17 Best Cinnamon Whiskeys You Must Try!

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Cinnamon whiskey is known as a spicy spirit you can have neat, as a shot, in a warm beverage, or as a cocktail mixer. It is one of the most flavorful and explorative whiskeys. 

Although many would find cinnamon whiskey a bit too much, as cinnamon is a pretty potent flavor-giving ingredient, cinnamon whiskey still has a lot of fans worldwide. 

Basically, cinnamon whiskey is just regular whiskey aged with cinnamon. However, cinnamon isn’t the only additive in cinnamon whiskey. It contains colonizers and sweeteners, as just whiskey and cinnamon would be an absolutely deadly combination. 

The fans of cinnamon whiskey love the taste because they know how to combine it, which is the main purpose of cinnamon whiskey. Of course, you can drink it neat or on the rocks, but it works much better mixed in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a cocktail, preferably a sweet one.

Cinnamon whiskey has also been known as a popular shot drink; however, you absolutely must chase it because of the strong cinnamon bite in the end. It is, without a doubt, one of the most flavorful whiskeys, but be warned; it really is as strong as advertised. 

Of course, not all cinnamon whiskeys are the same, and some are harsher than others, so trying a bad one doesn’t mean you are condemned to drink bad cinnamon whiskey, as there are some good ones too. 

So, what are the best cinnamon whiskeys? 

A good cinnamon whiskey has several traits, some of which also apply to regular whiskey, and some are unique to the cinnamon kind. 

A good cinnamon whiskey doesn’t sting, but it does burn. The excessive aggressiveness of the drink should be a red flag as it says a lot about its quality.

A good whiskey takes time to make, meaning that the producers aren’t stingy in the aging process. They choose good barrels and good aging conditions, as well as give the whiskey enough time. 

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When a cinnamon whiskey is aggressive, it means that it hasn’t aged well. It either lacked conditions or was made in low-quality barrels, or it was bottled prematurely. 

Cinnamon whiskey is inherently intensely-flavored, but a good cinnamon whiskey has intense yet natural flavor notes.

A bad or low-quality cinnamon whiskey exhibits slightly artificial notes. It should taste like candy, as it is sweet and cinnamon-flavored, but there is a difference between natural candy flavors, such as caramel or butterscotch, and an artificial one, such as that of gummy worms, for instance. 

The finish of a cinnamon whiskey is probably the main storyteller about the quality of the whiskey. It should be intense, noticeable, and very warm, but it also should be smooth and flavorful.

Because cinnamon whiskey contains sugar and the cinnamon itself tends to be dry, the finish is more on the dry side, but a good cinnamon whiskey’s finish doesn’t burn to a degree to make it unpleasant. 

When it comes to cinnamon whiskey cocktails, you can afford not to be too picky and choose the cheaper variant, as the other cocktail ingredients will do a nice job covering up for what your cinnamon whiskey lacks.

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Sure, a good cinnamon whisky cocktail would be better than that made with a low-quality one, but it would be tasty, nevertheless. 

When mixing cinnamon whiskey in a warm drink such as tea or coffee, make sure you use an excellent cinnamon whiskey. Although the warm beverage should make up for the flavor, it doesn’t work that way.

The warmth of the beverage intensifies the cinnamon flavor and makes the drink very dry if that makes sense. 

Therefore, choose a smooth and refined cinnamon whiskey to mix with a warm drink. It goes without saying that for slow sipping, it is always better to choose a higher-end cinnamon whiskey. 

When it comes to doing shots, many underestimate the importance of a good cinnamon whiskey because a shot lasts for a few seconds without giving you a chance to explore the flavors.

So, it doesn’t really matter what the shot tastes like. However, this isn’t an entirely good assumption, as a bad cinnamon whiskey shot will sting and burn, and a good whiskey shot will leave you with a pleasant aftertaste and a warm and balanced burning sensation. 

In this article, I will give you a list of the best cinnamon whiskeys that work for slow sipping, make great cocktails and mix excellently with warm beverages. 

1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire


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It is only appropriate to open this list with an old classic such as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is actually the classic Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.

The Tennessee Fire comes from mixing the Old Number 7 with cinnamon liqueur, thus creating the pungent spiciness of the spirit. 

This whiskey starts intensively on the nose and spreads through the mouth, creating a cinnamon and honey sensation, enhanced by the vanilla and oak notes it picks up from the Old No. 7.

The finish has Jack Daniel’s written all over, as it is smooth, elegant, peppery and cinnamon-flavored. 

2. Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Whiskey

Blended with a cinnamon liqueur, Jim Beam’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey results in Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Whiskey. It is known as a cinnamon whiskey you can drink straight, and it is advertised as a whiskey you drink when you are cold. Therefore, this whiskey makes most sales during winter. 

This is also known as bonfire whiskey, as it goes excellent with the entire bonfire spirit. It is quite strong but delicious nonetheless. Typically mixed with ginger beer and lemon wedge, this cinnamon whiskey also works excellent when had neat. 

It starts with pleasant cinnamon-candy notes, and it further develops into a more complex flavor combination. You can feel notes of vanilla and toast, with peppery whiffs a strong cinnamon notes in the finish.

3. Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey

The Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey is known as a very tasty cinnamon whiskey. Very popular as a cocktail mixer, this spirit also does great as a shot. 

However, you will rarely see someone sipping this spirit slowly, mainly due to its intensity and quite strong finish. Nevertheless, for those who love ruggedness and intensity, this will be a great way to spend an afternoon near a roaring fire. 

4. Stillhouse Moonshine Red Hot Whiskey


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Packed in tin, rectangular metal canteens designed to drink outdoors, this is known as the adventurer’s whiskey. Made of corn as the main ingredient, it is expressively sweet and one of the tastiest cinnamon whiskeys. 

This whiskey is a blend of corn whiskey and natural cinnamon. Since it is made to drink outside, like at the beach or near a campfire, it is mainly intended to be enjoyed neat, not mixed in a cocktail. However, it does a great job in citrus-flavored cocktails.

5. Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve


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This is a very delicious and refined whiskey. It is a full-flavored and well-balanced spirit, combining the classic whiskey flavors as well as the edge of the cinnamon whiskey category.

Gentle on the nose, a bit rougher on the palate, and smooth in the end, each sip of this cinnamon-flavored whiskey tells a story. 

You can notice vanilla and floral notes combined with cinnamon and candy, as well as a tad of smokiness and oak. 

6. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 


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Fireball cinnamon whiskey is probably the best-known and most popular cinnamon-flavored whiskey. Unlike most of the whiskeys on this list, it is strong and even rough, but no cinnamon whiskey list is complete without it. 

Known as the best to do shots with as well as one of the most affordable ones, I don’t recommend it for slow sipping, but it is a great idea to mix it into a cocktail. 

7. Yukon Jack Wicked Hot Cinnamon Whiskey


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Another cinnamon whiskey intended for the long and cold winter nights. Known to have a warming agent, this whiskey sure does raise the temperature. It is also delicious, with a smooth finish and natural candy-tasting notes. 

You can drink it neat, in a cocktail, or as a shot, as it is one of the rare ones that work great in all three settings. However, it is most popular and at its finest when mixed with coke and a lemon wedge.

8. Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey


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Spicy with notes of vanilla and oak, this is a cinnamon whiskey with a long-lasting tradition. It is most known and best enjoyed when combined with tea or coffee. It is a warming and delicious drink, but it is a bit more on the spicy side. 

In addition to the expressive cinnamon notes, you can also notice of black pepper and other spices. It is mainly intended to have in cocktails, but if you like strong flavors, you will most certainly enjoy it neat. 

9. Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey


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Known to mix best with apple cider and a very popular warming beverage, this whiskey holds an image of tasting like heavy cinnamon. It is very spicy and expressively strong. 

In addition to cinnamon, it also exhibits subtle notes of vanilla, which makes it more bearable. Definitely, a suitable choice for cocktails, but not as much if you decide to have it neat.

The heavy cinnamon flavor makes it overly intense, so chances are you won’t enjoy it neat, even if you like such flavors. 

10. Sunfire Cinnamon Whisky

This is a gentle and delicious cinnamon whiskey. It is known for its soft yet noticeable cinnamon notes intertwined with the classical vanilla notes typical for Canadian whiskey. It also mixes well in cocktails, but warm beverages are where it shines best. 

The gentle cinnamon notes significantly enhance the flavors of tea, coffee, or apple cider. It starts gradually, not burning you right away. Mid-palate, it becomes more intense, retaining its gentility. The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving you with a nice cinnamon aftertaste.

11. Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey


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If one word could describe this whiskey, that word would be flavorful. Combing green apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this spirit is definitely among the most versatile of the cinnamon whiskeys. 

It is known to be very enjoyable to have neat or on the rocks, but it also mixes great in cocktails or warm beverages. All three primary flavors are interlaced, appearing at the same time, but the apple and nutmeg are most noticeable mid-palate, while the cinnamon spreads all over the sip.

12. Angels & Demons Cinnamon Whiskey

With a name that keeps ringing in your ears, this delicious cinnamon whiskey lingers on in your mouth and throat for a while after sipping. Its cinnamon flavor is intense, but it its strength is just right, neither overwhelming nor bland. 

It is probably because of the name that this whiskey is most popular around Halloween and fall in general. 

13. Atomic Red Cinnamon Whisky

Taking much pride in the natural cinnamon flavor, this whiskey is pretty intense but natural-tasting all the way. It tastes somewhere between cinnamon and caramel, which is the natural candy flavor typical for cinnamon whiskey made with natural cinnamon. 

In addition to sweeteners, it doesn’t have any other additives, making this whiskey of genuinely excellent quality. 

14. Ole Smoky Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey


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Rich and hot, this whiskey can quickly fire up your taste buds, actively exciting your senses. Its expressive cinnamon notes may be overwhelming for you if you like milder flavors, but you will most certainly enjoy them if you like stronger-flavored beverages. 

This whiskey, too, is a great way to warm up and spice up your tea, coffee, or cocoa.

15. Heatwave Cinnamon Whiskey

This whiskey is a perfect medium between classic whiskey and cinnamon whiskey. While it has the cheer and playfulness typical for cinnamon whiskey, it also has the velvety smoothness of traditional whiskey. 

Known to do great as a shot, it also does excellent in a cocktail, neat, or on the rocks.

16. Magma Flame Cinnamon Whiskey


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Another cinnamon whiskey with a catchy name and an even more memorable taste. It combines flavors of fresh cinnamon and brown sugar. Expressively sweet and softly spicy, this whiskey just might be your cup of tea if you like gentler flavors. 

However, it does have something to offer to the fans of the more intense-flavored beverages, as it does have those edgy notes. In addition, the reason why this whiskey has so many fans is the cheerful and gradual kick it offers.

17. Revel Stoke Cinnamon Whisky

This is a by-the-book cinnamon whiskey. It balances nicely the involved flavors, creating a well-rounded flavor. It is suitable for shots, mixing, or slow sipping. If it is too much for you, you can make have it on the rocks to milden it down. 

A lime wedge always comes in handy for some extra freshness and sweetness. This whiskey starts gently with subtle and understated vanilla tones. It continues with cinnamon and sugar notes mid-palate, ending with a smooth, flavorful, and lingering finish. 

What Is the Best Tasting Cinnamon Whiskey?

Cinnamon whiskey is not what you would consider universal, as they are a specific sub-type of whiskey. Although delicious, cinnamon is quite particular, so chances are, not everyone would like it, especially mixed with a spirit such as a whiskey. 

If you find cinnamon whiskey delicious, you will probably choose your favorite kind and stick with it. If you aren’t a cinnamon whiskey fan, you will hardly find a brand that you will like. 

It would be incorrect to say that there is only one best-tasting cinnamon whiskey because each cinnamon whiskey type has its audience and purpose. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a cinnamon whiskey is to select a good-quality one. 

Some of the best-sold cinnamon whiskeys are Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Whiskey, Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey, Stillhouse Moonshine Red Hot Whiskey, Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, etc. 

What Whiskey Has Cinnamon in It?

  1. Yukon Jack Wicked Hot Cinnamon Whiskey
  2. Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey
  3. Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey
  4. Sunfire Cinnamon Whisky
  5. Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey
  6. Angels & Demons Cinnamon Whiskey
  7. Hellboy Hellwater Cinnamon Whiskey
  8. Wild Turkey American Honey Sting Liqueur
  9. Atomic Red Cinnamon Whisky
  10. Ole Smoky Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey
  11. Heatwave Cinnamon Whiskey
  12. Magma Flame Cinnamon Whiskey
  13. Revel Stoke Cinnamon Whisky

There are, of course, other cinnamon whiskeys, but these are some of the best-flavored ones. 

Each cinnamon whiskey has its own purpose, and it works best in a certain manner. Some work better mixed, some are great neat or on the rocks, and some are great as an addition to a warm beverage. 

Is There a Nicer Version of Fireball?

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is known as a fancier version of Fireball Whiskey. While Fireball is intended for mixing, as it is a bit harsher when had neat, Jim Beam Kentucky fire is a bit gentler to the palate and generally friendlier than Fireball. 

Both Jim Beam Kentucky Fire and Fireball are harsh and pretty intense, but the former is somewhat of the tamer and smoother version of the latter. 

Does Jim Beam Make Cinnamon Whiskey?

Jim Beam makes cinnamon whiskey. The Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is the Jim Beam cinnamon whiskey. It is hot and fiery, but it is expressively flavorful, tasting like cinnamon and melted sugar. Nevertheless, if you like gentler flavors, you might want to mix it in a cocktail or a warm beverage. 

This cinnamon whiskey is known as the beverage you drink to warm up, and it is recognizable for its sweet and candy-like flavor. It is definitely a delicious drink and certainly worth at least a chance. 

What Cinnamon Whiskey Has the Least Amount of Sugar?

Whiskey, in general, does not contain sugar. However, cinnamon whiskey, as a subtype of whiskey, does contain a certain sugar amount. Regular whiskey is a purer drink than cinnamon whiskey, but cinnamon whiskey is expressively more flavorful. 

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire has a low amount of sugar, which is why it is sweet but more inclined toward cinnamon than sugar. 

Chicken Cock Cinnamon whiskey is also low in sugar, tasting more spicy than sweet, and another low-sugar cinnamon whiskey is Beckett’s ’72 N/A Cinnamon Whiskey, which has a lower sugar amount than most cinnamon whiskeys.  

Does Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Have Sugar In It?

Some sugar amount is typical for all cinnamon whiskeys, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey included. It has a generous amount of sugar, which is 11 gr per serving. 

How Do You Drink Cinnamon Whiskey?

You can drink cinnamon whiskey on the rocks, neat, in a cocktail, or in a warm beverage. Cinnamon whiskey is excellent in fruity cocktails containing lemon or lime, such as mojitos, for instance. 

You can also mix them with ginger beer or ginger ale, as well as apple cider or grapefruit juice and soda. 

Warm tea, coffee, or cocoa go extraordinarily well with cinnamon whiskey, as it adds zest, flavor, and edge to the drink. Also, cinnamon whiskeys are very good for shots, but they do require you to chase them to balance yourself out. 

If you want to enjoy a cinnamon whiskey neat or on the rocks, you need to choose a brand that is milder and not as expressive, and even that one might be too much for you if you are used to more understated flavors. 

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