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There are three main types of tequila- blanco, reposado, and añejo. This division of tequila is based on the length of the period it matures.

The blanco tequila has the shortest maturing period of 0 to three months, the reposado matures from two months to a year, and the añejo tequila matures from one to three years. 

The añejo type has another sub-division, the extra añejo that ages over three years. There’s another tequila type that is not considered to be one of the main three, but it is a spirit in its own right. That’s the tequila joven, which is a combination of tequila blanco and tequila reposado. 

The three main tequila types differ from one another in many aspects, as the aging significantly influences their composition and, with that, their colors, tastes, and purposes. 

The tequila blanco or tequila silver is the youngest one of all, and as such, it has a translucent color, as the aging process hasn’t developed to a stage where it changes its color. It is the sharpest of the three main types and is mainly intended for shots. 

However, depending on the brand, there are some tequilas blanco that are suitable for slow sipping as well. In general, the tequila blanco is the most aggressive type of tequila, creating a strong burn and is hard on the palate. 

Still, it is a very flavorful spirit, with strong notes of agave and vanilla, with a typically spicy finish dominated by the black pepper flavor.

Most popular among the younger tequila enthusiasts, the tequila blanco is mainly intended for parties, in the form of shots or in a cocktail. 

The most popular side effect of the tequila blanco is the inevitable headache the next morning. What many don’t know is that the headache is not a consequence of drinking tequila but, instead, a result of drinking bad tequila. 

20 Best Blanco Tequila You Must Try

In this article, I will describe the best tequila blanco brands and how to use them so that you can make the most of your tequila blanco experience.

Still, no matter how good the tequila is, you shouldn’t overdo it, but a good tequila won’t leave you bedridden the next day if you don’t go overboard with it. 

1. Organic Blanco Tequila Uno

This is an exceptionally pure tequila that is distilled twice before bottling. The owner of the brand, David Ravandi, is the owner of the agave and a tequila artisan who takes much pride in the making of this tequila. 

This tequila is bottled in recycled glass bottles and is labeled with soy paper, making this brand a very eco-friendly tequila manufacturer. As for the taste, this tequila is very flavorful, with strong notes of the ten-year-old agave you can feel right in the beginning. 

It continues with strong citrus notes, especially lemon, and finishes with a strong spicy finish tasting like black pepper. This tequila is of very good quality and is excellent for sipping as well as for cocktails. 

2. Tequila Ocho Plata 

This tequila has a very distinct combination of flavors, and it praises with the attention to detail in the production process. The agave is very carefully selected, and it is imperative that it grows in the highlands so that the tequila can get the signature brand flavor. 

It combines citrus fruit flavors, especially orange rind and candied limes, almonds, starfruit, and pineapple. It starts colorfully and ends softly with a lingering finish. This tequila is intended to sip on its own, as mixing it would diminish the flavors which would truly be a shame. 

In a nutshell, this tequila is complex, flavorful, and exceptionally delicious. 

3. Herradura Silver Tequila 

This tequila is an embodiment of the saying, “do the simple things well, rather than doing the complex things badly.” Simple, straight, and sticking to the basics, this tequila is just what you need in a shot. 

It starts with the classic agave and vanilla combination, continuing sharply, and ending on peppery and citrus notes you won’t forget that easily.

Aged for 45 days, which is more than enough for the tequila blanco, it moves a tiny bit toward the reposado, acquiring a fraction of its smoothness. 

Those who love their tequila fiery can drink it as it is, but this tequila has much to offer to those who like the tequila effects more than its taste.

Therefore this spirit has an extra layer to give it more body and substance, making it smoother than most tequilas blanco. It is excellent for mixing, especially in margaritas. 

4. Don Abraham Organic Blanco Tequila


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This tequila has a rather unique way of serving. You mix it in a cocktail and pour yourself a little bit in a shot glass on the side. Take a sip from the cocktail and then drink the few drops of tequila from the side shot glass.

This is a great way to enjoy your tequila twice in the same sitting, and the ways you enjoy it complement each other amazingly. 

Since this is tequila is a bit on the sharper side, you can really use some warm-up before having it neat. The tequila in the side glass is not supposed to be a full shot, but merely a sip to follow the taste of the cocktail. 

It has a floral beginning, followed by a peppery note, ending with a harsh and rocky finish. This tequila is just what you need in a cocktail, especially if you like the fruity ones, as the fruity dimension is the most expressed one. 

5. Espolon Blanco 

This tequila is the “little black dress” among tequilas, as it fits perfectly as it is and also does a great job mixing in a cocktail. It has the recognizable blue agave flavor all over, but mainly at the beginning. 

In the middle, it has tropical fruit notes, ginger, and grilled pineapples, leading up to the spicy yet smooth finish. Considering that this tequila covers an entire flavor palette, you could say that this is a complex spirit in terms of flavor, but it is very easy to drink, and it mixes amazingly well and cocktails. 

6. Tres Agaves Blanco 

The Tres Agaves Blacno is a tequila with a distinct earthy flavor and is made of high-quality agave, which transpires into the spirit itself. This tequila doesn’t age and is bottled right after distilling to capture the natural, herbal, earthy, and fruity flavors of the drink. 

It starts on a strong agave note, continuing with a distinct herbal flavor, and ending with an earthy and spicy finish that keeps lingering on. 

However, it is stronger than what you would expect, so it has been known as the tequila for responsible drinking, as you won’t probably be able to drink a lot of it. 

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7. Don Julio Blanco 

Made by a man of the people, for the people, the Don Julio tequila always gives more than what’s promised. The Don Julio’s brand, Julio himself, was an experienced tequila artisan and a tequila enthusiast who started distilling tequila to experiment and share the results with people close to him. 

Soon the word spread that he had real talent and the Don Julio story continued only to become what it is today, a world-renowned tequila brand. 

The Don Julio Blanco is a strong but delicious tequila that works the basics better than any other brand. It starts on a strong agave and vanilla note, continuing with fruity and sweet notes, and ending sharply and spicy. 

Meant to have as a shot or for sipping, as well as in a cocktail, the Don Julio Blanco will definitely exceed your expectations without emptying your pocket. 

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8. Casa Dragones Blanco 

Enveloped in tastes of tropical fruits and more on the mellow side, you could say that this tequila is the “fair lady” of the tequilas listed here. It has an overall tropical dimension, with the recognizable agave flavor and sweetness engraved through its entire body.

It isn’t a simple-tasting tequila, but it isn’t a too complex one either, making it a great choice to have as it is, as well as in a cocktail. It is smooth, fresh, and full-bodied, meaning it would be an excellent choice for any purpose. 

9. Patron Silver 

Made by the Patron tequila brand, which is one of the best-known ones on the market, this tequila falls in the gringo category, as the brand owner is not Mexican.

Nevertheless, the brand had successfully captured the essence of the playful Mexican culture and their joie de vivre, which transpires in each sip of the Patron Silver tequila. 

It is a sharp, classic tequila with strong agave notes in the beginning, and a sharp peppery finish. This tequila has been designed to have as it is with some lemon, but feel free to mix it into a cocktail if you like it that way more. 

10. Clase Azul Plata

From its packaging to the bottle to the flavor, everything about this tequila says elegance and refinement. It is made of 100% blue agave and is enriched with tastes of citrus, smokiness, spiciness, and fresh herbs. 

Drinking this tequila is definitely a unique experience, as it will certainly not leave you indifferent. It starts with the recognizable agave sweetness, continuing with sweet and fresh citrus notes, ending with an herbal, smoky, and spicy finish. 

You can mix it in a cocktail, but I’d recommend you have this tequila neat, as it would be a shame to miss out on the extraordinarily rich palette of flavors it has to offer you. 

11. Mijenta Tequila Blanco 

This small batch of tequila falls in the delicate tequila category. It is sweet and refined, made of exceptionally high-quality blue agave. 

The Mijenta Blanco is very versatile, and the chances are you will like it. It is an overall fruity drink with strong agave notes, as well as melon sweetness, tropical fruit notes, sweet spice, and a floral finish. 

It starts with the agave flavor and continues with the fruity body, ending sharply, but smooth with a strong floral dimension. 

12. Fortaleza Blanco 

The Fortaleza Blanco is a tequila that bartenders swear on. It is the pure classic tequila, the production of which has managed to stay within the family that started producing it. 

Everything about it is made by the family, starting with the agave growing, the way of production, and even the bottling. 

It is a strong and spicy tequila with strong agave and pepper flavors. It begins with the agave dimension, continuing strong but sweet, and ending sharply and peppery. This tequila is excellent for mixing, sprinkling its magic into the cocktail. 

13. El Jimador Silver Tequila 

Named after the people who harvest the agave- jimadores, this tequila captures the essence of the Mexican tequila-making tradition. Herbal, fresh, and sharp, it is definitely for everyone, but the ones who love it love it to the core. 

This is a high-quality tequila, more on the stronger side; however, tame and smooth. The main flavors are agave and herbs, intertwined with spiciness and pepperiness. Great for mixing, as well as for shots, this tequila is definitely one of the most versatile ones on the market.

14. De Nada Tequila Blanco 

This is definitely a stand-out in the tequila department. Overall sweet and floral, this tequila has an entire range of flavors you will feel from the very beginning to the very finish of your sip. 

It starts on a sweet gave and fruity note, with sweet floral flavors in the middle, ending with a peppery and spicy note, retaining the sweetness throughout the entire sip. 

15. Casa Noble Blanco 

Distilled three times, this tequila is one of the purest on the market. It is all-organic, with no additives, and made with estate-grown agave. It is also a kosher product and is coming from a certified clean industry. 

This is a top-shelf tequila brand that characterizes by a strong agave and fruity notes, a smooth finish, and an overall smooth body. 

16. Casamigos Blanco 

The Casamigos brand is a people’s brand, whereby the owners developed the tequila with the purpose of offering the regular Joe a good-quality and affordable tequila.

The Casamigos brand wanted to develop a tequila drink you can pair with food, and as such, their tequilas are flavorful, aromatic, and smooth. 

Made of 100% blue agave cooked for three days, the Casamigos Blanco is very fruity and tame. It starts with the agave flavor and sweetness, continues on an herbal and fruity note, and ends smoothly yet strongly. 

The Casamigos Blanco is intended for slow sipping and shots, as well as while having food, so mixing it is not its primary purpose. However, it does mix well, so if you like it that way, you will certainly enjoy the Casamigos tequila cocktail. 

17. El Tesoro Blanco 

Balanced, natural-tasting, organic, pure, and without any additives, this tequila is an award-winning brand that takes much pride in its distillation and purification methods of the tequila. 

Made of 100% high-quality blue agave, El Tesoro Blanco is definitely a sharp but well-rounded tequila. It starts with an expressive agave flavor and aroma, and it proceeds to its smooth, peppery, and lingering finish. 

18. Siete Leguas Blanco 

Containing no additives, tasting like traditional agaves, distilled twice, and delicious, this tequila is definitely on the higher end. It is all-organic and natural, pure and very clean.

However, this tequila is strong and edgy. At first, it will bite you a little bit, only to allure you with its smooth texture and high viscosity. 

It starts and ends sharply, but in the middle, it is smooth and sweet. 

19. Milagro Silver 

Earthy, natural, and delicious, this is one of the most easily drinkable tequilas on this list and the tequila market in general.

This tequila is light, bright, and sweet, and definitely great for slow sipping, shots, as well as cocktails. It has an exceptionally well-balanced flavor, which cannot be described otherwise than absolutely fantastic. 

It contains expressive agave notes, as well as an elegant and understated yet noticeable citrus whiff. 

20. Flecha Azul Blanco 

The Flecha Azul Blanco is one of the best tequilas blanco on the market overall. The agave is eight years old before harvesting, and it is grown especially for the purpose of making the Flecha Azul Blanco. 

This tequila is earthy and fruity, with a strong agave flavor and expressive sweetness. It ages for two months before bottling, picking up some of the reposado smoothness, meaning that it is high in viscosity and has a smooth finish. 

Is Blanco a Sipping Tequila?

Initially, the tequila blanco has not been intended for slow sipping, but, rather, for shots. It ages very little, so it isn’t as smooth as the reposado or the añejo types, but it is still a great spirit. 

However, depending on the brand, you can get ahold of tequila blanco you can enjoy sipping slowly, as there are many such brands. On the other hand, there are those tequilas blanco that are sharp and aggressive with a strong burn. 

A good tequila blanco is fruity, herbal, and sweet, with an expressive vanilla note and a spicy and peppery finish. Still, there are brands that like to, more or less, experiment with the tequila blanco they produce, so you can also find all-fruity and floral tequilas blanco. 

Which Tequila Is Better for Sipping, Blanco or Reposado?

You can find blanco tequilas that are good for sipping as well as for shots, and you can find reposado tequila that is good for sipping or shots. It mainly depends on the brand. 

However, if we are talking in general and about the main purpose of the tequilas blanco and reposado, as a rule, the reposado is better for sipping, and the blanco is for shots. Since the reposado ages from two months to a year, it becomes smooth and acquires some flavor from the barrel. 

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What Is Considered Top Shelf Tequila?

Even though tequila is an aggressive spirit, an overly aggressive tequila is a sign of a low-quality drink. A top-shelf tequila is smooth and easily drinkable, flavorful, and aromatic. The best tequilas are distilled twice or three times, so they are pure and clean drinks. 

Another important factor is the agave percentage used in the tequila. The best tequilas are those made of 100% blue agave. Also, the more the tequila ages, the smoother it becomes, but that doesn’t make the tequila blanco any less in quality. 

Can You Drink Blanco Tequila Neat?

You can drink blanco tequila neat, but it would again depend on the particular brand. The cheaper and low-quality tequilas blanco are aggressive with an excessive burn, which means you cannot have them neat, nor can you sip them slowly. 

On the other hand, a high-quality tequila blanco is smooth, flavorful, aromatic, floral, and fruity, and you can absolutely enjoy it neat. 

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What Is the Smoothest Type of Tequila?

The smoothest tequila types are the añejo and extra añejo tequilas. These two types of tequila age the longest and are full of flavor, aroma, and color. The extra añejo has been known to be so smooth that it is almost creamy. 

The añejo and extra añejo tequilas have an abundance of flavors and are very aromatic, with expressive vanilla and agave notes. They also have a whiff of smokiness from the barrel. 

The añejo tequila ages from one to three years, and the extra añejo ages more than three years. 

What Is Blanco Tequila Good for?

The blanco tequila is said to be a young man’s game, meaning that it is mainly for shots and in a party atmosphere. Generally, tequila blanco is not for slow sipping and sharing deep thoughts with close friends, but it is a lifting drink. 

You can, however, find tequilas blanco intended for sipping, but in general, you should use tequila blanco either for shots or for cocktails.

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