19 Alcohol Drinks That Gets You Drunk Fast And Taste Good

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Looking for drink ideas to celebrate reaching that milestone or a fun weekend with friends? Our top recommendations for a drink that gets you drunk fast and taste good can help. Whether a creamy cocktail or a clean fruity cocktail, there’s always the right option for every type of drinker.

We’ve put together for you a lineup of 19 bartender-recommended drinks that get you drunk faster without compromising their taste to incorporate into your celebrations.

Top 19 Bartender-Recommended Great Tasting Drinks To Get You Drunk

1. Long Island Ice Tea


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Alcohol concentration: 22% ABV/44 US Proof

The Long Island Ice Tea contains a mix of up to 5 different alcoholic spirits. This gives the cocktail a high whopping boozy concentration of up to 22% ABV. Yet, it’s still very easy to get lost in this boozy cocktail, thanks to its delicious taste.

Typically, long island ice tea contains a blend of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, and gin finished off with a splash of water. Surprisingly, the striking cocktail with an amber hue finish served in a high ball delivers a pretty delicious complex taste.

The high alcohol content in this cocktail means you can get pretty drunk from just a single glass. After all, one long island iced tea is easily equivalent to 5 beers. Yet, the crisp, clean taste of this boozy cocktail makes it so sweet that it is easy to down more than a glass.

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2. Sex On The Beach


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Alcohol concentration: 11.6% ABV/ 23.2 US Proof

Reminiscent of the relaxing tropical island beaches during summer, Sex on the Beach is the ultimate feel-good cocktail. This delicious cocktail will get you drunk pretty fast while enjoying its sweet fruity taste. In fact, it offers a refreshing tropical fruity taste during a warm summer weekend, making it easy to down a couple.

The cocktail contains a vodka alcohol base that has its bitter taste easily countered by peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice. as a result, you have a beautifully fruity, and refreshingly sweet drink.

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3. Sea Breeze


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Alcohol concentration: Up to 50% ABV/ 100 US Proof

If you want to elevate your Sex on the Beach, ditch the peach schnapps and orange juice for grapefruit soda. The soda adds the much-needed effervescence to wake your cocktail up.

Since the vodka amount in this cocktail is increased, so does the alcohol content. yet, you don’t have to worry about any strong boozy taste, thanks to the sweet and fruity cranberry juice and grapefruit soda.

Tip: You can also use grapefruit juice in place of soda.        

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4. Screwdriver


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Alcohol concentration: Up to 50% ABV/100 US proof

Sometimes referred to as vodka and orange, the Screwdriver cocktail is a simple yet, very satisfying cocktail. The 2-ingredient cocktail is made using 1 part vodka and 2 parts orange juice. However, even with the simple formula, you still get a complex blend of citrusy, sweet, and refreshing flavor profiles.

The orange juice does a fantastic job of blending with the vodka to eliminate the bitter boozy aftertaste. Mixed with cold orange juice, it’s easy to over-drunk or quickly chug down this refreshing drink, making it easy to get drunk.

Depending on the vodka brand you use in the cocktail, the screwdriver has an alcohol concentration of up to 50% ABV. So, it’s quite easy to get drunk after drinking just one glass of a screwdriver.

5. Caipirinha


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Alcohol content: 30% ABV/ 60 US Proof

The high sugary contents mixed with cachaca in Caipirinha give it a crisp, clean, yet, very sweet taste. This, in turn, makes it easy to get drunk from the 60-proof cocktail. The high sugar, Brazilian cocktail contains cachaca, a sugarcane-based alcoholic spirit mixed with brown sugar and lime juice.

The contrasting sugary notes with the faint lime taste add to the cocktail’s punch while masking any alcoholic taste.

6. Brandy Alexander


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Alcohol content: 19% ABV/ 38 US Proof

Mixed with brandy and an average crème de cacao, Brandy Alexander contains a relatively high alcohol concentration to get you drunk quickly. on the other hand, its ultra-sweet and creamy consistency easily give you a sense of security by masking the alcoholic taste.

You can consume multiple glasses of this smooth cocktail, easily forgetting about the high concentration of booze. This dessert-style cocktail is made by mixing cognac, crème de cacao, and brandy and served in a chilled cocktail glass. Grated nutmeg is added to bring out its decadent chocolatey and spicy taste.

On a warm summer day, you can elevate the drink and turn it into a frozen brandy Alexander by adding chocolate or vanilla ice cream to it.

7. Piña Colada 


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Alcohol concentration: Up 1o 13% ABV/ 26 US Proof

The pina colada is the ultimate tropical cocktail, giving you a creamy, smooth, and refreshing drink. The cocktail is made using rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice blended with ice. The Puerto Rican cocktail is made using a wide range of light rums.

Generally, using rum of about 80 US proof will give you a total boozy concentration of 26 US proof. Now, the cocktail’s creamy consistency, sweetness from the pineapple, and crushed ice give you a refreshing finish. Chugging the refreshing drink down quickly is pretty easy and so is getting drunk from the cocktail.

8. Orgasm


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Alcohol concentration: 15% ABV/ 30 US Proof

Whether served on the rocks or layered as a cocktail or even downed as a shooter, Orgasm doesn’t disappoint. Combining a mix of amaretto, Kahlua, and bailey’s Irish cream, Orgasm is perhaps the only drink that features a decadent texture and sweet smooth taste with alcohol alone.

The boozy mix is brought to life by pouring it over ice in an old-fashioned glass garnished with a cherry. While it packs a blend of three alcoholic spirits, the flavors of these spirits impressively mask off the unpleasant boozy taste.

The drink is smooth and easy on the throat – so you can easily down more than a glass or shooter. But, a glass alone is enough to get you tipsy.

Tip: If you want a more boozy kick, make a screaming orgasm by adding vodka and milk to a regular orgasm.

9. Rum and Coke


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Alcohol concentration: 9.5% ABV/19 US Proof

Also known as Cuba libre, the rum and coke cocktail is exactly what its name suggests. The cocktail is made by mixing light rum such as Bacardi, cola such as coke, and fresh lime juice. The mix is then strained into a highball glass with rum for a refreshing cool drink.

The coke and lime juice fuse effortlessly with the rum to undercut the bitter boozy taste. On the other hand, the mix highlights the sweet rum and coke taste elevated by the citrusy aftertaste. Adding ice to the cocktail also enhances its refreshing factor.

While rum and coke have a relatively lower alcohol proof, more than one glass of the cocktail can render you tipsy or drunk. The best part is it happens without you knowing due to the sweetness of the drink.

10. Paloma


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Alcohol concentration: 10% ABV/ 20 US Proof

Among alcohol spirits with high proof, tequila can easily get you drunk. When mixed in a cocktail with non-alcoholic mixers, the strength is controlled. With a standard concentration of 80 to 110 US proof, the concentration of tequila quarters to about 20 US proof in a Paloma. This is equal to a standard glass of wine.  

But, this doesn’t strip away the strength from the agave-based spirit. When used to make paloma, the clean, crisp agave spirit contributes to making a fantastic cocktail. Paloma is made using tequila mixed with lime juice and grapefruit-flavored soda poured over ice and garnished with a lime wedge.

The fruity grapefruit soda and citrusy lime juice do a great job of balancing the boozy bitterness of tequila without taking over its entire profile. So, while enjoying the complex built-up of flavors from the cocktails, it’s pretty easy to overlook the fact that you are getting drunk – pretty quickly!

11. Tequila Sunrise


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Alcohol concentration: 11-13% ABV/22-26 US Proof

If you want to enjoy an orange boozy drink, the tequila sunrise should be your go-to cocktail. The cocktail gets its name from its look which resembles a sunrise. When mixed with standard 80 proof tequila, this cocktail boasts a concentration of about 22 to 26 US proof.

The cocktail contains tequila, orange juice, and pomegranate-based grenadine syrup for a sensational citrusy-orangey taste.  The fruity taste of the cocktail is enhanced by pouring the mix into a Collins glass with ice for a cool, refreshing finish. The fruity taste in the cocktail masks the strong alcohol, making it easy to get drunk from the delicious cocktail.

12. Irish Coffee


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Alcohol Concentration: 9% ABV/ 18 US Proof

Irish coffee is another digestif popular for its creamy decadent taste that can get you drunk pretty fast. The cocktail has a standard 18 US proof based on an 80 proof whiskey. However, depending on the whiskey brand you use, the concentration can go up.

Now, the high caffeine content and bold ingredients in Irish coffee easily mask the boozy element without affecting the whiskey’s flavor notes. The cocktail is made using Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar stirred and topped with cream or cream liqueur.

13. Bloody Mary


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Alcohol concentration: 10% ABV/ 20 US Proof

Bloody Mary is not your typical cocktail as it doesn’t exude the typical sweet, fruity, or creamy flavor and texture profiles. Instead, this cocktail develops a more savory taste, thanks to its ingredients. However, it’s this flavor profile that helps to mask the strong alcoholic taste of the vodka in the cocktail.

In fact, incorporating vodka, blood Mary contains at least 10% ABV concentration. Nonetheless, it’s easy to get drunk from just a glass of bloody Mary. The cocktail is made by mixing vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, celery, black pepper, lime juice, salt, and other spices. There’s a reason why this savory, vegetable cocktail is a hangover cure!

14. Mojito


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Alcohol concentration: 13% ABV/ 26 US Proof

A popular Cuban cocktail, the mojito is the country’s traditional punch. One can only refer to this cocktail as an artistic masterpiece, containing crispy clean tropical components. The cocktail is made using white rum, sugar (from sugar cane juice), lime juice, soda water, and mint leaves muddled in the cocktail’s glass.

The muddling of the mint leaves allows for the release of the essential oils to give the cocktail its unique element. As result, the cocktail boasts a sweet, citrus, and herbaceous minty flavor that complements the boozy rum and undercuts any bitter alcohol flavors.

The crushed ice and splash of soda water added at the end gives the cocktail its much-needed cool and refreshing finish. This explains why it’s very easy to get drunk from the cocktail before you know it.

15. Mimosa


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Alcohol concentration: 10% ABV/ 20 US Proof

Our personal favorite, there’s a reason why the Mimosa is a popular brunch drink. This refreshing cocktail is traditionally made with only two ingredients, i.e. champagne and orange juice. However, other recipes add extra mixers such as grand mangier which slightly increases its flavor and alcohol concentration.

The cocktail seems to have a lower alcohol proof, similar to a glass of wine. But, it’s easy to get drunk pretty fast from a glass of mimosa alone. There’s a reason for this! The gas bubbles in the champagne mean the booze is easily and quickly absorbed by the stomach, allowing it to enter the bloodstream quicker. in turn, you get drunk faster.

Tip: If you want to get drunk from a mimosa faster – simply turn it into a Buck’s Fizz. To do so, add twice as much champagne to the orange juice (i.e. 2 parts champagne and 1 part orange juice).

16. French 75


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Alcohol concentration: 16% ABV/ 32 US Proof

If a mimosa is much too boring for you, you can always spice things up with gin. Simply add ice to a cocktail shaker and pour in the gin, simple sugar, and lemon juice. Shake, strain into a champagne flute, and top with champagne.

As a result, the drink develops contrasting effervescence, crispiness, and a satisfying citrus aftertaste. Further, the simple syrup undercuts the string gin alcohol taste and balances the citrusy taste. Like the origin of the cocktail and its name, the French 75 hits you when you least expect it.

It’s certainly a delicious-tasting cocktail that will get you drunk faster than you expect.

17. White Russian


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Alcohol concentration: 20%-27.5% ABV/ 40- 55 US Proof

Vodka, fresh cream, and coffee liqueur in an old fashioned glass with ice are all you need for this decadent cocktail. The coffee liqueur fuses well with the fresh cream to mask any unpleasant boozy taste from the vodka. Yet, the flavor elements of the vodka uplift the otherwise regular coffee liqueur and cream into a prolific blend of complex flavors.

Sipping on this smooth and refreshing drink, you can completely forget you are drinking alcohol. Plus, a single old fashioned glass of White Russian can give you a pretty good buzz.

18. Gin & Tonic


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Alcohol concentration: 37.5% ABV/75 US Proof

A classic cocktail, the gin and tonic cocktail is perhaps one of the best drink inventions. The cocktail has one of the highest alcohol concentrations on the list. The sweet and sour effervescence tonic fused with gin creates an impressive complex flavor profile.

Plus, the gin, even with its mild flavor allows it to effectively mask the strong alcohol flavor without diminishing the gin’s taste notes. The cocktail boasts a bright and zesty characteristic. But, this is not all.

The cocktail’s versatility allows you to personalize the overall flavor profile. Depending on the gin brand you go for, you will get anything from spicy, herbaceous, fruity, or floral.

Tip: Instantly elevate your gin and tonic into a refreshing fruity cocktail by substituting strawberry gin with regular gin.

19. Moscow Mule


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Alcohol concentration: 37.5% ABV/75 US Proof

Whoever thought mixing vodka and ginger beer would produce such as fantastic cocktail? Now, mix the two with lime juice and you have Moscow mule. The traditional way of serving Moscow Mule in a copper mug with lemon slices also improves the cocktail’s taste.

The cocktail boasts a fizzy finish with a flavor balance of spicy, sweet, and bold. However, it feels tastes really good on the plate, tantalizing the tongue with every taste. No wonder it’s easy to get drunk from it.


What Alcohol Get You Drunk The Fastest?

Vodka and tequila are the most common alcohols to get you drunk fast. This is because these alcoholic spirits are distilled to have a high alcohol concentration.

While standard tequila and vodka contain alcohol concentrations of at least 40% ABV/80 US proof. Others can have concentrations of up to 55% ABV/110 US proof.


You can find a wide selection of picks for drink that gets you drunk fast and taste good. Whether you want a cleaner and crisp taste, sweeter and fruity taste, or creamier decadent consistency, there’s always a cocktail to suffice your palate needs.

Further, it’s not always vodka, tequila, or other spirit-based cocktails that make up delicious drinks to get you wasted faster. Other alcoholic beverages, like champagne that you typically would consider create drinks that are just as good!

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