20 Best Alcohol Bottles For A Party in 2024

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Although the people make the party, still the booze is a very important part of it. There is just something about the bottles placed on the counter that makes the party even more, fun and fancy. 

Having the right drinks for your party is as crucial as having the right people attending. Imagine you have bad wine or lousy whiskey or overly aggressive vodka or mixed tequila; everyone would be floored within the first two hours of the party. 

And though sometimes the best parties are those no one remembers, it is preferable to have a great party everyone will talk about a long time later. So, what are the best alcohol bottles for a party?

When you are having a party, it is important to have variety. Not everyone is a wine drinker or a beer drinker, or a whiskey drinker, and you need to fill everyone’s cup. Therefore, you need to have several different types of drinks. 

Furthermore, you need to know how many people would drink a particular drink, so you know how much to buy. Buying too much is hardly a problem, but buying too little is a real party pooper, as you will be leaving people halfway.

Still, nothing is as important as buying high-quality drinks. You can have variety but lack quality. If you can’t afford to buy fancy vodka, you go with fancy beer and still pull off a great party. Sure, you need both, but make sure you prioritize quality drinks. 

Top 20 Alcohol Bottles For a Party

In this article, I will give you a list of the 20 best bottles for a party so that you and your guests have a great time and enjoy some solid alcohol. 

1. Anestasia Vodka

This vodka was created by Yuliya Mamontova according to Yuliya’s grandmother’s recipe. It is crystal clear, and it easily becomes a jewel at any party. Moreover, the bottle is crystal-shaped, so it is just as decorative as it is delicious. 

This vodka has quite the substance. It is fresh, crisp, and very delicate, with a peppery yet gentle finish. It makes excellent cocktails, and it is very pretty to look at.

Moreover, it is an excellent slow sipper, so your guests can enjoy this drink neat. If you are having a fancy cocktail party, this bottle has to be displayed on your counter. 

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2. St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Natural, herbal, crisp, and refreshing, this liqueur is very flavorful and very delicious. Tasting citrusy and sweet with expressive fruity notes, such as peach and pear, this liqueur can quickly become the star of your party.

Mixing great in cocktails, this drink also does an excellent job as a slow sipper. 

Easy to drink on its own and an excellent cocktail ingredient, your quests will undoubtedly want to get ahold of it. It is an affordable drink that can make all the difference in the world at the party.

Suitable for both fancy and wild parties, this drink quickly transforms from Bruce Wayne to Batman. 

3. KAH Tequila

Made from blue agave, KAH ages in oak barrels, where it further upgrades its flavor. With a bottle inspired by the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead, this is a very decorative bottle to have at a party.

Shaped as a skull with traditional Mexican decorations, it will certainly draw the attention of your guests. 

However, an eye-catching bottle is not all this tequila has to offer, as it is also very delicious. With distinct agave and fruity notes, this tequila is a vibrant and colorful drink with flavors exploding on your palate. Smooth but assertive, your guest will love its liveliness. 

Whether you serve it in a cocktail or neat, it is certainly an enjoyment full of life and a cheerful spirit. If your party is more on the wild side, this tequila bottle is certainly a welcomed addition on your counter. 

4. Clase Azul 

Clase Azul tequila is a premium tequila and an exquisite drink for an elegant party. The bottle is very fancy-shaped, like a teardrop, all white with blue decorations. Certainly a classy drink for a classy party. 

Inside the bottle, there is a genuine delicacy. This 100% agave tequila is known and loved for its vibrancy and spirit. It is deep-flavored, full-bodied, and very smooth. It mixes excellent in cocktails, but it is a shame to mix it since it deprives you of experiencing it as it is. 

This bottle must be in your assortment if you are having a party for tequila lovers. 

5. Louis XIII Black Pearl

This French brandy is an excellent bottle to have at your party. Smooth, fruity, fragrant, and very flavorful, it is an excellent way to impress your guests and make them feel welcome at your party. 

Starting from the bottle itself, bursting with class and elegance, and ending with the impeccably smooth finish of the drink it keeps inside, this liqueur is one of the most popular ones and most sought-after drinks on the market. 

6. D’Usse

D’Usse is a type of brandy that is still a rising star on the market with a very promising talent. The bottle is commands respect for the drink, and it will tickle your guests’ curiosity from the get-go. 

This is a smooth and vibrant Cognac, tasting expressively like fruits such as grapes, with a smooth texture and a creamy consistency. Suitable for fancy parties, it also has a wild side, so it fits in excellently in any setting you might place in.  

7. Frozen Ghost Vodka

If you’re having a Halloween party, this bottle will immensely upgrade your Halloween setting. It is a misty white bottle with a silhouette of a ghost that really seems trapped inside the bottle, and it is spooky too. 

Inside this creepy exterior lies a delicious drink, a classic vodka, with crisp freshness and a slightly citrusy and herbal note. As a cocktail mixer, it does an amazing job of giving life to the ingredients, making them play together. Smooth but a little snide, it stings and bites but in a way you just might like. 

As a slow sipper, it creates an amazing kick; your guests will certainly enjoy it. Until you get this bottle for your party, you won’t know how much it needs it. 

8. Haig Club

If you are a football bunch, a bottle of Haig Club is an absolute must at your party. David Beckham is this brand’s face, appearing in multiple marketing campaigns.

This whiskey is very popular among football fans that happen to be also whiskey enthusiasts. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for a match-viewing party, as beer is the magic poison for that occasion. I would definitely recommend it for a football-themed party. 

This grainy delight does carry some cachet in the whiskey world as it is a good-quality spirit. After all, Beckham wouldn’t allow for his name to be torn, so you can expect a good drink to spill out of the bottle. 

9. Armand da Brignac Champagne

Popularly called “Ace of Spade,” this Champagne is an excellent bottle for a celebratory party. Even if you aren’t celebrating anything specifically, it is always festive to have a bottle of bubbly at your party to raise the atmosphere. 

This Champagne is a premium drink and a very popular one. It has been nicknamed after Jay-Z, who became an investor in the company.

The fact that it has been so popularly endorsed only fortifies the fact that this drink is absolutely worth a spot on your counter at your next party. 

10. Cointreau

Although it is a liqueur and not a wine or a spirit, this drink is absolutely deserving of a spot on this list. Orange-flavored, smooth, and thick, this liqueur is an excellent cocktail ingredient and a great drink to have on its own. 

Not only will it fill your palate with sweet, orangey deliciousness, but it will also feast your eyes with its refined appearance. If you are planning an elegant party or a cocktail event, a bottle of Cointreau should be among the first things you buy. 

11. Hpnotiq

A bottle of this blue delicacy can never go unnoticed. If you want to make the party of the season, a bottle of this radiant blue liqueur could help you get there.

Known as an excellent cocktail mixer, the Hpnotiq liqueur is an excellent slow sipper too. It also works for shots, as it is pretty mild and won’t get your guests too drunk too soon. 

Sweet and high in viscosity, fresh, and very appealing, a bottle of Hpnotiq is a great addition to your counter and an excellent eye-catching centerpiece.

Moreover, there are tons of recipes you can find regarding how to use Hpnotiq, so if you want a colorful party, place buying Hpnotiq on your “to-do” list.

12. Jack Daniel’s Chess Game

The Jack Daniel’s Chess game is a Jack Daniel’s spirit collection contained in a chess box. There are 32 small bottles, each containing a shot of a Jack Daniel’s variety.

Not only decorative and entertaining but educational too, this set contains facts about the company affixed on each bottle. 

Moreover, you can use this set for a drinking game to up your party or sharpen the atmosphere if it starts getting dull. It is also an excellent way to acquaint your guests with the Jack Daniel’s assortment and give them a chance to familiarize themselves with top-quality whiskey. 

13. Crystal Head Vodka

Shaped like a skull, this vodka is said to give you the “crystal skull” sensation. Sharp but very refreshing, this drink radiates through your nasal pathways creating the feeling of cold air, thus the “crystal skull” sensation. 

Just looking at it, your guest will feel chills down their spine, and not because it appears creepy, but because it is that good. It does an excellent job for a themed party, especially if you like “the forces of the underground” kind of stuff. 

Crisp and refreshing, this vodka is a strong drink to have neat and a great cocktail ingredient. So, whether your guests enjoy cocktails or like their vodka neat, you will be giving your crowd what they want with a bottle of this spirit. 

14. Crown Royal 

If you have whiskey enthusiasts at your party or just people who appreciate good alcohol, a bottle of Crown Royal absolutely has to be among your offerings. Smooth, refined, elegant, and delicious, this whiskey is a slam dunk at every elegant gathering. 

If you are planning a party that is neither HC nor mellow, Crown Royal fits right in. This is a classy whiskey and an excellent slow sipper. However, adding it to a cocktail is also a great way t enjoy this spirit.

This is definitely an excellent choice for a party accompanied by smooth jazz, cigars, nuts, and leather chairs. 

15. Blanton’s Bourbon

If you are planning a chill-out kind of party where you just want to lounge with your friends, have nice talks, and enjoy your favorite music without much fuss, a bottle of Blanton’s is all you need to make that happen. 

This is a simple yet very effective and warm spirit that will open your heart and give you that warm, friendly feel. It works just as well in cocktails as it does neat.

Your chill-out party wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of this drink, so don’t think twice before giving it a shot. 

16. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

From a black tie to a biker party, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a great bottle to have at your gathering. Sweet but assertive, it fits in any setting you have on your mind. If you play rock, it will rock you; if you play jazz, it will jazz you. 

Starting softly, with noticeable notes of honey, developing fully mid-palate, and ending on a smoky and leathery note, it is a superb slow sipper and an exquisite cocktail ingredient. 

17. Fireball Whiskey 

If you have a frat day’s nostalgia, a bottle of Fireball whiskey is what you need at your party. Whether you do shots or drink cocktails, Fireball whiskey is meant to get you at least tipsy. If you plan to sip it slowly, then you shouldn’t go with a Fireball bottle. 

If you are planning a party more on the wilder side, Fireball is the way to go. 

18. Casamigos Tequila 

If you are planning to serve some delicious Mexican food at your party and turn it into a fiesta, a bottle of Casamigos tequila will surely make the cut. Made specifically to combine with food, this tequila goes excellently with any Mexican delicacy you might serve. 

This is also a friendly tequila, very gentle and very flavorful. A bottle of Casamigos tequila is an excellent addition to any party where close friends gather and just spend some quality time together. 

19. Cabernet Sauvignon 

If you are the type of person who wants to make decadent parties accompanied by good food, a classy setting, and good music, Cabernet Sauvignon is an absolute must at your gathering.

An excellent pair with cold plates, cheeses, cured meats, roast, dried fruits, nuts, or chocolate, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, will fancy up your party and make it an event that people will talk about long after.

20. Jägermeister  

If you want to make a shot party, a bottle of Jägermeister will certainly up the ante. Herbal, refreshing, sweet, and delicious, a bottle of Jägermeister is an excellent addition to a lively and dynamic party.

You will absolutely love the chatter among your guests after a few shots of this delicacy. 

What Alcohol Is Best for Parties?

Depending on the party, different kinds of alcohol can make the cut. Vodka is more prevalent at cocktail parties, while beer is more of a universal thing, suitable for any kind of gathering.

However, it seems that vodka is the most popular drink for parties, as well as beer. 

Wine and tequila are also pretty famous, but they are more popular at parties with lots of food. 

What Is the Most Popular Bottle of Alcohol?

Whether you need it for your own party or you need to bring it to a party, the most popular drinks are whiskey, vodka, wine, and tequila.

The brand depends on your taste and your pocket, but the some of the most popular ones are Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker for whiskey, Grey Goose and Smirnoff for vodka, Teremana, and Clase Azul for tequila, and Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon for wine.

The host always welcomes these four guys as party gifts or treats. 

However, the selection of high-end brands of these drinks is endless. 


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