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Running out of ideas for activities to do when drinking with friends? These alcoholic drinking board game DIY ideas can help you curb boredom.

Casual drinking with friends has long been a common way for people to socialize. However, drinking alone can sometimes be boring. 

Finding an interactive activity is one way to get the gathering more exciting and to enjoy your buzz in a more fun way. Drinking board games are one way to get the group active. But, it doesn’t mean you have to spend money on ready-made board games. 


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You can get alittle creative and craft some games yourself. After all, all you need is to design a simple game, set the rules, and prep the booze.

I’ve made this process even simpler by sharing 5 of my personal favorite DIY alcoholic drinking board game ideas to try out with your friends. 

5 Best DIY Drinking Board Games to Try with Friends this Weekend

1. Clock A Drink

Ditch the beer bottle for the much safer bottle cap-based, DIY-crafted board game. As the name suggests, this board game involves a clock-like board game design. It features simple and easy-to-follow instructions along with materials you readily find around your home. 

Clock A Drink

Curating the actual board game is pretty straightforward, too. A circular board made of a card box or an old clock, up to 12 alcoholic bottle caps, and 2 clock arms (made from sticks or plastic – make sure the material is heavy enough for the arm to rotate on its own with a single push) are all you need.

The arms should represent the hour arm and seconds arm pointing at different locations.  

Alternatively, if the old clock is still attached with arms you can manually move it easily, that will do. When it comes to bottle caps, use bottle caps for drinks you plan to use for the game. 

You can mix and match the drinks – for instance, you can include several beer brands, pre-made cocktails, and alcoholic drinks (like Smirnoff ice). 

The bottle caps are arranged in a circular motion around the board in the same arrangement as the numbers of the clock.

Use super glue to attach the caps permanently on the clock while also attaching the arms at the center. However, if you attach the arms using glue, make sure the ends can still rotate to a 360-degree angle. 

Once you have the DIY clock ready, you should be able to start the game. To play the game, the player rotates the hour arm. The player is to then down a shot or glass of the type of alcohol or brand of the cap the arm stops at.

The best part of playing this simple but fun game is that there is no player limit, whether it’s just two or ten people. 

2. The Wheel of Drinking

Just like the famed wheel of fortune game, the Wheel of Drinking follows a similar pattern. However, with this game, the player is rewarded with a couple of drinks. Further, unlike the wheel of fortune’s free-standing design, this game’s wheel is crafted to be a simple board game. 

All you need is an old card box cut out into a circular pattern to make the wheel. You want to attach the wheeled cardboard onto another similar circular cardboard wheel as a platform, attaching the centers using large pins. 

This style of attachment allows the front, visible wheel to spin. Use different colored glossy paper to create the sections where the wheel’s arm will end. Typically, the sections are divided into 12 parts like the numbers on the clock.

Lastly, use a heavy enough plastic material to cut our clock-like arms that you can glue to the center of the wheel. When gluing the arms, make sure they can still rotate on a single push.

On the wheel, the 12 sections are each labeled with different commands, including drink 1, drink 2, drink 3, drink 4, do over, do over 2, give 1, give 2, and give 3. 

The player simply spins the wheel and waits for the arm to land on the command. The “drink” command refers to the number of drinks you should take (this can be anything from tequila, beer, spirit shots, or glasses of beer or wine).

On the other hand, the “give” command lets you pick who you want to drink while the number after “lose” entails how many drinks. The “do-over” command lets you spin the wheel again. 

3. Wall Throw Board Game

A drinking DIY board game doesn’t have to be set on the surface of your table or the ground. You can also design a wall-based board game.

This particular DIY idea offers you the chance to put your throwing skills on display. For this game, attach a manila sheet or poster board to the wall and use super glue to attach plastic cups onto the manila. 

The manila should be divided into three columns.  The first and last columns should be lined with four plastic cups next to one another while the middle column is left with three cups. Cut out another piece of manila to make rectangular cards you will glue next to each cup. 

You will then write commands on each card. Now, the commands you write on each card entirely depend on your preference. You can add commands such as truth, dare, take a shot, drink an entire bottle of beer in two minutes, do five push ups, and a sleuth of other fun commands to integrate into the game. 

To play the game, each player aims to throw a small ball into one of the cups (if you don’t have a ball you can make one by scrunching up heavy Manila paper and wrapping it with tape to make a ball). The player has to follow the commands printed on the card next to the cup the ball ends up in. 

This game accommodates anywhere from two people to a large group. Plus, it’s never short of exciting things to do, based on the commands you chose to print on the card.  

4. Drunk Twister

Did you know that you can turn a regular twister game into a fun drinking board game? And yes, while it doesn’t count as a traditional board game per se, it’s still a pretty interesting drinking game. Plus, the base you use for the game is technically a “board” anyways.

Like a regular twister game, this game uses a spinner and requires you to position your body part on the right circle till you lose balance and fall over. 

Now, with a little buzz from your drinking, the game gets a lot more fun. With a little bit of the buzz, the real, stomach-hurting laughs begin at the fifth round.

The rules are simple, whoever falls over, drinks. The choice of the drink depends entirely on what the group chooses. You can also tweak some of the rules to suit your group and to make the game even more interactive. 

5. Drinking Bao

My personal favorite, the bao game, is not very popular. Nonetheless, it can be a pretty interesting drinking game. Based on the mankala-type board games, bao originates from coastal Tanzania in East Africa and is similar to other mankala-type games that are popular in Africa and Asia. 

The game comes with moving dice and a special wooden board with designated holes to play. But, you can also DIY your board to make things easy.

Use a large manila sheet and section it into small squares that simulate the holes in a typical bao board. You should make 32 holes equally distributed across 4 lines.  The top side belongs to the north player while the bottom two lines belong to the south player. 

Alternatively, if you are outdoors, you can do it the way the locals do it by digging small holes into the ground and using stones in place of the game’s circular stone dice. 

By the end of this game, you are guaranteed to have a good buzz or even pass out, if you suck at the game! Nonetheless, the bao drinking game is an exciting game to get you on the edge of your seat if you want the right drinking entertainment with friends. 

Bao typically involves two players, although you can team up if you are in a group. Now, the actual rules of bao can be complex.

But, you can find them online if you want to commit to the true game. If you want something simpler, you can come up with easier rules for an interactive game that won’t confuse an already buzzed mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Board Games Are Good For Drinking?

There are a variety of good drinking board games available to purchase on the market. Some of the best games include the Drink–A–Palooza. But, if you are on a tight budget, you can also DIY your own. There are plenty of resources that offer alcoholic drinking board game DIY ideas.  

What Is The Name For A Drinking Board Game?

The ultimate drinking board game is called the Drink-a-palooza. This ready-made board game combines many of the popular drinking board games, including beer pong and quarters. It features a monopoly-style design to get you more engaged.

What Is The Best Drinking Game For Couples?

Clock-A-Drink and Wall Throw Board are great games for couples. but, if you are looking for a good challenge, whether physical or mental, drunk twister or drinking bao are excellent options, respectively,


With a rich selection of alcoholic drinking board game DIY options, drinking with friends or your partner doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

The best part is most of these games only require small items you can readily find around the house. So, by sparing a few minutes, you can transform your drinking experience.

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