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As popular as tequila might be plain, not everyone like tequila shots but they still want to feel the taste of this notorious drink in a mix.

So, looking for the perfect tequila chaser is a race that never ends. Or does it? We gathered the best chaser drinks for tequila so you can put together your favorite mix! And we are sure that you will find more than a few favorites in this guide! 

You can try your tequila with bourbon, apple juice, sangrita, lemonade, and many others.

Note that some of the chasers can be directly mixed with your tequila to create a more complex drink while others can be served next to your tequila shot. Either way, you will not regret trying out our selection! 

Top 30 Chasers for Tequila

You can feel free to combine more chasers to go with your tequila. This is particularly a good idea if you are going to use a drink chaser and a snack chaser!

Considering your tastes and personal preferences is an important aspect of choosing the perfect alcohol chaser! 

1. Bourbon 

bourbon cocktail

Bourbon is one of the most easy-to-find chasers for tequila and it comes at all types of prices as well. The smooth flavor of bourbon will compliment the taste of your tequila and you can create a fast and satisfying cocktail by combining these two drinks.

Bourbon is a whiskey that was distilled twice and it comes with an alcohol content of a minimum of 40%. 

You can mix bourbon and tequila in equal parts and add a generous number of ice cubes to fix your drink in just a matter of seconds!

2. Apple juice 

Apple juice 

Apple juice is just as popular as orange juice and mostly for the same reasons. It tastes great and it is easy to find in stores at convenient prices. Apple juice is also a common ingredient in cocktails and it mixes well with vodka too. 

You can drink apple juice on the side, along with your tequila shots but you can also mix it with tequila and ice cubes for a refreshing cocktail.

When you mix apple juice with tequila, add two parts of juice to one part of tequila, to begin with. You can always increase the quantity of apple juice as you please. 

3. Sangrita 


Sangrita and tequila go great together. This Mexican drink is non-alcoholic and it is very often served along with tequila. Sangrita is traditionally made of orange juice, tomato juice, grenadine, and spicy sauce. 

This chaser is served next to your tequila but you might like it mixed with a tequila shot as well. Sangrita is great for enhancing the flavor of tequila and it will help you enjoy more shots and overall have a better time. 

4. Lemonade 


Lemonade goes great with a variety of cocktails and alcoholic drinks and tequila is no exception. You can make your lemonade or purchase it already made and it will be ideal as a tequila chaser. 

You can mix tequila with your lemonade in the proportions you like and have a refreshing drink fast. The citrus taste of lemonade will reduce the intense flavor of tequila and hell dilute the alcohol. Plus, lemonade can successfully substitute lime juices if you prefer it! 

5. Beer 

Mug of Beer and Pitcher Pour

If you like beer and tequila, you will be glad to know you can successfully enjoy them together. However, you want to consider that both beer and tequila have their alcohol content so you should keep it to a weak or average beer if you plan to enjoy it next to your tequila shots. Tequila has an ABV of about 40% on average and it goes great with a beer of 5% ABV. 

You can mix your tequila shot with your beer craft as well. However, this is a combination that you will either hate or love and the type of beer you have will impact the taste of the mix significantly. 

6. Tonic 

Gin Tonic

Tonic is common in bars and restaurants when it comes to cocktails and mixing it with different alcoholic drinks. It is a particularly great choice for tequila too! This chaser empowers the taste of strong liquors but it also dilutes the alcohol level which makes it ideal for long drinks. 

You will most likely prefer to mix your tonic with your tequila as it is not very popular plain. So, add a shot of tequila and two parts tonic in a glass and a few ice cubes to get a refreshing and tasty drink to enjoy. 

7. Grape juice 

Grapefruit juice

Grape juice, which can be uncarbonated or carbonated grape soda, will enhance the taste of your tequila in a very inviting way. Grape juice in all its forms is a great chaser for tequila. You can enjoy your grape juice separately, in a different glass or you can combine it with a tequila shot. 

If you choose to combine your tequila with grape juice and some ice cubes, you will get a long drink with less alcohol. Use the proportions you prefer but try to add more grape juice to your mix than tequila. 

8. Cider 

Apple Cider 

If you like cider, you will be happy to find out that it can be an ideal tequila chaser as well. You can find different types of cider in almost all grocery stores, right next to the beer section. Cider is essentially a fermented fruit juice, with a similar alcohol content as beer. 

Combining cider with tequila might not be the best idea, but having a glass of cider in between your tequila shots will be one of the best chasers. You can choose both alcoholic and nonalcoholic cider. Of all types of cider on the market, apple cider tends to work best as a tequila chaser and it is also one of the most popular types of cider. 

9. Orange juice 

Orange juice

Plain orange juice can be a satisfying chaser for your tequila shots. It is a great juice to enjoy plain or with some ice and it will help you enjoy the taste of the tequila better if you have it in between shots. 

If you want to mix your tequila with orange juice to make it a long drink rather than a shot, you can always choose to do that as well. The citrusy taste of orange juice compliments the flavor of tequila perfectly. Don’t forget the ice cubes to finish fixing your drink! 

10. Vodka and orange juice 


Vodka and orange juice is a great drinks by themselves, especially if you add some ice cubes to them. But you can also consume it as a tequila chaser. Just keep in mind that vodka brings a significant amount of alcohol, the same as tequila, so you will not be able to drink as much of it as you would drink plain orange juice. 

Sip some vodka and orange juice mix before your tequila shot and you will appreciate the taste of your tequila better! 

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11. Lime Rickey 

Lime Rickey and tequila is a combination to remember and one that you will keep wanting to enjoy for sure. Lime Rickey is a popular cocktail made of jalapeno syrup, cucumbers, lime juice, and soda water but some variations of it might include mint as well. 

Since Lime Rickey is a cocktail by itself, it is best served next to your tequila rather than mixed with it. 

12. Michelada 

Another chaser that will go perfectly with your tequila is Michelada. It is one of the most popular Mexican drinks and you can find it in other parts of the world as well. The traditional recipe for Michelada includes beer, lemon juice, and spicy seasonings and in some versions of it, it can come with tomato juice as well. 

You can add your tequila shot directly to your Michelada or you can have a glass of this Mexican drink on the side. Either way, you will mostly love the combination between tequila and Michelada! Note that the alcohol content of Michelada depends on the type of beer used in its recipe. Most often than not, this Mexican chaser has an ABV of around 5%. 

13. Pulque 

Pulque is a great chaser for tequila as well and it might just become one of your favorites once you give it a try. Some call Pulque the Hispanic kombucha because it resembles its consistency and is made of fermented agave sap.

Pulque is popular in Mexico and other Hispanic countries. The only reason why Pulque is not higher on the list is that it could be difficult to find in other parts of the world other than Hispanic countries. 

You can mix this drink with your tequila shot or you can enjoy it on the side. When you mix it, make sure to add at least two parts Pulque for one part of tequila. This chaser is alcoholic with an ABV of 4% to 6% which is similar to regular beer. In Mexico though, there are non-alcoholic versions of Pulque as well. 

14. Chips 

Chips Chips of all kinds will taste great next to your tequila shots of the tequila-based cocktail. Salty chips, however, will enhance the flavor of your tequila more and they are always a better choice than those with specific flavors.

Ultimately though, you can choose your favorite type of chips and enjoy them in between tequila shots and you will have a great time! For a better experience, add a dipping sauce to the table as well and you will have the perfect chaser! 

15. Pickles 

Pickles Pickles could be one of the less expected chasers for tequila. But if you give this combination a try, you will not be disappointed. The taste of pickles is ideal for reducing the burn from a tequila shot. Especially if you are a beginner in terms of drinking tequila, you will find it easier to go from one shot to another if you bite from a pickle in between. 

16. Pickle juice 

Just like pickles are a good chaser for tequila, pickle juice is no different. With a sour and salty taste, pickle juice will get rid of the burn and you will not even have to drink a lot of it. A small sip of pickle juice in between tequila shots is all you need to enjoy your drink more. Note that pickle juice might get you hungry so have a snack close to complete the menu. 

17. Mezcal Negroni 

Mezcal Negroni is another chaser that will go perfectly with tequila! Mezcal can get to an ABV of 55% so enjoy it with tequila with caution. Note that tequila is also a type of Mezcal but at the same time, not all Mezcal is tequila. 

This chaser is a cocktail that also contains Campari and vermouth and if you add a shot of tequila to it, you will get a completely new taste. However, the best way to enjoy Mezcal Negroni is next to your tequila shot rather than mixing them. 

18. Cheese 

Cheese Cheese goes great with many types of alcoholic beverages. It is one of the most popular chasers and it will taste delicious too. But there is a controversy regarding the combination of cheese and tequila, particularly cheap tequila. The opinions are split and some might not find this to be the best mix. 

However, if you give it a try, and you choose the right cheese, you will end up finding this combination very interesting, to say the least. Queso Blanco and Queso Fresco are ideal chasers for tequila and they are worth a try! 

19. Lime and salt 

Pouring Mexican TequilaOne of the classic chasers for tequila is lime and salt. These two ingredients will help reduce the burn of the tequila shot but also increase its flavor.

You will notice that in most bars and restaurants, tequila shots come with salt and lime precisely because they go so great together.

Just like margarita cocktails that are served similarly. You can replace lime with a slice of lemon if you want to avoid the bitter taste of it but still get the citrus and refreshing flavor. 

20. Oranges and cinnamon 

An alternative to lime or lemon slices is orange slices with a pinch of cinnamon on top of them. The orange slices will help you reduce the alcoholic burn from your tequila and they will add to its sweetness.

Bite from one of these slices after you have your tequila shot and you will enjoy your drinks even more! You will notice that the cinnamon combines nicely with the aftertaste of the tequila and you will most likely keep having this combination. 

21. Pineapple juice 

Pineapple juicePineapple juice is maybe the most interesting fruit juice to have with your tequila shot. It is sweet and has an exotic taste that will give you a completely different experience. Mix two parts of pineapple juice with one shot of tequila and you have a great drink. 

You can also have a glass of pineapple juice on the side and sip from it in between tequila shots. The sweetness of the juice will help you appreciate the taste of your tequila even more! 

22. Coca-cola

ColaThere are not many alcoholic beverages that won’t taste good if you mix them with Coke. This notorious soda can be the chaser you need for your tequila. If you mix tequila with Coca-cola, you will have a longer drink to enjoy in small sips as you spend quality time with your friends. But even if you don’t mix them, Coke is a great chaser to have in between two tequila shots. 

23. Lime soda 

Lime soda is also a great option. 

24. Sparkling water 

Sparkling water Sparling water will dilute both the alcoholic content and the flavor of your tequila. The best way to add this chaser to your evening is to combine it with your tequila. Pour a shot of tequila into a glass and fill it up with sparkling water. You can add some fresh lemon juice as well if you want to get a citrusy flavor. 

However, if you prefer to have your tequila shots unaltered, you can always wash them down with sparkling water. 

25. Nachos and salsa 

NachosNachos and salsa are traditional appetizers in Mexico and other Hispanic countries. You can replace salsa with any type of topping you like for your nachos.

This site snack will help absorb the tequila shots you drink and you will be able to enjoy more of your favorite drink as well. Plus, you will not be hungry any time soon because nachos can be very filling. Stick to unflavored nachos as you will get the flavor you want from your dipping sauce. 

26. Peanuts 

Peanuts Snacking on peanuts while you have some tequila shots is a great idea. The peanuts bring plenty of nutrients and healthy fats that will support your drinking evening and keep the hanger away. You can choose any type of peanuts you want and you will have a great time with such a chaser. 

Your tequila shot might have a more intense taste after peanuts but it will nevertheless be one that you will like to keep experiencing! Salty peanuts though might be a better choice in this combination because salt is going great with tequila by default so you can’t go wrong! 

27. Snacks of your choice 

When it comes to the best chaser for your tequila, you can always settle for the snack of your choice. If you like a certain type of nutty mix, Cheetos, or any other salty snack, chances are that it will taste even better with such an alcoholic drink on the side. You will not be hungry so easily and you will enhance the flavor of each tequila shot at the same time! 

Keep in mind that sweet snacks might not go as well with your tequila shots, even if there are people who still appreciate such combinations. 

What mixes go well with tequila?

When it comes to mixing tequila with other drinks, the sky is the limit and your preferences are the only coordinates to consider. You can mix your tequila with some of the chasers in the list above but also with vermouth, agave syrup, bloody mary mix, and any type of soda. 

Note that not all the drinks that can be mixed with tequila act like chasers. But if you just want to combine your tequila with another drink to give it a better taste, you can choose any option you like. For non-alcoholic mixes, your favorite soda will most likely be among the top choices. Another great choice would be a fruit juice that you like and you will not regret. 

When it comes to alcoholic mixes, tequila goes great in mixes such as vermouth, beers, and other liquors. It is crucial to keep in mind that tequila by itself has around 40% ABV so any other alcoholic drink you add to it will also increase the ABV of your mix. 

What reduce the taste of tequila?

Salt and lime are the classic ingredients that reduce the burn of tequila and its intense flavor. Some people claim that baking soda mixed with sparkling water and tequila will also reduce the burn. But this is a subjective rumor and you might not find it as efficient as the traditional salt and lime chasers. 

Final thoughts 

While tequila is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks worldwide, not many people like to drink it plain or on the rocks. If you want to enjoy your tequila and mix it with different flavors, the chasers in this guide are just what you need.

You might want to give several chasers and combinations a chance before you find the right one for you. But once you know how you like your tequila, you will learn to enjoy and appreciate it much more! 

Consider your tastes and the type of chasers that you like as you can’t go wrong. Tequila can be a very flexible drink and an important ingredient in several cocktails especially because it changes every mix you add it to for the better! 

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