10 Best Alcohols To Mix With Lemonade

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that lemonade mixes excellently with alcohol, as lemon juice often features alcoholic cocktails.

Spiked lemonade is a delicious and vibrant refreshment turning even the harshest alcohol into a sweet and tame drink. 

When deciding what alcohol to mix with lemonade, it is crucial to know precisely what you want to achieve, as not all spiked lemonade drinks appeal to the same palate. So, what is the best alcohol to mix with lemonade? 

Lemonade is the chameleon among the fruit drinks. It mashes excellent with whatever you want to combine it.

If you mix it with a bitter drink, it will milden it up, while if you mix it with something sweeter, it will add some zing and edge to it, so it’s a win-win, whichever you decide. 

Top 10 Alcohol To Mix With Lemonade

Nevertheless, caution is always recommended when it comes to deciding what you want to drink, as the wrong decision can ruin your evening. Therefore, in this article, I will give you a list of the ten best drinks to mix with lemonade. 

1. Gin

gin-tonicOn its own, gin may not be the gentlest of the drinks, but it makes up for gentility by being excellent for mixing. Gin and lemonade mash exceptionally well since they bring out the best in each other. 

Your gin can use the lemonade’s softness, while the lemonade is very receptive to the gin’s bitterness. This combination results in a sweet and sour flavor with a slight tang, freshness, and very subtle bitterness. 

You can adjust the drink’s flavor by adding more of one or the other to attune it to your taste and preference. 

2. Whiskey

Blended Scotch WhiskeysWhiskey is a refined drink that exhibits notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and smokiness. Depending on the whiskey’s quality, it may even taste like chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, and leather. 

Mixed with lemonade, the vanilla tones become even more intense, giving the overall drink a slight dessert-like dimension. The better the whiskey, the better the lemonade-whiskey mi, but don’t throw the towel just yet in case you have a bottle of the cheaper kinds. 

A little bit of simple syrup may easily save the day and sweeten up your drink. Furthermore, the grainy essence of the whiskey complements the lemony freshness of the lemonade, creating an overall balanced and delicious drink. 

3. Brandy

BrandyIn addition to being a delicious drink to have neat, brandy is also an excellent mixer. If you don’t feel like making anything special, adding some brandy to your lemonade may just do the trick.

The fruity brandy becomes even fruitier with the help of the lemonade, accentuating its fruity notes. 

In return, the lemonade gets some edginess and refinement from the brandy, giving you a drink you will want to have again. It works even better with grape-flavored brandy, but if you don’t have one handy, use whichever kind you have. 

You may also want to add some orange and lemon wheels into your glass and let them release some of their fruitiness, giving a slight tropical sensation to your drink. 

4. Vodka

vodka cocktailsVodka and lemonade make an excellent couple and work very well together. Vodka is a bitter and aggressive drink, and it is definitely not for everyone. However, vodka-spiked lemonade is one of the most sought-after refreshments. 

The bitterness of the vodka is toned down by the softness of the lemonade, while the lemonade gets an overall edginess and character thanks to the vodka sting.

Nevertheless, you may want to start slowly with less vodka and plenty of lemonade, as the high acidity in the lemonade may make the finish even harsher. 

5. Bourbon

bourbon cocktailBourbon and lemon juice often feature in various cocktails, so it is only logical to throw bourbon on this list. Although it is harsher than whiskey, bourbon tends to milden down when mixed with lemonade, as the acidity tends to tone down the bite. 

However, see that you use more lemonade and less bourbon, at least initially, until you get the hang of your drink. Adding candied orange wheels or dry lemon wedges is always an excellent idea to sweeten up your drink further. 

6. Tequila 

TequilaTequila and lemonade are old buddies and make an excellent pair working together to give you a delicious and refreshing drink. The tequila’s vibrancy and the lemonade’s liveliness will instantly create a fiesta in your mouth. 

For an even better experience, use tequila anejo, as it is the smoothest kind. Also, make sure you use 100% agave tequila to experience the drink as you should.

The sharp agave notes intertwined with the harsh ethanol aroma, paired with the smoothness of the anejo tequila mixed with lemonade, will make a genuinely irreplaceable drink. 

This is a drink that works best on a hot summer day as a lovely refreshment. 

7. White Wine 

Sweet White WineSangria is a mixture of fruit juice and wine, which is a proof enough that wine and lemonade also go great together. For this drink, choose a sweet white wine to further expand the palate of your beverage. 

In addition, the acidity of the lemonade will milden down from the sweetness of the white wine, balancing the sweet and sour flavors involved in both drinks.

This drink also works excellent with plenty of ice, so don’t be stingy and add a lot of ice and garnish your drink with a lemon wedge and mint leaves. 

8. Orange Liqueur 

Any orange liqueur will do here. So, whether you have a triple sec, Grand Marnier, or whichever orange liqueur you have handy will serve you well. However, make sure to add more lemonade than a liqueur to begin with. 

The high viscosity of the orange liqueur will add some substance to the lemonade creating a thicker drink. You can also add some orange juice and make yourself a nice tropical cocktail. 

9. Rum

Rum Mixing rum and lemonade is maybe the best idea on this list, or it is maybe my personal preference. The sweet sugarcane drink is an incredibly versatile ingredient when it comes to mixing. You can mix it with milk and still have an excellent drink. 

Nevertheless, even if you aren’t a rum drinker, you absolutely have to give this duo a chance. Your drink will be even sweeter and zingier.

If you have coconut-flavored rum, all the better. The coconut and lemon flavors create a tropical dimension which is always welcomed in a cocktail. 

10. Coffee Liqueur 

Coffee liqueurs are mellow and creamy, which is just what you want when it comes to spiked lemonade. Since both coffee and lemonade flavors are already familiar to you, you can imagine how their combination would taste. 

The sweetness and slight bitterness of both lemonade and coffee liqueur mix so well that you may easily slide this drink into your daily happy hour. You will feel sweet, bitter coffee, lemon, and some very slight chocolate notes. 

Does Lemonade Influence Alcohol?

There has been some conclusive evidence that lemonade reduces the effect of alcohol and therefore lessens the liver damage.

Still, drinking to a degree that damages your liver is never an option, but mixing your occasional drink with lemonade will allow you to drink more and still be left standing. 

Is It Okay To Mix Lemonade With Alcohol?

It is absolutely okay to mix your drink with lemonade. It will not only improve its flavor, but it will also reduce the effect of alcohol. Therefore a spiked lemonade will give you a delightful kick while allowing you to go home walking instead of being carried. 


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