15 Best Canned Margaritas: Cheers to Convenience

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Did you know that you can enjoy fresh and crisp-tasting margaritas without whipping up a fresh batch from scratch? Using any of these top bartender-recommend picks for the best canned margarita, you are just a pop away from enjoying the tequila-based drink.

The best part of canned margaritas is you don’t have to invest in an expensive tequila bottle and other key ingredients if the cocktail.

In fact, in many cases, a canned margarita is much cheaper than making a fresh batch. Plus, you can sample different flavors and varieties.

So, whether it’s a backyard BBQ gathering, a bridal shower, or just you lounging in over the weekend, there’s always a brand for you. I’ve shared my favorite picks for the canned margarita you should be trying out this year.

1. Cazadores Margarita Canned Cocktail

Alcohol content: 5.9% ABV/ 11.8 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

If you want to enjoy classic margarita flavors in a can, the Cazadores Margarita Canned Cocktail is an excellent choice.

The ready-to-drink margarita contains a blend of award-winning Cazadores blanco tequila, real lime juice, orange liqueur, and sparkling water for a refreshing finish. 

The margarita mix also contains reasonable alcohol content, at about 5.9% ABV/11.8 US proof. You can purchase the Cazadores Margarita as a single can or 4-pack to enjoy straight from the can or poured over ice.

2. Cazadores Spicy Margarita Canned Cocktail

Alcohol content: 5.9% ABV/ 11.8 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

The Cazadores Spicy Margarita Canned cocktail comes with an interesting picky kick to wake your drink up. Like the classic margarita, it contains 100% real agave award-winning Cazadores tequila blanco blended with real margarita ingredients. These include orange liqueur and sparkling water. 

However, the lime juice is replaced with jalapeno juice for a spicy twist. The jalapeno juice adds a good balance of ultra spicy, little sweetness, and bitterness. Served the cocktail over ice and garnished with real sliced jalapeno.

3. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita

Alcohol content: 8% ABV/ 16 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

Made using real Jose Cuervo tequila blanco, the Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita is among the best canned margaritas on the market for flavor. In fact, this canned margarita is one of the best ranked in the US. 

Available in a single can or 4-pack, the cocktail is made using real tequila, triple sec, and real citrus flavors. So, it comes ready to pop and drink. To enjoy the best version of this pre-mixed drink, chill and serve poured over ice.

4. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Light Margarita

Alcohol content: 6% ABV/ 12 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

If the classic Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita is too strong and boozy for you, you can opt for the more regulated Light version.

The best part of opting for this version is you don’t have to compromise on the flavors. You still enjoy the same citrus and tart flavors with the familiar Jose Cuervo tequila taste. 

But, you also get a lighter kick, thanks to the lower 6% alcohol concentration. With a lower alcohol proof, this lighter version also offers a much lower calorie content, at just 150 calories per can.

5. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Strawberry Flavored Margarita

Alcohol content: 8% ABV/ 16 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

If you want to experience more varied margarita flavors, Jose Cuervo Sparkling Strawberry Flavored Margarita is an excellent option.

This flavored margarita maintains the same ingredients and flavors accentuated with a fragrant strawberry kick. The addition of sparkling water to these cocktails also gives that luxurious bubbly twist to the cocktail. 

This makes it even better than a regular handmade margarita. This sparkling strawberry variety features 100% real Jose Cuervo tequila blanco, triple sec, natural strawberry, and citrus flavors.

To best enjoy this flavored margarita, layer ice rocks in a highball or lowball glass, pour over the cocktail, and garnish with real sliced strawberries!

6. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Paloma Margarita 

Alcohol content: 8% ABV/ 16 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

Did you know that you can elevate classic margarita flavors by marrying them with other tequila-based cocktail flavors? Here’s the best exhibit – the Jose Cuervo Sparkling Paloma Margarita.

This version of the Jose Cuervo Sparkling canned margarita cocktail combines an ingenious blend of Mexico’s classic cocktail flavors. Blending classic margarita and paloma flavors produces a pleasant explosion of refreshing citrus flavors. 

On the other hand, the sparkling water in the cocktail adds the much-needed bubbly kick. The cocktail is made using a blend of 100% real Jose Cuervo tequila blanco, triple sec, sparkling water, natural grapefruit, and citrus flavors.

You can enjoy this citrus drink gem chilled straight from the can or on the rocks.

7. Jose Cuervo Sparkling Rose Margarita

Alcohol content: 8% ABV/ 16 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

The Jose Cuervo Sparkling Rose Margarita is the brand’s other ingenious blend of flavors that uses traditional rose wine flavors.

This canned margarita combines a mix of Jose Cuervo’s classic sparkling margarita expertly mixed with the flavors of traditional sparkling rose wine for the ultimate summer drink. 

Whether at the beach, camping, or in the backyard, this refreshing cocktail will truly accentuate your summer experience. The cocktail boasts the appearance and aroma of traditional rose wine with a light sparkling finish. 

On the other hand, the cocktail produces beautiful tasting notes of sweet apple, melon, oak, and pear, while finishing with a refreshing zesty lime margarita tang.

Enjoy this cocktail chilled in a can, cocktail glass, or champagne flute. You can even turn it into a punch by serving it in a highball mixed with fresh pear, sweet apple, and melon. 

8. Casa Azul Lime Margarita Tequila Soda

Alcohol content: 5% ABV/ 10 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

The Casa Azul Lime Margarita gets its refreshing bubbly kick by integrating carbonated water to the cocktail. On the other hand, its fruity and citrusy flavor profile comes from a mix of natural ingredients.

Combined; these characteristics elevate the tequila-based cocktail’s traditional margarita flavors. 

The light flavorful margarita soda uses 100% real tequila from Jalisco with carbonated water, natural fruit flavors, and agave nectar.

Available in a single can or 4 pack, this cocktail is best enjoyed chilled and drank from the can.

9. Casa Azul Peach Mango Tequila Soda

Alcohol content: 5% ABV/ 10 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

If you are a sucker for sweeter and fruitier flavors, this peach mango margarita from Casa Azul is a perfect fit.  The cocktail features a beautiful combination of fresh, crisp, fruity, and light tasting notes. 

Like the classic margarita, this version is made from 100% real tequila from Jalisco, carbonated water, natural fruit flavors, and agave nectar.

So, for the ultimate tropical paradise feel, chill the cocktail and enjoy it from the can or over ice garnished with peach slices.

10.10 Barrel Brewing Co. Mango Margarita

Alcohol content: 11% ABV/ 22 US Proof

Origin: Mexico

The 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Mango Margarita lets you enjoy a higher boozy kick from a sweeter margarita variety. The cocktail enjoys a high 22-proof alcohol content to allow you to get the kick faster.

On the other hand, adding real mango fruit juice to the real tequila-based cocktail adds that tropical punch to the drink. 

So, on a warm summer day, pop open a can of this mango margarita to quench your boozy thirst, or pick up a chilled 4-pack to enjoy with family or friends.

11. Joia Spirit Sparkling Margarita

Alcohol content: 6% ABV/ 12 US Proof

Origin: Minnesota

A popular pre-mixed cocktail brand, Joia Spirit offers a wide range of the best tasting classic cocktails, including cosmopolitans and Moscow mules, to name a few.

Its sparkling margarita is no different. The ready-to-drink cocktail boasts a classic margarita flavor profile accentuated with hints of spicy ginger, lime, and salt. 

The light, crisp, and fruity citrus margarita is made using the best real ingredients to achieve the most authentic and refreshing flavors. It uses real bright and tangy blanco tequila with a squeeze of lime and a hint of triple sec. 

The cocktail is also lightly carbonated with a few bubbles, courtesy of carbonated water. Additionally, each can of the sparkling margarita uses only 6 grams of sugar and carries an average of 140 calories. 

12. Dulce Vida Tequila Sparkling Margarita 

Alcohol content: 12.5% ABV/25 US Proof

Origin: Texas

The Dulce Vida Tequila Sparkling Margarita caters to drinkers looking for the ultimate boozy kick. With high-proof alcohol content, the cocktail gives you that cocktail kick faster.

However, it still maintains its fruity and flavorful lime margarita flavors. The margarita cocktail combines a blend of real Dulce Vida Blanco Tequila with real fruit juices for the ultimate refreshing taste.

13. JuneShine Spirits Tequila Margarita Variety Pack

Alcohol content: 8% ABV/16 US Proof

Origin: California

Are you hosting family or friends over the weekend? The JuneShine Spirits Tequila Margarita Variety Pack is the perfect margarita pack to keep the drinks flowing.

This 8-can pack comes with a selection of four margarita varieties, perfect for sampling different flavors. 

You will also have a good variety of flavors flowing around so everyone can enjoy the flavors they like. Each pack comes with two cans of each flavor. These include lime margarita, mango margarita, tropical margarita, and a spicy margarita. 

Each can contains 100% real tequila blanco mixed with real fruit juices and zero added sugar. To enjoy the cocktails, serve them chilled or pour them over ice rocks. 

You can even turn them into margarita punch by adding their respective fruits and ice for a perfect refreshing drink during a warm summer day. 

14. Five Drinks Co Variety Pack

Alcohol content: 9% ABV/18 US Proof

Origin: USA

The Five Drinks Co Variety Pack should be your go-to pack to get drinks around during your next get-together. The party starter pack features a variety of pre-mixed cocktails to sample.

This ensures you get a rich supply of various cocktail options without the messy and expensive process of whipping each drink from scratch. 

 This 10-pack variety pack contains 2 cans of each flavor, namely classic margarita, Moscow mule, mojito, gin & tonic, and a watermelon vodka soda. You can enjoy these refreshing pre-mixed cocktails chilled and straight out of the can or pour them over ice.

15. Rod & Hammer’s SLO Stills Whiskey Margarita 


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Alcohol content: 11% ABV/22 US Proof

Origin: California

If classic tequila margaritas can get alittle too citrusy and tangy for you, you can always go for a twist. A whiskey margarita is an excellent alternative and the Rod & Hammer SLO Stills Whiskey Margarita comes in a premixed canned option to make life much easier for you.

The cocktails also offer a high-proof alcohol content for a boozy kick. 

Using whiskey for the margarita retains the pleasantly refreshing margarita cocktails without the added tangy and sharp tequila taste.

This cocktail uses rye whiskey mixed with fresh lime juice, agave, and salt for a delicious citrusy and well-balanced taste profile. This cocktail can be enjoyed chilled or poured into a low or highball filled with ice.


With the best canned margarita, you get to enjoy a fresh tasting and refreshing cocktail without spending money or time whipping up the cocktail from scratch.

Sure, the market is also filled with not-so-delicious tasting canned margaritas with syrupy taste, added sugar, and massive calories. 

However, with any of these 15 recommended picks, you don’t have to worry about the taste. The options above use 100% natural ingredients and real tequila to guarantee authentic and fresh tastes. Your only job is to get the can chilled or fill your glasses with ice!

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