13 Best 100% Agave Tequilas to Try

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Made strictly in Mexico, tequila is a world-known alcoholic drink you can have as a shot or sipping it slowly. Tequila is most known as a blood-boiling, burning, passionate drink worldwide. 

Have you ever wondered why some tequilas keep you bedridden the next day and others allow you to function? No, it’s not only the quantity and speed of drinking; the type of tequila also has something to do with it.

Tequila is an entire science in itself, and to enjoy it to the fullest; you need to be well-educated in this subject. 

In terms of the base ingredients, there are two types of tequila; 100% agave tequila and tequila mixto. The tequila mixtos are 51% agave and 49% grains, but the 100% agave is pure. Therefore the 100% agave tequilas are of better quality than the mixtos. 

The tequila mixtos contain sugars and colorants, which diminishes the spirit’s quality; however, there are some good ones among them, nonetheless. On the other hand, the 100% tequilas are of noticeably higher quality. 

They all start with the recognizable agave freshness and citrus flavors; however, they retain the typical tequila aggressiveness. Still, the burn of the 100% agave tequila is different than that of the mixto type. 

The mixtos are overly aggressive and have a very strong alcoholic flavor, on the other hand, the 100% creates a burn that is more warming than it is stinging. Therefore, I recommend you choose even the worst 100% tequila over the best tequila mixto. 

So what are some good 100% agave tequilas? 

Knowing which tequila to drink is crucial when you want to have a quality tequila night. In addition to choosing between a 100% agave tequila and a tequila mixto, you should choose which type of tequila you will be having in terms of aging. 

There are three main kinds of tequila according to how long they have aged. The youngest one is the tequila Blanco or silver. It ages for up to three months and is best known for shots. 

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The tequila reposado (rested) ages from three to 12 months, and the añejo (old) variety ages from one to three years. There is also another tequila type, the extra añejo (extra old), which ages over three years. 

The older the tequila, the smoother the taste. So, a 100% agave tequila used for the proper purpose can really up your tequila experience. 

In this article, I will describe a list of the best brands of 100% agave tequilas and tell you how and when each of them works best. 

1. Casamigos


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The Casamigos tequila brand is a pretty young tequila brand, but thanks to its quality, it has managed to rise pretty quickly and make a name in the tequila market. Known as the people’s tequila, it has been specifically developed to combine with food. 

They offer the three main kinds of tequila, i.e., the Blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas, and the brand takes much pride in the making process. They are famous for the slow roasting of agave and the lower distillation process, making this brand’s tequilas unique. 

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2. Teremana 


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The Teramana tequila brand also makes all three types of tequila. This brand’s tequilas are known as made the traditional Mexican way, in clay brick ovens. They observe the authentic Mexican tequila-making process and the flavors they offer. 

The brand is known for honoring the Mexican tequila-making procedures and the long-lasting Mexican tequila-related tradition. 

3. Patron


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Patron is a Mexican tequila brand that is over 30 years old, so it is safe to say that it has become an integral part of the Mexican tequila culture. Over the years, they have perfected the art of tequila-making, becoming a premium tequila brand. 

They offer the three standard tequila varieties plus the extra añejo type. Their tequilas are known as very flavorful and smooth. They build upon each other, so the Blanco is the fruitiest and the sharpest one. 

The reposado type retains the features of the Blanco with an added touch of smoothness. The añejo and extra añejo and super smooth and velvety, offering everything the other types do, plus smokiness and refinement. 

4. El Jimador 


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Named after the agave harvesters- jimadores, this tequila brand is a true representation of the Mexican tequila tradition. This is a pretty strong and fiery tequila, just like the character of the Mexican culture. 

The brand wants to honor the jimadores that took the first and hardest step toward creating the tequila spirit.

5. Tarantula Azul


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Known as “the right kind of bite,” the Tarantula Azul tequila charms you from the get-go. It is a tequila made specifically for shots, and the brand focuses on creating and improving a tequila you chug without burning your insights. 

In an elegant blue bottle, this blue-colored tequila basks in its fanciness and very particular gentility that other tequila shooters seem to lack. The name doesn’t grasp its essence, but it sure is catchy. 

The Tarantula Azul is famous for being fruity, citrusy, and flavorful. It has a slightly higher viscosity, and it is genuinely different than the rest of the shot tequilas. 

7. Santo Mezquita 

This brand uses the same barrels to make all tequila types. So, the reposado ages in tequila Blanco barrels and the añejo in reposado barrels. This chain use of barrels allows for the tequilas to absorb the flavors of the ones that came before them, making this brand’s spirits exceptionally flavorful. 

However, this is isn’t a drink for the faint-hearted as it is a bit more on the strong side, so whether you choose the Blanco or the reposado, be prepared for a flavorful but very noticeable bite. 

8. Fortaleza Tequila 


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The Fortaleza tequila brand offers all three tequila types but is most famous for its tequila Blanco variety. Not that the other kinds are bad, far from it, but it is common for a brand to have a flagship product while offering other products of the same quality. 

What makes the Fortaleza tequila Blanco so unique is that it is exceptionally fruity while retaining the recognizable tequila bite. Apparently, many dig that combination and love the expressive flavors and the highly noticeable bite. 

9. Casa Noble 


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Casa Noble tequila is much more than just a drink. It is an entire experience. The brand is known for growing and harvesting its agave, making this brand original from the very beginning. 

This tequila is exceptionally pure, distilled three times, aged in French oak barrels, and very, very smooth. Even the Blanco variety, known as the roughest one, has a certain elegance in it, making this brand worthy of its name. 

10. Cenote 


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The Cenote tequila brand is a premium tequila producer reserved for the utmost experienced palate. A layperson would call it overly aggressive, while a real tequila enthusiast would call it extremely alive. 

Fruity, with expressive notes of agave and citrus it, is over-intensive for some but just right for others. Therefore, if you try it and don’t like it, know that it isn’t the tequila’s fault, but rather it isn’t for you. 

This tequila brand is so full of character that it definitely has no middle ground, and you either love it or you don’t. However, give it a whirl from time to time; you never know when your taste buds might change their minds.  

11. El Tesoro

El Tesoro tequila is a textbook 100 % agave tequila. If you are searching for a classic tequila drink delivering precisely what you expect, this one is for you. The Tesoro tequilas, all three kinds, have strong agave, citrus, and vanilla notes. 

The flavors deepen and develop the longer the tequila ages, but the base tasting notes are present in all three kinds. This tequila brand has probably the most fans from all listed here precisely because it is traditional and, therefore, non-restrictive. 

Whereas the Cenote tequila doesn’t have a middle ground, this one plays the middle ground excellently. 

12. El Bandido Yanke 


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With a memorable catchphrase reading, “it’s so smooth it’s criminal,” and with an image of an attractive yet slightly dangerous reputation, El Bandido Yankee is definitely the bad biker boy among the 100% tequila brands. 

You probably figured it out by now; yes, smoothness is what they are known for. This is an ultra-premium, hand-crafted tequila, made with utmost attention from the first to the very last step. 

All three kinds, the Blanco, reposado, and añejo, are characterized by the impeccable, velvety smoothness and the expressive agave tasting notes, as well as the high viscosity. This tequila brings the tequila experience to a whole new level, creating hot Mexican magic with each sip. 

13. Codigo 1530 Rosa Tequila  


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This tequila is the snowflake among tequilas, but not because it is weak and gentle, but because of its appearance. It has a light and cotton-like pink color and is made in a rather innovative way, so it is original and unlike any other, much like a snowflake. 

It ages in wine barrels, which is where it gets the rose color and acquires the taste. The gentle wine taste mixed with the spirited tequila creates a new drink and original drink, which smells like wine and tastes like tequila. 

If you like experimenting with new and unusual flavors, you should definitely give this tequila a chance. 

Which Are the Tequilas that Have a 100% Agave?

The 100 % agave tequila is the one you need to drink. It is pure, and even the cheap ones are of better quality than the tequila mixtos. You may not notice the difference in flavor, though it is there, but you will definitely know that you’ve made a mistake the next day. 

Luckily, there are many brands of 100% agave tequilas suited for every pocket, so you won’t have any trouble finding the one that suits you best. Many consider 100% agave tequila a fancy tequila type and disregard it, thinking it is out of their league. 

Don’t fall into that trap, as the 100% tequila is how tequila is supposed to be made and how it has always been made. The tequilas mixtos came later with the expansion of the tequila market and the possibility of making a profit using less agave. 

You can choose from the Casamigos, Patron, El Jimador, Teremana, Casa Noble, Legado, El Padrino, Don Julio, El Bandido Yankee, and many other 100% agave tequila brands. In the vast sea of options, you can definitely find the one that works best for you. 

What Brand Is 100 % Agave?

There are many brands of 100% agave tequila. Don Julio, Teremana, El Jimador, Casamigos, El Tesoro, Cenote, Santo Mezquila, Tarantula Azul, and Fortaleza are among the most popular. However, there are also less popular but equally good tequilas. 

The one thing you should keep your eye on is the label. If it says that the tequila is 100% agave, you are safe. 

Is 100% Agave Tequila the Best?

The 100% agave tequila is definitely better than the mixto variety. The 100% agave tequila is the original tequila and is how it is supposed to be.

Even though some tequila mixtos can be pretty flavorful, the sheer fact that they aren’t 100% agave poses certain risks. What are the rest of the ingredients? 

With 100% agave tequilas, you are in the know, as you know you are having agave. With the mixtos, the situation is not that clear, as the bottle contains additives such as colorants and flavorings. 

The 100% agave tequila doesn’t make any surprises, and it’s pure math, i.e., the more you drink, the drunker you get. On the other hand, depending on what the other 49% are in the tequila mixtos, you can get very drunk very soon and very suddenly. 

They usually contain sugar cane and added sugar which isn’t the best idea to mix with strong alcohol contents. So you may get sick even before you have your third shot.

Also, the hangover you get from a tequila mixto is almost unbearable, and no fun is worth such a demonic headache and overall weakness and from two to three shots. 

The 100% agave tequila is much gentler the following day. Not that it doesn’t cause any trouble at all, but it is bearable and totally worth the fun you had the night before. Also, two or three shots of 100% agave tequila won’t even be an issue the next day. 

Is Jose Cuervo 100% agave Tequila?

Jose Cuervo is one of the best tequila brands, and it uses 100% agave for its reposado and Blanco varieties. 

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