is as clear as water even after aging. 

As a result, this tequila is very gentle, leaving a subtle burn with a significantly toned-down sharpness, as opposed to the other aged types of tequila. It is maybe the smoothest of the Don Julio portfolio, and if you like more subtleness than aggression, this tequila is definitely for you. 

The Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro is often mistaken for a tequila Blanco, especially among those who are less experienced in the tequila department; however, it has a very distinct flavor that is best described as trifold. 

It begins with a slight vanilla note. In the middle, there are noticeable caramel and char flavors, and it finishes with the toned down tequila glass-like sharpness leaving a refined burn after you swallow. This tequila type is definitely for those who can handle tequila well, as it requires experience to be fully appreciated, but it is also for those who love the mildness of the spirit. 

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2. Don Julio 1942 

Named after the year the first Don Julio tequila was made, this Don Julio tequila ages for two and a half years in used American oak barrels. The aging makes this tequila velvety smooth and gives it a recognizable honey-brown color. 

With its irresistibly seductive appearance, this tequila will easily fool you into having it, but it is definitely not for everyone. It starts softly with vanilla and mint notes, only to excite you with the strong cinnamon and oak flavors, and, for the grand finale, it burns you with a white pepper sensation. 

It has an incredibly smooth finish, but don’t think that it will treat you gently. The Don Julio 1942 tequila is very sharp and elegantly aggressive, with complex flavors and sensations from the tip of your tongue to the bottom of your throat. 

This tequila is distilled twice before aging and once after, so it is incredibly pure and not for the faint-hearted. If you love the old classics, this tequila will definitely satisfy your expectations.

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3. Don Julio Añejo 

This tequila from the Don Julio assortment is definitely one of the best-aged tequilas on the market. Even though this tequila is made using the standard tequila-making techniques and is considered to be an entry-level spirit, it is very hard to top it as it tastes amazing. 

Widely available and affordable, this tequila from the Don Julio portfolio has many fans worldwide, and for a good reason too. It is absolutely heavenly.

This one is for the lovers of the smooth and gentle, but with a little edge. The making process of this tequila includes cooking the agave with wild honey and adding lime, orange, grapefruit, and butterscotch along the way.

This mixture of tastes gives this tequila an amazing full-bodied complexity, making it honey-smooth and silky. It starts with the honey-flavor elements, continuing with the recognizable sharp citrus freshness, then it cools off with the butterscotch sweetness, only to burn you with a warm and smooth sensation in the end. 

4. Don Julio Blanco 

Fresh, crisp, and clear, the Don Julio Blanco tequila has the recognizable freshness typical for the tequila Blanco type, intertwined with the special touch of the maker’s talent. 

This tequila starts you off gently, with a citrus and vanilla flavor. As it runs down your throat, the sweetness of the agave comes into play, overwhelming you with the typical agave flavor, making your mouth dry up and crave another shot. 

Finally, there’s a mild burn, which is not aggressive at all but strong enough to remind you that you are indeed drinking tequila. It is especially popular among the younger tequila drinkers, who would rather party than slowly sip tequila and discuss its quality. 

However, many of the experienced tequila drinkers enjoy the Don Julio Blanco tequila, as it is indeed an excellent spirit.

Over the years, the Don Julio Blanco has become the signature base of a margarita mix, but it also mixes well in other cocktails. This one is definitely suitable for those who don’t have much tequila experience and is a great way to dip your toes in the tequila department. 

5. Don Julio Reposado 

Like the name itself says, this tequila falls in the rested tequila category, which means it has been left to age but is not aged as long as the añejo tequila. However, there has still been a long enough time to let all the flavors included in this tequila rest and mix with each other, giving you this amazing spirit from the Don Julio selection. 

The Don Julio Resposado tequila starts very gently, luring you into its web with the agape and vanilla flavors. It continues to entice you with the wood smokiness it acquired from the barrel and the cinnamon magic added to the beverage. The finish is edgy but smooth with the agave sweetness and the white pepper intensity, rounding everything up nicely. 

Whether you are a seasoned tequila drinker or you are still learning the tequila charms, this Don Julio tequila type will definitely meet your expectations and satisfy your curiosity, opening your palate to the tequila flavor spectrum. 

6. Don Julio Ultima Reserva

From the timing of the agave harvest to the aging process and the luxurious bottles, nothing about this tequila is a coincidence, and everything involved has a specific intention and is made with a specific purpose. 

The Don Julio Ultima Reserva is made with the last harvest of the agave planted and grown by the Don Julio company, meaning that everything about this spirit screams originality. It ages for two-three whole years in casks that were previously used for bourbon, so you can imagine the efforts, skills, and mastery at play in the production of this alcoholic delicacy. 

The aging process continues after the bottling of the tequila, which is a revolution in the spirit-making industry, as these drinks don’t age after being bottled. Thanks to the Solera technology, the quality of the alcohol is preserved in the bottles, making this beverage genuinely one of a kind.

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7. Don Julio Double Cask Tequila Lagavulin Aged Edition

This tequila from the Don Julio assortment is a very special and extremely rare piece of jewelry. Not only is it a variation of the Resposado tequila of the Don Julio brand, but it is also a collaboration with the Lagavulin distillery. 

It is aged in used casks the Lagavulin distillery uses for the aging of Scotch, and it is made in limited quantities, making this tequila a limited edition. 

When it comes to describing its taste, many wonder where to begin, as it isn’t an easy task to describe the indescribable. From its seductive honey-chocolate brown shades to its smooth finish and all-over elegance, this tequila may be the best alcohol you’ll ever try. 

It has a solid smoky and blue agave aroma mixed with an intensive white pepper whiff. It begins with flavors of butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel and finishes with another smoky flavor and leathery sensation. 

Smooth doesn’t even begin to describe the velvet-like sensation of this tequila, which is why it is best served neat so as to feel and fully appreciate its elegance, refinement, and edge. 

8. Don Julio Reposado Private Cask Tequila 

Since this tequila ages in casks that have been personally selected by the Don Julio master distillers, no two barrels are the same, making the tequila that comes from each barrel a limited edition spirit. 

Even though there are tequilas of these kinds in the same number as there are barrels, they are all connected and easily recognized as the same kind because of the extreme richness enveloping every single drop of this tequila. 

It is also a Resposado variation, meaning that it spends quite some time in the barrels, absorbing the smokiness and charred aroma. 

It has a golden-brown, rich color, and it tastes like earthy agave, oak, and citrus fruits. It is strong-flavored but refined, nevertheless, and no two barrels taste the same. 

It is best served neat to fully experience and appreciate it, but it is also excellent on the rocks if you want to tone down its sharpness. 

9. Don Julio Reposado Double Cask Tequila 

An indescribably rich and complex-flavored spirit, mainly because it ages in whiskey barrels. It has an oak and smoky aroma mixed with tropical fruits, vanilla, and honey. The agave flavor is toned down, laced with chocolate notes, and peat from the casks. 

It starts slowly with a honey flavor mixed with a sweet tropical fruit notes. It goes on with the vanilla whiff and finishes intensely with strong chocolate and smoke notes, leaving behind an aggressive yet elegant burn.

This tequila, too, is best served neat or on the rocks. It isn’t recommended for mixing, though it does give great cocktails. 

10. Don Julio Extra Añejo 

This is a very high-end Don Julio tequila, which has been aged from three to five years in oak barrels. It has a luxurious bottle, and everything about it says elegance and refinement and is often described as the “jewel of Don Julio’s portfolio.” 

Its taste is exquisite and rich with complex aromas, and each sip tastes somewhat different from the one before it. The combination of honey, fruity, and smoky flavors, make the Don Julio Extra Añejo a unique product, not only from the Don Julio range but in general. 

It starts gently but firmly, setting the tone with smoky and butterscotch notes, continuing more aggressively and ending with a smooth burn that will last you for a while after. Served at room temperature and neat, this tequila is definitely made for mixing and is a privilege reserved for those who can appreciate a high-quality tequila. 

What Is the Most Popular Don Julio Tequila?

The Don Julio Blanco tequila is the most popular Don Julio tequila for 2022. It isn’t aged and is, therefore, more affordable than the other Don Julio tequila varieties. It has a very strong and fun kick, which is why it is very popular among the younger audience, from 25 to 35, as it is great for partying and excellent for mixing. 

The Don Julio Blanco tequila has earthy aromas mixed with the strong blue agave smell, intertwining with the recognizable tequila alcoholic smell. It is also pleasant to drink, though it is better for shots than for slow sipping. 

At first, it tastes warm, and it then continues to the fruity and vanilla notes. It has a citrus finish and a whiff of black pepper. It isn’t as full-bodied as the aged varieties, and it can be a bit rough, with an evident lack of smoothness. 

Nevertheless, this is a high-quality tequila that is definitely worth the try. It is primarily intended for fun rather than appreciation, but it has a large audience among seasoned tequila enthusiasts.

Which Don Julio Is best for Shots? 

Although all tequilas are good for shots, which is one of the main ways tequila is served, still the most suitable tequila for shots from the Don Julio assortment would be the Don Julio Blanco tequila. 

Since it hasn’t aged, the Don Julio Blanco tequila has a strong alcoholic smell and flavor, which many find hard to take while sipping. On the other hand, in the form of a shot, the Don Julio Blanco tequila doesn’t have time to spread the alcohol taste and is therefore reduced to the burn and kick. 

Beloved particularly by the younger drinkers, this tequila is meant for parties, as it has a noticeable mood-improving effect, so you can’t see a frown on a face of a Don Julio Blanco, tequila drinker. 

Not that you cannot drink shots from the other varieties, because you can, but the aged and rested Don Julio tequila varieties are intended for slow sipping and a different kind of enjoyment, as they are very versatile, and it is impossible to reduce them to the kick and burn they create. 

Not many of the true tequila lovers who are knowledgeable in the processes included in the tequila-making will drink tequila only to get drunk, and therefore the more refined tequila kinds are reserved for those who know how to enjoy tequila on a different level.

Is Don Julio Good Tequila?

The discussions about whether or not Don Julio is a good tequila brand stem from the availability and affordability of the tequilas under this brand. We are used to thinking that good equals expensive and unobtainable, and therefore, many suspect whether Don Julio is worth the try or not. 

Don Julio is great tequila, made with care and diligence, and is in no way a low-quality spirit. The purpose of the brand is to make an affordable product to spread the beauty of tequila as far as possible, which is why you can order most of the Don Julio tequila varieties online for decent prices. 

Only the Don Julio Extra Añejo variety is pricy, costing almost a 1000 USD, and even that is not perversely expensive compared to other brands selling the same tequila for thousands of dollars. 

The best thing about the Don Julio tequila brand is that it offers a number of different kinds of tequila, differing in terms of flavor and aging but not in quality. The quality of the spirits is always excellent, but they do appeal to different audiences. 

They also implement innovative techniques in the making of the tequilas and experiment with flavors and aromas. The agave used for the Don Julio tequilas is grown by the Don Julio brand, and back in the day, Estrada grew it himself. 

Therefore, the fact that the Don Julio tequilas are affordable does not in any way mean that the quality is low. The brand puts much love and care into the production of the tequila.  

The company philosophy is respect for the buyer and affordability of the product, which results in delicious and high-quality drinks sold for reasonable and respectable prices. 

What Is the Difference Between Don Julio and Don Julio 70?

The Don Julio and the Don Julio 70 are the same tequila; however, there are some differences between them. While Don Julio is aged tequila with the signature brown color characteristic of the mature tequila types, the Don Julio 70 is distilled three times and is translucent, even though it is aged. 

The Don Julio 70 is put through a charcoal filtration process before bottling, making the color disappear, and it is therefore translucent and clear. It has retained the aged tequila features, such as complex flavors, smoothness, velvety burn, and seductiveness, but it is clear and see-through.

The Don Julio 70 is also a very smooth tequila, whereby the aggressiveness of the burn is significantly toned down. It is for tequila lovers who prefer more refined flavors but still know how to appreciate and enjoy tequila. 

On the other hand, the Don Julio is a classically aged tequila, with the typical hot burn and the refinement acquired through the aging process. Since it hasn’t been filtrated before bottling, it retains the sharpness, and it appeals more to those who love the classical tequila flavors and the glass-like sharpness that is the signature feature of the drink. 

Don Julio Tequila Pricing

Don Julio Tequila Type  Price 
Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro  60 USD 
Don Julio 1942  120 USD
Don Julio Añejo  60 USD
Don Julio Blanco  50 USD
Don Julio Ultima Reserva  800 usd
Don Julio Reposado  60 usd
Don Julio Double Cask Tequila Lagavulin Aged Edition  70 USD
Don Julio Reposado Private Cask Tequila  70 USD
Don Julio Reposado Double Cask Tequila  100 USD
Don Julio Extra Añejo  999 USD



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